Travel Day to Sampson SP, Romulus, NY – Sunday – August 4, 2013

Today was a very easy travel day from Glenville, NY to Sampson State Park in Romulus, NY which is centrally located in The Finger Lakes Region of New York!!  Basically, we got on I-90W and got off near Seneca Falls where we picked up Route 96A to the State Park. 
We did have one little detour just before we arrived at the park.  There was a very bad accident on a small bridge just a half mile from the State Park entrance.  The emergency personnel were redirecting traffic around the accident on a road that runs along the lake.  Just before we made the turn, we saw a low clearance warning of 12ft 4in!!  We need 13ft;o((  Fortunately, we saw it before we turned.  However, there was no other way to get where we needed to go.  So back we headed toward the accident and figured we would just wait until it cleared. 

Well, now there was a State Trooper directing traffic and we told him about our clearance problem.  He was really nice and gave us direction down a dirt road, through a farm, onto a gravel road and finally we came out on Route 96 and were able to circle around and come up Route 96A from the south:o))

Low clearances in the Northeast can be a problem… mostly Railroad Trestles!!  As much as we usually avoid the interstates, in the Northeast, we tend to use them and not worry about small country roads with low clearances.

Sampson State Park is a great location if you want to explore the Finger Lake Region.  Click HERE to read what Reserve America has to say about the park!!  Our site was in Loop One and was electric only.  We filled our fresh water tank at the State Park.  We stayed for eight nights and had a great time exploring this beautiful area of  New York!!

00 - map - summer trip

00 - map - today's route

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01 - I-90W along the river in upper New York  01a - I-90W past a Lock and Dam
01b - I-90W skies looking ominus but it never rained!

02 - Off the interstate - headed through Senecca Falls, NY

03 - Route 96A south - First view of Sampson Lake     03 - Route 96A south - Headed through the country to Sampson State Park

04 - Entering Sampson State Park - approaching the museum

05a - Site 18 Sampson SP, Fingerlakes, NY     05b - Site 18 Sampson SP, Fingerlakes, NY
06 - Time to find the Lake
06f - Sampson State Park - Bridge back to the campground


  1. Oh thank goodness you noticed. Not much fun doing the detour though I wouldn't think in a big rig. Glad it worked out. Your site looks great. Thanks for the fingerlakes campground recommendation. I'm with you and interstates in the north east. They are just easier. Well all but 95 south of Maine until Virginia. :-)

  2. Noticed you've got your new screen room. Looks good.
    The Finger Lakes area is so pretty. I really enjoyed driving through the small towns on US 20. Nice looking State Park.

  3. I noticed the new screen room too. Hope it's handling all this wind today. We are holding on tight here at John's really gusty.
    We have not visited the Finger Lakes region yet but it's on the list. Your park looks wonderful!

  4. Looks like a nice place to check out!