Happy 4th of July – Thursday – July 4, 2013

 We woke to a beautiful morning!!
00 - Woke to a beautiful morning
We are so anxious to begin exploring the hiking and biking trails in Acadia,
but decided to sit tight until after the holiday crowds depart!!
Instead, we just piddled around all morning.
Piddling is one of our favorite past-times :o))
It began to warm up in the afternoon, so we headed down by the water.
Dan, Tricia, Bill and I found a little shaded spot along the coast.
01 - Hanging out on the 4th- Shady spot on the shore
From our vantage point,
we could see Cadillac Mountain across Mt. Desert Narrows.
01b - Hanging out on the 4th- view across Mt. Dessert Narrows
We enjoyed the view and the company until it was time for our 4th of July Picnic!
We gathered at the picnic ground between the rigs.01c - Hanging out on the 4th- group picnic
We even had our 4th of July Balloons to make it festive;o))
We grilled hot dogs and everyone contributed some side dishes.
However, the star of the meal was dessert…
Nutty Buddy Pie made by Tricia!!!
01d - Hanging out on the 4th- nutty buddy pie
I didn’t ask what the ingredients were… I just enjoyed every bite;o))
Our 4th of July Celebration concluded with a campfire.
Dan has a unique method of splitting wood ;o))
02f1 - Hanging out on the 4th - Dan's rock splitting log
Bill has had a little too much Nutty Buddy Pie!!!02f2 - Hanging out on the 4th- Bill's had a little too much sugar
Good Food, Good Fun, Good Friends and02f - Hanging out on the 4th
A Happy Fourth of July!!!


  1. Happy Fourth of July to you too! :)
    I like the piddling part...I do that well :)

  2. Now that's a 4th celebration I could enjoy!! And we only missed it by one day. That's some ear cleaning tool Bill's. got there.

  3. I still say if you want Bill to eat lima beans, promise him pie! ;-) Such a great time of piddling.

  4. Happy Fourth of July to you, too! Wait, this is August. Did I miss something or do we need to slow down our life? :cD

    1. Actually, we are REALLY traveling slow this time out;o)) We may or may not catch up with the rest of the world!!