Visiting Family – Sunday – June 23, 2013

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We woke to a rainy, dreary morning. We had no plans until afternoon, so we just took our time getting it together.  We have one thing left to do while we are in Wells.  My brother, Rick lives just south of here in Eliot, Maine.  He is a musician and works mostly nights.  This time of year he is real busy with gigs at local restaurants and hotels.  So we made plans to see him, his wife Carrie and his daughter, our niece, Marielle about 2pm this afternoon.

Eliot, Maine is about 30 minutes south of Wells where we are staying.  It is a very rural, small town but only a few minutes from Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  So they have the best of small town and big city living :o))
00 - Eliot Map
It was an easy drive to Rick and Carrie's home. 
Once in Elliot, we turned back a long dirt road.01 - Road to Rick's
Around a bend, we saw the nice house and barn
where Marielle keeps her horses and rents an apartment over the garage.02 - House and Barn where Marielle lives and keeps horses
We continued on to the end of the road where we found Rick and Carrie’s house.03 - Continue to the end of the road  04 - Rick and Carrie's House
Rick and Carrie
05 - Rick and Carrie
We had a nice visit and got caught up on their recent trip to Little Current, Canada. 
Little Current is a place where our family spent every summer vacation:o))
Rick bought a rustic cabin near where we vacationed!!
Before long, Marielle joined us.
She had spent the morning at a horse show and just got back.
Rick and Marielle
06 - Rick and Marielle 
We have not seen Marielle since she graduated from high school.  She is a delightful young lady!!  She loves her horses and currently works in two different emergency rooms to pay her bills.  She is also is an accomplished photographer and horse trainer. She plans to pursue a career in the medical profession. She is not afraid of hard work and we wish her every success!!
Before we left, we got to meet her best buddies…
Melody                                                                                             Plosh
07 - Marielle and her horse Melody 08 - Rick and Plosh the retire thoroughbreed
Marielle is an accomplished horsewoman and trainer!!
 09 - Bareback riding  10 - Take a bow
It was GREAT to see all of you:o)) 
Thanks for a nice visit!!


  1. How great to meet another part of your family :-) Lovely home..inside & outside!

  2. I guess I forgot you had a brother in Maine. Very nice to get to visit. Looks like a very successful brother with a lovely home, lovely wife, lovely daughter. I hope you got to hear him play. Marielle has some beautiful horses. Thanks for sharing your visit.

  3. That is wonderful that you got to visit your brother, Bill. I think you should grow a beard and let your hair grow like his, you'd look quite distinguished! ;c)

    Beautiful horses, you niece is certainly one talented young lady!

    Just some icing on the cake for your Maine visit.

  4. How great you got to see more family while there! Looks like they live in a wonderful area and the horses are beautiful!