Travel Day to Lubec, Maine–Monday–June 24, 2013

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Monday, June 24th
Travel day:  Ocean View CG, Wells, ME  to  Sunset Point CG, Lubec, ME
Distance: 266 miles

Our travels today were from E to F on the map.0 - Travel to Sunset RV Park, Lubec, ME  266 miles

We had a really scary night of heavy rain and wind.  However, when we got up, the rains had stopped and the sun was beginning to shine:o))  Good deal… we have a long ride to the Canadian border in Lubec, Maine.

Lubec is the ‘Easternmost’ town in the United States. We have  been to Lubec before.  Back in 2001,  we stopped overnight when we drove the Pleasureway Van to Newfoundland.  However, it was only an overnight stop and we wanted a chance to spend more time and explore the area!!

About 8:30am, we pulled out of the Ocean View Campground and headed north on I-95.

Before I continue with our trip north, I want to share my thoughts on campgrounds in Wells/Ogunquit area of Maine.  First word is EXPENSIVE!!  Second is CRAMPED!!  Ocean View was one of the least expensive at $42 tax included per night for 30amp F/U.  However, it can only accomodate about 3 large rigs and they could not be over 35ft.  So be sure to ask questions and be specific if you plan to visit this area.

Now, back to our travels today...  
Most of our trip will be on I-95 except for a short section from Portland, ME to Gardiner, ME on I-295.  Taking I-295 saved about 10 miles and it is a good road also. 2 - Travel to Lubec, ME  I-295 at Portland
The rain had left and it was a beautiful day with temperatures in the 80’s.6 - Travel to Lubec, I-95 beautiful clouds  3 - Travel to Lubec, ME  - 84 degrees
I believe Baby has a BIG smile;o))
4 - Travel to Lubec, ME  - Baby folllowing along
She’s lovin’ this ride!!
However, I-95 and I-295 do not have many rest stops;o((
The ones that exist were at the very beginning or very end of our travels.
So we made a Wal-Mart pit-stop at Exit 112A on I-95. 
It's an easy off and easy on:o)
This sign caught our ATTENTION.
You bet we paid attention… a 1000 pound moose could do a lot of damage!!!5 - Travel to Lubec, ME  - back on 95 heading north
As much as we would love to see a Moose, we don’t need to meet one near the Inter-state;o((
For anyone traveling to Acadia National Park,
Exit 182 A onto Rt 1A to Coastal Route 1
will take you to Ellsworth, Bar Harbor, Acadia and points further north. 7 - Travel to Lubec, Our Exit end of the interstate
So….that’s our Exit...we are definitely going  FARTHER  north:o))
8 - Travel to Lubec,ME  Route 1A towards Ellsworth
For those that might want to fill-up with Gas or Diesel before they get to Acadia,
just as you get onto 1A East, the second station on your right is VERY convenient!!
9 - Travel to Lubec,ME  Route 1A - Gas for Big Rigs
It has a seperate diesel pump in the back right.
The first station on the right was very tight and the diesel was not convenient.
We know, we tried ;o((
At this point the battery on my small camera died,
so no more pictures until we reached the campground in Lubec.
The rest of our drive was up Route 1A, Route 1 and Route 189 into Lubec.
Once we got past Ellsworth,
where most of the traffic turns right towards Acadia NP,
the drive was quite relaxing and very pretty!!
It was about 3:30pm when we turned into our campground for the next week:o))
  10 - Lubec, Sunset Point RV Park Sign
YEP, I think were gonna like it here!!!
Our Site #6, looking out over Johnson Bay20 - Sunset Point RV Park, Lubec Maine, Site 12
My view looking out the window from where I am typing this blog;o))21 - Sunset RV Park, Lubec Maine, Site 12 - View from Computer Desk
Probably the most beautiful tent site I have ever seen!!
The entire area of Lubec, Maine and Campobello Island, New Brunswick
are surrounded by bays which have extreme tides.
Actually, they are connected to The Bay of Fundy
which has some of the most extreme tides in the world!!!
Here are a couple photos from the campground of low tide in Johnson Bay.
22 - Sunset Point RV Park - Johnson Bay Low Tide22b - Sunset Point RV Park - Johnson Bay Low Tide
Clam collectors drive out on the beach during the low tide to dig for the steamers!!23 - Sunset Point RV Park - Johnson Bay Low Tide - Clamming
A few hours later, the above spot looked like the photo below!!!24 - Sunset Point RV Park - Johnson Bay High Tide
The average tide changes 20-28 feet depending on the moon cycle.
We arrived on a pretty day and can’t wait to start exploring.
But for now, we will just relax and enjoy our views:o))25 - Sunset Point RV Park - Johnson Bay- Boats
26 - Sunset Point RV Park - Johnson Bay- We're gonna like it here
YEP... I know we're gonna like it here :o))))

Visiting Family – Sunday – June 23, 2013

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We woke to a rainy, dreary morning. We had no plans until afternoon, so we just took our time getting it together.  We have one thing left to do while we are in Wells.  My brother, Rick lives just south of here in Eliot, Maine.  He is a musician and works mostly nights.  This time of year he is real busy with gigs at local restaurants and hotels.  So we made plans to see him, his wife Carrie and his daughter, our niece, Marielle about 2pm this afternoon.

