Wednesday - February 27, 2013

Site 119, Collier Seminole State Park, Tamiami Trail, Naples, Florida

We just arrived at Collier Seminole State Park near Naples, Florida.  We are still technically in or near the Everglades/Big Cypress Area along the Tamiami Trail, but we are now connected to the rest of world.  Not so sure if that is a good thing or not!?!?!?  We actually got used to no cell phone, no internet and no TV.  But it will be nice to get back in touch.

We will be here for 5 days, then on to Lazydays for Warranty and Maintenance work for a couple weeks.  During this time, we will attempt to get a little caught up on the blog.  We had so many wonderful adventures to record and share... IT WAS AMAZING!!!

Nancy here:  I saw and learned many things while I was in the Everglades/Big Cypress and can't wait to share our experience with you.  But one thing I learned and a lesson I hope will stay with me is...  Less Computer Time Is A Good Thing:o))  I know I want a record of where we go, what we see and times we share with friends so we will continue to blog.  However, it will not be current.  It will be done when I am not taking new photos and enjoying new experiences... It will be done when I have the time:o))

We will still update our current location so at least friends and family will know where we are located.  So check our blog and our location will be current in the photos in the upper right corner.  The actual blog post might be from days, weeks or months prior. We have learned....

It's  All  About  The  Journey!!!!

Still Without Internet - Thursday - February 21, 2013

This will be short and sweet.  We left Flamingo Campground in the heart of the Everglades this morning.  We got a site at Midway Campground on Rt 41, the Tamiami Trial for the next 6 nights and then we will be going to Collier Seminole Campground until March 4th.  Neither of these location have internet or cell service, so we will be out of touch until Monday, March 4th.

We are having a great time and have much to report when we get connected.  Right now, we are in the Library at Everglades City which is about 30 miles from our campsite.

Well be back in touch in about 11 days... see you then!!!

Heading to The Everglades:o)) - February 8-22, 2013

Today, we are leaving Jonathan Dickenson State Park in Hobe Sound Florida and heading south to Flamingo Campground in Everglades National Park.  We have wanted to stay in the Eastern Everglades for some time, but we were hesitant to come as they did not accept reservations.  Well, that has changed and we have reserved 2 weeks in the electric only loop:o))

We will be off the grid for these two weeks.  Perhaps we will get the blog updated during that time.  More realistically, we will just get further behind.  That's a good thing, because that means we are busy having fun adventures!!  No Paul, we are not out hunting Burmese Python;o))

We will be without Internet or cell phone.  We'll post when we return to civilization;o)))

EPCOT Day–Saturday–January 26, 2013

Just in case you did not know what EPCOT stands for, here it is!!
Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow
But REALLY,  it’s just a FUN place;o))
We spent the entire day here, from opening to closing fireworks!!
So here we go . . .
We arrived at EPCOT by monorail and took a spin around Space Station Earth.01 - Monorail to epcot - golf ball
As we entered the park, a nice man there was teaching us how to SMAWN.
02 - Bill and Tricia learning to Smawn
A SMAWN is a combination Smile and Yawn;o))
We attempted to get a photo of the girls holding up the Space Station.
03 - Gin, Syl, Tricia, Laura holding up Epcot Ball
I believe we need a little work on technique;o))
First stop…a ride through Space Station Earth!!
04 - EPOCT ball - so big 05 - Space Station Earth
Next, I was sent to get fast passes for Soaring and the gang headed over to The Sea.
06 - Waiting for Bill
07 - The Sea outside 07b - The Sea outside 07c - The Sea outside
WOOOO HOOOO… got the fast passes!!!
07d - The Sea outside-bill will fast passes
We spent the next couple of hours exploring The Sea.  First, we visited the manatee exhibit.  Next, we did Turtle Talk With Crush, an adorable audience participation show about Sea Turtles.  The rest of time, we enjoyed the HUGE aquarium!!!
From The Sea, we head to The Land.
08 - The Land Pavillion
First stop, the environmental movie with the characters from The Lion King. 
After that, we had a little time until our fast passes could be used on Soaring,
so we had our lunch in the cafeteria down stairs.
08c - The Land Pavillion - Hot Air Balloons 
Then it was on to Soaring:o))
 08b - The Land Pavillion - Soaring
Everybody really enjoyed that ride!!!!


We decided to try to cut over to The Universe of Energy.

