Together Again ;o))) – Saturday, February 28, 2015

Today marked a milestone…

Bill and I are “Together Again” traveling down life’s highway!!!

Baby and our new truck, Hiho, have been joined at the hip;o))01e - Connecting the towed

After breakfast, we were taught how to connect Baby and Hiho.

Nothing to it and we headed off toward Kissimmee Prairie State Park.

This was my first ride and first photo while riding in the motorhome :o))02a - Travel to Kissimmee Prairie SP
You just can’t rush these things… it’s only been three years!!

I think the Captain is happy to have a co-pilot.02a1 - Travel to Kissimmee Prairie SP
Keep smiling Bill… Your next job is to teach me to drive this BABY!!!

Baby had no problem towing Hiho. 

Bill said you don’t even know it is back there.

We had a very pleasant drive to Kissimme Prairie State Park,
which is in the middle of nowhere;o))
02c - Travel to Kissimmee Prairie SP  02b - Travel to Kissimmee Prairie SP02d - Travel to Kissimmee Prairie SP

When we reached the state park entrance,
          the road changes to packed gravel and dirt;o((           02e - Travel to Kissimmee Prairie SP02f - Travel to Kissimmee Prairie SP

Baby and Hiho turned some heads as we passed :o))02g - Travel to Kissimmee Prairie SP

We checked in at the park office and proceeded to our Site #34.02h - Travel to Kissimmee Prairie SP02i - Travel to Kissimmee Prairie SP

We got backed into our site, but didn’t set out anything….00a - Site 34 Kissimmee Prairie SP

We could see a nasty storm headed our way :o((00a - Site 34 Kissimmee Prairie SP - view from our site

Within 30 minutes of our arrival, the skies opened up and the rains poured!!!
02j - Travel to Kissimmee Prairie SP
Our nice little site became waterfront property as the river split around us:o(((

Unfortunately, it is suppose to rain all night and continued all day Sunday.

Sure hope it stops and dries out Monday so we can get out of here without a problem!!!


  1. No need to rush these things. Glad to hear all went well with the towing and that Hiho is following along perfectly. But then who wouldn't want to follow Baby! Can't wait to see you behind the wheel. Bummer that you arrived to the same storm or its twin ;-) that we had last night ALL NIGHT LONG. Hope yours wasn't that bad and that it will clear the air and bring out the caracara and burrowing owls for you to see.

  2. I bet Bill is so happy to have you next to him, or not, depending on traffic, lol. Hope the weather turns better for you !

  3. Nice setup. You had horse shoes on that arrival!
    Rain is in the forecast here in the yuma area.
    Safe travels!

  4. Now Bill has his very own navigator sitting next to him instead of leading him down the road. It's wonderful to travel like that, we love it!

    Your set up looks great! I bet you never thought that one day you'd be towing your "garage" behind your "house"! :cD

  5. It's much nicer traveling together, isn't it?

  6. Congratulations! It really is a nicer way to travel :)
    Sorry about your storm. Guess you needed to be a little further south. All we got Sat was a few intermittent sprinkles, a shower overnight and nothing today.
    You have definitely discovered the true "middle of nowhere"!

  7. Yeah for you both! Bet it sure was different riding together! Yuck on the weather. Hope it clears so you can explore!

  8. Now you are dialed in!!! And we are glad to see you were able to escape Lazy Days LOL!!

  9. Do your feet even reach the dashboard!? That is the way the co-pilot rides... just like the front of the Sea Eagle. Great timing to beat the storm.

  10. I read on another blog, they were in a dust storm in AZ. Give me a thunderstorm and rain anyday over a sandy windstorm. Looks like you all are set up for a fun trip! Safe travels!

  11. Hi Bill & Nancy. Where are y'all headed to next? Are you going back to Huntington Beach St. park? We are coming down to MB on the 26th for about 3 days for our 45th Anniversary. If y'all are there we will give you a call.
    If not we will see you @ the reunion rally.