Changes At Huntington Beach SP - Friday, March 17, 2015

Bill and I arrived back at our "Home Base" campground, Huntington Beach State Park on Wednesday afternoon.  We came from Loris by way of Gaffney, South Carolina where we had the annual maintenance done.  

We are happy to report that Baby is fit as a fiddle:o))

We are here to see Mom and help her with taxes and some changes that will be occurring in her everyday life.  She is going to stop driving.  That means a loss of independence, but we know it is the best thing for her safety and the safety of others.

I hope to have time to get our winter travels updated on the blog before we head out in mid May for our summer travels.  I'm writing this quick blog to let you know that Huntington Beach has had a major increase in its site rates:o(((  The rates will vary depending on the time of year, the day of the week and if it is a holiday or not!!  

Here goes... hope you can follow this....

There are 2 types of sites at Huntington.  
They are all 30 amp, but some are FHU and some are just W/E.  

Basic Campsite Rates:  FHU $35+tax     W/E $32+tax

Apr-Aug 15, Sep & weekends from Mar-Thanksgiving:  FHU $55+tax    W/E $46+tax

Holiday Weekends:  FHU $62+tax     W/E $55+tax

Last minute and/or near full campground:  FHU $70+tax     W/E $65+tax

So it is going to cost more to stay at this wonderful park!!!  

Also, you can now make reservations 13 months ahead on Reserve America.

Fortunately, we had made our reservations through Apr 2016 before the price hike:o))

 But... going forward it will cost us substantially more to be near mom!!  

Together Again ;o))) – Saturday, February 28, 2015

Today marked a milestone…

Bill and I are “Together Again” traveling down life’s highway!!!

Baby and our new truck, Hiho, have been joined at the hip;o))01e - Connecting the towed

After breakfast, we were taught how to connect Baby and Hiho.

Nothing to it and we headed off toward Kissimmee Prairie State Park.

This was my first ride and first photo while riding in the motorhome :o))02a - Travel to Kissimmee Prairie SP
You just can’t rush these things… it’s only been three years!!

I think the Captain is happy to have a co-pilot.02a1 - Travel to Kissimmee Prairie SP
Keep smiling Bill… Your next job is to teach me to drive this BABY!!!

Baby had no problem towing Hiho. 

Bill said you don’t even know it is back there.

We had a very pleasant drive to Kissimme Prairie State Park,
which is in the middle of nowhere;o))
02c - Travel to Kissimmee Prairie SP  02b - Travel to Kissimmee Prairie SP02d - Travel to Kissimmee Prairie SP

When we reached the state park entrance,
          the road changes to packed gravel and dirt;o((           02e - Travel to Kissimmee Prairie SP02f - Travel to Kissimmee Prairie SP

Baby and Hiho turned some heads as we passed :o))02g - Travel to Kissimmee Prairie SP

We checked in at the park office and proceeded to our Site #34.02h - Travel to Kissimmee Prairie SP02i - Travel to Kissimmee Prairie SP

We got backed into our site, but didn’t set out anything….00a - Site 34 Kissimmee Prairie SP

We could see a nasty storm headed our way :o((00a - Site 34 Kissimmee Prairie SP - view from our site

Within 30 minutes of our arrival, the skies opened up and the rains poured!!!
02j - Travel to Kissimmee Prairie SP
Our nice little site became waterfront property as the river split around us:o(((

Unfortunately, it is suppose to rain all night and continued all day Sunday.

Sure hope it stops and dries out Monday so we can get out of here without a problem!!!