Trading Baby... ALMOST!!! - Thursday, February 26, 2015

We arrived at Lazydays on Tuesday, the 24th 
to get the truck and Baby set up for towing.

Baby was in the bay getting her surgery and all went well:o))

the truck was having its operation to get rigged!!

this morning as we took our walk after breakfast,
Bill found the RV of his dreams!!!

YUP... looks like Cousin Eddie must have traded in his RV....

Bill got up close to make sure it was a genuine "R" "V"....

Well Alrighty !!!

Now, all he needed to do was 
check the tires and make sure there was enough storage.

Yup,  tires are great :o)

Storage is a little tight,
but he said he could make it work !!!

Just a quick check inside and we may be getting a NEW BABY !!!

Like they say, 
"A picture is worth a thousand words!!"


I think Our Baby is here to stay:o))

Returned From The Everglades - Monday - February 23, 2015

Early this morning, we said goodbye to the Everglades!

As we headed toward Homestead from Flamingo,
we had mixed emotions.

We were ready to get back on the grid and be connected.

However, we quickly realized how much we enjoyed the CALM:o))

For 11 days we heard no noise other than nature... 
the nights were dark...
 and the days were bright!!

We had a marvelous time and hopefully I will get some of our adventures posted.

But first, we have almost 3 weeks worth of laundry to deal with:o((

We made a one night reservations at South Bay RV Park, 
about 3 hours from Flamingo on the south end of Lake Okeechobee.

We are here for one purpose... LAUNDRY!!!

Laundry's Done...  Movin' On - Tuesday - February 24, 2015


We got all the laundry done and put away.

Dumped the holding tanks and vacuumed the dust out of the coach.

Finished up the last of our fresh produce for dinner.

Ready to head to Lazydays in Tampa early this morning.

Our trip was uneventful and we arrived at Lazydays about 1:30pm.

Tomorrow and Thrusday, we are supposed to get the tow package
intalled on the Motorhome and Truck.

Hopefully, all goes well and we can head to 
Kissimme Prairie State Park on Friday!!

All's Well - Sunday, February 8, 2015

Yep, it has been awhile since our last post on January 19th!!  

But rest assured,  ALL'S  WELL :o))

Since that time, 
we have spent 2 weeks at Myakka State Park 
6 days here at Lake Manatee State Park. 

We are having so much fun that blogging just doesn't get done.
I have no idea when or if I will ever get posts done for the previous stays:-((

Our next move will take us to places where we may be out of touch.
So I wanted to give a heads up to family and friends in case you try to reach us.

Tomorrow,  Monday - February 9th,
we move further south to Midway Campground near Big Cypress Preserve.  
We probably will still have internet and phone at Midway!!  

However, Thursday - February 12th, 
we head to Flamingo in the Everglades for 11 days.

We know we WILL NOT have any connection while we are there.

If you need us, in an emergency only, call 


That number will get you Park Dispatch.  
Explain that you need to reach us because of an emergency.  
Tell them our names and that we are camping in Loop T at Flamingo Campground. 
They will contact us and we will get back with you.

We are hoping all stays well and we don't hear from any of you ;o)))

We will be back on the grid, Monday - February 23rd.

Since I can't post a blog without at least 1 photo,
here is one for all of you dealing with the bitter cold!!

Bill and I picked strawberries today and my basil is very, very HAPPY !!!