Eliot, Maine is about 30 minutes south of Wells where we are staying.  It is a very rural, small town but only a few minutes from Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  So they have the best of small town and big city living :o))
00 - Eliot Map
It was an easy drive to Rick and Carrie's home. 
Once in Elliot, we turned back a long dirt road.01 - Road to Rick's
Around a bend, we saw the nice house and barn
where Marielle keeps her horses and rents an apartment over the garage.02 - House and Barn where Marielle lives and keeps horses
We continued on to the end of the road where we found Rick and Carrie’s house.03 - Continue to the end of the road  04 - Rick and Carrie's House
Rick and Carrie
05 - Rick and Carrie
We had a nice visit and got caught up on their recent trip to Little Current, Canada. 
Little Current is a place where our family spent every summer vacation:o))
Rick bought a rustic cabin near where we vacationed!!
Before long, Marielle joined us.
She had spent the morning at a horse show and just got back.
Rick and Marielle
06 - Rick and Marielle 
We have not seen Marielle since she graduated from high school.  She is a delightful young lady!!  She loves her horses and currently works in two different emergency rooms to pay her bills.  She is also is an accomplished photographer and horse trainer. She plans to pursue a career in the medical profession. She is not afraid of hard work and we wish her every success!!
Before we left, we got to meet her best buddies…
Melody                                                                                             Plosh
07 - Marielle and her horse Melody 08 - Rick and Plosh the retire thoroughbreed
Marielle is an accomplished horsewoman and trainer!!
 09 - Bareback riding  10 - Take a bow
It was GREAT to see all of you:o)) 
Thanks for a nice visit!!

A Special Day!! – Saturday – June 22, 2013

Today is A Special Day for two reasons...
First of all, today is my birthday.
Yes, I was born 64 years ago today!
That means until November,
I will be as old as Bill;o((
But more importantly,
today the Summer Trolly season begins from Kennebunkport to York Beach!! 00 - Trolley Route Map
Since it's MY birthday, I thought it would be fun to ride the trolley
from our campsite near Wells Harbor to Ogunquit.
In Ogunquite, we can walk Marginal Way,
a beautiful seaside walk along the Maine Coast!!
The trolley begins its day at 9am and we were there to catch the FIRST trolley. 01 - Trolley Sign
Of course, we waited and waited and waited!!!
We passed the time watching traffic which was already bumper to bumper.
02 - Wells Bike Police
The police use bikes which is much faster than the traffic;o))
While we waited,
I enjoyed the pretty petunias all around us.
03b - Petunias03 - Petunias03c - Petunias
Finally the trolley arrived and we were the only passengers!!
Since it was the first day,
the gentlemen standing was training the driver.
The trolley pulled out and got in line with everyone else.
6 - Traffic
Using the trolley is not faster, but it is more relaxing and much cheaper… just $1.00!!
We can sit back, see the sights and avoid the $15-$20 parking fees in Oconquit:o))
07 - sit back and enjoy the ride  07b - sit back and enjoy the ride
Since it is my birthday,
be prepared to see an abundance of one of my favorite things...
07c - sit back and enjoy the ride

We got off the trolley in the shopping district of Ogunquit
window shopped our way to the Marginal Way Walkway entrance.
08 - Marginal Way Sign 08b - Marginal Way - Entrance
Marginal Way is a paved, public shoreline footpath. It spans a little more than a mile along a spectacular coast and connects Ogunquit Beach to Perkins Cove. As you walk along, there are panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, the spectacular rocky coast of Maine and beautiful landscaped grounds of the old-fashioned oceanfront hotels. The land was donated to the Town of Ogunquit in 1925 and remains a beautiful place to enjoy a  SPECIAL  walk!!
Of course… there were BEAUTIFUL flowers!!!
08c1 - Marginal Way - Roses08c3 - Marginal Way - flower08c4 - Marginal Way - flower08c2 - Marginal Way - Roses
Bill is taking in the view.
08d - Marginal Way - walkway along the coast
The beach is very crowded and the water is 62 degrees;o((08e - Marginal Way - the ocean
Beautiful Landscaping
08f - Marginal Way - beautiful landscaping
The Spectacular Rocky Coast of Maine!!!
08g - Marginal Way - Rocky Coast  08h - Marginal Way - Rocky Coast
As we were looking out over the rocky coastline,
we saw a fawn swimming in the ocean?!?!?08i1 - Marginal Way - fawn in ocean
It was crying and struggling to find a place it could get up on the rocks!!08i2- Marginal Way - fawn in ocean
It’s cries alerted people and a crowd gathered.
When it finally got on dry land,
there were so many people around it had no where to go;o((
08i3 - Marginal Way - fawn in ocean
We decided we should move on so the fawn could make its way to a safer place.
08j - Marginal Way - walking the path
More beautiful views as we neared Perkins Cove.
08k - Marginal Way - view and kayakers 08l - Marginal Way - final view
Perkins Cove is a quaint shopping and fishing village.09 - Perkins Cove
There was a lobster boat entering the town harbor through the drawbridge.09b - Perkins Cove - Watching the Lobster Boats
We watched the father and son team bring in their catch.
09c - Perkins Cove - Unloading the Lobsters09d - Perkins Cove - Unloading the Lobsters
Now… That’s a LOT of lobsters!!!09e - Perkins Cove - That's a lot of Lobsters
The father told us there are about 100 lobsters in each cage and they threw back 4 times that many lobster because they were too small or too large.  Apparently, it is a very hefty fine if you keep illegal size lobsters. Fines can total as much at $10,000 so they are serious about following the rules!!
Seeing all those lobsters just gave us the need to find our own;o))09f - Perkins Cove - Lobster Rolls
Lobstah' Roll and Cole Slaw :o)))
09f2 - Perkins Cove - Lobster Rolls09f3 - Perkins Cove - Lobster Rolls
Yep, it was as good as it looks!!!
After that great lobster roll, we walk back to the trolley and headed home.10 - heading home
It was a PERFECT Birthday :o))
11 - A Wonderful Way to Spend my Birthday