Buck Hall, A Different Place This Time – Thurs, Oct 23 to Mon, Oct 27 2014

We have spent many nights at Buck Hall Recreation Area near McClellanville, SC.  It is one of our favorite places to stop and enjoy the peace and quiet along the beautiful inter-coastal waterway.  Well, the last four days at Buck Hall were anything but peaceful and quiet.  We found out you DO NOT want to visit during Shrimp Baiting Season.  Every campsite had at least one, if not two boats and several families of campers.  The day use area was packed with boats and trailers as was the overflow.
   We were on Site 13 which was great as long as you looked straight ahead toward the water!!
  02 - Buck Hall Site 13 01 - View of Intercoastal Waterway04a - Sunrise on the Intercoastal

However, the neighborhood was a bit congested ;o((

00 - Sites with boats

We watch our neighbor make the clay and fishmeal bait balls he would use.

Every shrimper has his own secret recipe:o))
04b - Neighbor making Shrimp Bait

Fortunately for us,

our friends Rick and Gail were there when we arrived
we got to enjoy some fun with them!!

Bill had just purchased a new, smaller cast net.

He found a video on U-tube that demonstrated an easier throwing method.

Both the guys gave it a try and it worked on their first throw:o))

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03a - Throwing the cast net  03b - Rick Throwing the cast net

On Friday, the four of us headed to “The Center For Birds Of Prey.”

05 - Bird of Prey Header

If you ever have the opportunity to visit the wonderful place, don’t miss it!!!

05a - Visiting the Bird of Prey Sanctuary

We walked the grounds and then took a guided tour.

After the tour,

we were directed to the Flight Field where we got to see the birds in ACTION!!!

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This Lanner Falcon is a new arrival and is being introduced to the public.

What a beautiful bird!!


The first bird to fly was a Yellow Headed Vulture.

05f - Flight demo - Yellow Headed Vulture 205f - Flight demo - Yellow Headed Vulture


A Hybrid Falcon was the next to fly!!

05g - Flight Demo - Hybrid Falcon 205g - Flight Demo - Hybrid Falcon    05g - Flight Demo - Hybrid Falcon 3

Such a speedy and beautiful bird!!


The final bird to fly was a very large Euroasian Eagle Owl.

The audience was sitting in a circle and the owl swooped right over our heads:o))

we all headed to Mt. Pleasant and walked The Ravenel Bridge over the Cooper River.

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06 - Ravenel Bridge  06a - Gail, Rick, Bill walking the bridge

06b - Views - City of Charleston  06b - Views - Patriot's Point - USS Yorktown06b - Views - Large Sailboat  06b - Views - Regatta06c - Rick, Gail, Nancy, Bill at top of bridge

After our 5 mile walk, we had worked up a good appetite.

We stopped at Sewee Restaurant, an old time low country place to eat!!

07 - Sewee Restaurant - lunch spot 07 - Sewee Restaurant - history07 - Sewee Restaurant - inside 

 Good Friends  &  Good Times!!!

Hanging Out At Huntington Beach SP – Sun, Oct 5 to Thur, Oct 23, 2014

We had a great weekend in Columbia with all the family.  On Sunday, we headed back to Huntington Beach State Park and would be here for 18 days.  Huntington Beach is just a few miles from my mothers apartment.  The location makes it easier to visit mom and help her out with some tasks and appointments.  However, we still have plenty of time to enjoy Huntington Beach:o))
Bill and I gave the new fishing cart and bucket a good test drive.
Fishing - at sunrise   Fishing - New fishing bucket
Bill even caught the bait that eventually caught our first ever FLOUNDER!!Fishing - Bill getting bait   Fishing - Bill caught a flounder
The morning of the eclipse and Blood Moon, we were at the beach before sunrise!!
Unfortunately, I did not get a good photo of the Blood Moon:o((
Blood Moon
However, we did see the Blood Moon and an unusual sunrise:o))
Blood Moon - Sunrise
Everyday, I spend some time walking the beach, causeway and boardwalk.
When we were here in the Spring, the birds hadn’t arrived yet…
Well…  THEY’RE  BACK!!!
I must have taken 1000 bird photos in the last couple weeks.
Below are my favorites:o))
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Birds - Bald Eagle with nest material  Birds - Bald Eagle and nest
Birds - Clapper Rail  Birds - Juvenile Black Crown Night Heron
Birds - Contorted Anhinga  Birds - Great Egret - which way is up
Birds - Adult and Juvenile Ibis  Birds - Fluffy Tri-color Heron
Birds - Kingfisher flying  Birds - Kingfisher
Birds - Osprey eating dinner  Birds - Pelicans
Birds - Spoonbill in the mud  Birds - Spoonbill flying
This is a wonderful place to call “Home Base” :o))
misc - The Beach