Rest, Recovery and Get Ready Day;o)) – Saturday – July 6, 2013

After our inaugural hiking adventure yesterday, we decided to just chill today;o))
Bill and I piddled around in the morning.
After lunch, we headed back to the shady spot on the beach to enjoy the views.
In this photo, you can see the bridge on Rt. 3 that connects Trenton to Mt. Desert Island.02 - Heading to the Shady Spot
I’ll never get tired of the views.
Cadillac Mountain and the rocky shore along Mt. Desert Narrows.03 - The View 04 - The View
The Rosa Rugosa are blooming EVERYWHERE!!!

Did I mention our campground is right next to the small local airport?!?!?!?
By the end of our month here,
the sound of Lear Jets and Biplanes was normal. 
 06 - Learjet  07 - sight seeing biplane   
We became so familiar that we could recognize
this little yellow biplane by sound before we saw it!!
The seagulls were enjoying this beautiful day and one seems to have caught a meal:o)08 - sea gulls
I spent some time walking the rocky beach checking out the shells and seaweed.09 - sea shells 10  - sea weed
We spent a couple hours relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery.
On our way back to the motorhome, we passed by Dan and Tricia’s site.
Looks like we did the youngsters in yesterday;o))01 - Dan and Tricia Resting
Just kidding kids… We all know I was the last one up the mountain!!
Best you get some rest though…
we are making a plan for a bike ride for tomorrow:o)
Bill and I love to bike!!
Biking the Carriage Roads of Acadia is way up our list of things to do. I highly recommend a small book by Diana Abrell, “The Carriage Roads of Acadia National Park” and the Acadia NP Service Map and information handout of the Carriage Roads.
Here is a link to the Carriage Road PDF file.
12 - Carriage Road Book 11 - Carriage Road Map full map 11a - Carriage Road Info
Do not attempt to ride the carriage roads without a map!!
Even with a map, we managed to get confused a few times;-))
A map showing the elevation changes might also prove to be a worthwhile investment;o)))
We learned from our hike yesterday that arriving early is very important.  The parking lots fill up early.  Most days, we were at our destinations by 8am!! It is just not convenient to use the bus transportation to get our bikes to the carriage roads. 
For our first ride, we decided to start at the visitor center, where there is lots of parking.
We can connect to the carriage roads by a half mile trail at the back of the parking lot.11b - Carriage Road Map visitor center loops
The carriage roads are the white lines.
Each numbered triangle represents a directional post.
Stay tuned...
It’s sure to be another great adventure!!!


  1. You sure had a great time in Maine. Hope you are loving the Finger Lakes. Like your new sidebar picture!

  2. That sure was some good zzzzing! Now we know what we look like when we are asleep!

  3. Nice picture of Dan and Tricia being well behaved... :cD

    Certainly getting your monies worth out of all the trails and views. It's a shame it gets covered up with that white stuff pretty soon.

  4. Looks like I'm going to have to get up earlier if I want to take in any of those hikes/rides! I'll start practicing soon :)

  5. Great picture of that noisy little bi-plane. I never seem to have my camera out when he comes buzzing by. Love the sleeping duo as well. Those rest days are a great part of feeling like you have enough time to not be rushing. Today we were at Eagle Lake parking at 7:45 and there were 11 other cars already there. Guess we are going to have to push our start time from 7:30 to 7:00 for mid August. Maybe even 6:30. :-))