Road Trip to Schoodic Peninsula–Monday–July 8, 2013

The weather forecast for today called for mostly cloudy with occasional showers.
Definitely seems like a Road Trip day!!
Bill and I had traveled through Acadia back in 2002. 
One of our favorite memories was of Schoodic Peninsula,
the smallest section of Acadia National Park.
Most of Acadia NP is on Mount Desert Island.
Schoodic Peninsula is on the mainland across Frenchman Bay just south of Winter Harbor.00 - Map
The whole gang wanted to go and we managed to get all seven of us in the Tahoe.
We just put the kids in the trunk;o))
01 - Tricia and Pam in back
Off we went… hang a right on Route 3, then North on Route 1.
Make a  left onto Maine Rt. 186 and drive to the end of the road!!02 - Rt 186 toward Winter Harbor
When we reached the national park, our first stop was at Frasier Point.
We got out to stretch,  use the restrooms, learn a little bit and enjoy the views.
(click on any photo to enlarge)
00b - Map
00c - Map
03 - Views at First Parking Area Frasier Point
04 - Views at First Parking Area Frasier Point- Lobster traps and boat

05 - First Parking Area Frasier Point - Bill checking fishing pier

One of those occasional showers started so we hopped in the car and moved on.

Of course, the kids could not get their muddy shoes on Bill’s carpet;o))
06 - First Parking Area Frasier Point - Can't get Bill's car dirty

Just down the road was the Schoodic Education and Research Center
.08 - Research Center
A United States Navy base, Winter Harbor, operated on Schoodic Point from 1935 to 2002.  The base operated as a radio station and training facility until it was decommissioned and transferred to the National Park Service on July 1, 2002. The former naval base has now been transformed into the Schoodic Education and Research Center, a research and training center for the National Park Service.
We rode through the center, but there were no public access buildings. 
We thought we might find a museum or nature center.
We did stop to see if this gorgeous building was open… NO:-((09 - Research Center Main Building

So we continued down the road to Shoodic Point!!10 - Schoodic Point Drive - Rockefeller Teeth

More beautiful rocky coastlines.

Our most vivid memories of this spot in 2002
were the huge waves crashing over the rocky coastline.
Unfortunately, there wasn’t even a ripple in the water today;o((

We continued around the loop and back to Frasier Point to enjoy our packed lunches.13 - Continue around the loop back to Frasier Point for Lunch

From our picnic table we could see Winter Harbor and working lobster boats.14 - Frasier Point Lunch View of Lobster Boat and Winter Harbor

There were Daisies blooming everywhere:o))
15 - Frasier Point Lunch - Daisies

After lunch, we made one more trip around the Schoodic Peninsula Loop.
We were looking for the road to Schoodic Head, the highest point on the Peninsula.
We missed it first go ‘round, but found it and went to the top this time.16 - Drive up Schoodic Head Road - I think it is that way
The view was beautiful, but limited due to lots of tall trees.

We had hoped to do a bit of hiking, but the weather was not cooperating.

So it was time to head back to the campground.

As we drove back Rt. 186 toward Rt. 1,
Bill said he saw a sign that said “Pies for Sale – $5.00!!”

He quickly made a U-B and we were buying a pie:o))
17 - Blueberry Peach Pie stop
You see these little stands all over the roads. 

Local women baking pies to make some money.

Of course, when we saw the sign up close, it was $15.00.

That still is a great price for a homemade pie!!!

Before we left this morning,

I started a pot of 15 bean soup in the crockpot.

It was more than enough to share with everyone for dinner.

We also invited Karen and Al, who are RV-Dreamers work camping in the area.

Somehow, I never managed to get a photo of dinner;-((

However, I did get a photo of the PIE!!!

The Blueberry Peach Pie is looking good!!!18 - Blueberry Peach Pie looking good

This piece is looking a little bit better;o))19 - Blueberry Peach Pie looking Better

After dinner and dessert, it was time for a campfire!!20 - Campfire

Great Day...  Great Food...  Great Friends!!!


  1. Sure wish we'd been there. Sounds like a great day even with the weather. Like the look of that pie with the white stuff on it. Schoodic is going to have to go on our "next time" list. We always "meant" to go but never did. Too busy on this side of the park I guess.

  2. No way. Did Bill really make the ladies put plastic bags over their shoes?

    I bet psychiatrists could have fun analyzing that! :cD

  3. Paul's comment made me laugh. ;-) That "$5" pie was great!

  4. It's sure lucky that you have that "home school" bus to haul all the kids around! :)

  5. Yes it was a delicious pie and a wonderful day!

  6. We'll be in the area tomorrow. Hopefully we can hook up! We're staying at the Red Barn campground just south of Bangor.

  7. I can't believe we missed the whole group. We have been in Canaan, ME since the last of April and will be here until sometime in October. We were in Bar Harbor for a few days the end of June but are only about 90 miles from there. Still not sure if we are going to make the Carolina Clan Reunion.

  8. That pie a la mode looks like the crowning touch to a great day!