Travel Day to Salisbury, MA – Thursday – August 1, 2013

Our month at Narrows Too Campground in Trenton, ME near Acadia National Park is over and we are going to spend the month of August making our way back to the Murrells Inlet, SC area.  Finding campgrounds that are decent and affordable in the northeast can be a challenge.  For that reason, we are planning to head west through New York and then come down the I-77 corridor.

Today, we were only traveling to Black Bear Campground in Salisbury, MA.  We paid $42 for one night and the only good thing was it location…near the interstate.  I didn’t even bother to take a photo…not worth the effort;o((

However, we did have a pretty day and a nice ride down Route 3 and I-95.  Little traffic and lovely scenery made for a nice trip.

Summer Trip so far:  “H” to “I”  Trenton, ME to Salisbury, MA00 - Travel Map


Today’s Trip: “A” to “B” Trenton, ME to Salisbury, MA
  00b - Travel Map - Narrows Too CG, Trenton Maine to Black Bear CG, Salisbury, Mass

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01 - Approaching Rt 3 and Ellsworth, ME    02 - Bye Bye Hannafords - Our Favorite Grocery Store

03a - Views on Rt 3 -Antique Car Dealership    03b - Views on Rt 3 -Mountains and Lake

03c - Views on Rt 3 - The Lucerne Golf Inn    03d - Views on Rt 3 - Interesting Stone Home

04 - Picking up 395W to Bangor and 95S    05 - I-95S toward New Hampsire - not much traffic but beware of moose

06 - Bridge from Maine to Portsmouth New Hampshire    06b - I-95S On-Off ramp to New Hampshire State Liquor and Lottery Ticket Store


  1. Love your side view mirror shots. Great way to catch up, do a month at a time. Or in my case a week at a time. I like it.

  2. Great scenery! Love the antique car dealership! Wonder if we could convert one of them into a 4 wheel down toad? :)

  3. Unfortunately, we usually end up with so-so campgrounds as we move from spot to spot. It's not worth traveling to far off route when there's no time to stay someplace. Can't bring myself to "WalMart" overnight. I like your picture of the "moose crossing"; never did see one in Maine, never mind near the highway!

  4. Yeah Hannafords....woo hoo...sister to Food Lion...

    Sorry Mom had to plug my job ;) Keep on keeping on! I love you guys...happy birthday Dad...from your anonymous son