Unfortunately, it was shut down for repair;o((

Oh well, we’ll just head out to The World Showcase!!


Yep… Space Station Earth is always within view:o)

09 - World Showcase - Photo with Space Station Earth


First stop Canada and it’s beautiful gardens and movie!!

10 - Canada - 

10a - Canada - Victoria Garden Sign10a2 - Canada - Victoria Garden Sign10a3 - Canada - Victoria Garden Sign


On to jolly old England,

 11 - England - Rose and Crown Pub11a - England - downtown11c - England - garden and Mary Poppins


Next…. street performers in France!

12 - France - Street Performer


The Ceremonial Drummers performed at Japan.

13 - Japan - Pagoda 13b - Japan - Drummers


Space Station Earth can be seen from EVERYWHERE!!!

13c - Japan - View of Space Station Earth


The Ultimate Disney Pin Collector!!

His entire vest, front and back, is covered with pins.14 - A real pin collectorThe pins average about $10 – that’s one expensive vest;o))


We timed it just right at the American Pavilion to see the Fife and Drum Corp

before we went inside to hear the singers perform and watch the movie.

15a - The America Pavillion  15b - The America Pavillion


It was getting close to dinner time when we came out.  Bruce and Laura headed back to the campground to take care of their dog, Clem and get some dinner.  The rest of us got our dinner in the park while they were gone.  Nancy and Tricia headed to China and the rest of us enjoyed good old American Fare:o))


We all met up again at China where we watched the powerful movie
enjoyed the Chinese Acrobats.

16 - China  16b - China - Acrobats 


After China, we continued on towards Norway and Spain.

18 - Donald Duck in Spain

They were both very crowded.


Rather than fight the crowds, we headed to the Mars Explorer ride we missed earlier.

When we came out, the sun was setting behind the Eiffel Tower!!

17 - Sun setting on Eiffle Tower


Time to make our way back to the countries

to find the perfect viewing spot for the fireworks.

19 - Waiting for the Fireworks


Nancy’s not sure what happened to the fireworks pictures?!?!

You’ll just have to trust us that they were...


A Long Trip for ICE CREAM!!!–Friday–January 25, 2013

Every time Nancy and I come to Disney World,
we go to Beaches and Cream for Ice Cream!!
It didn’t take much to convince everyone to join us;o))
We usually head to Beaches and Cream when we visit Epcot. You can walk there from the Epcot exit located between England and France. Since we were only spending one day at Epcot this trip, we decided not to take a couple ‘Epcot’ hours to go get ice cream.  We would go today and stop at Downtown Disney on the way!! A nice easy day;o))
After lunch, we got the bus at the Outpost for Downtown Disney.
We visited the largest Disney Store!!07 - Downtown Disney - Disney Store
We played around a little!!
(click on any photo to enlarge)


The guys enjoyed the Legos and Tinker toys!!
06 - Downtown Disney - Boys will be Boys 04 - Downtown Disney - Never too old for Tinker TOys 06b - Downtown Disney - Legos 
Who doesn’t enjoy a Princess Parade?!?!
Notice the special Princess waves and the bubbles;o))
05 - Downtown Disney - Princess Parade

After exploring Downtown Disney, we headed to the bus stop.
Just needed to take the bus to the Beach Club!!
Sounds easy…doesn’t it;o))
First, we wait at least 30 minutes for the bus
and then, we stopped at
Typhoon Lagoon,
The Boardwalk,
The Dolphin,
The Swan,
The Yacht Club
we finally arrived at The Beach Club;o((
11 - Beach Club - Ice Cream
An hour and a half later, we were headed down the walkway to Beaches and Cream!!
We promptly ordered Sundays or Banana Splits.
Bruce got his ice cream first...
along with a Song and a Birthday Balloon:o))
11b - Beach Club - Bruce Birthday Balloon
11c - Beach Club - Ice Cream
Of course, the Pelicans had to have Fries with their Ice Cream?!?!?11d - Beach Club - Ice Cream and French Fries
Everybody cleaned their plates!!!!
Remember that Birthday Balloon????
Bruce asked Gin to hold his SPECIAL balloon while he visit the rest room.
WELLLLLL…she watched it, but didn’t see the ceiling fan!!
11e - Beach Club - Busted Balloon
You see how disappointed Bruce was;o))
But she couldn’t let the Birthday Boy walk around Balloonless…SOOOOOOO!!

Now he had three balloons ;o))
11f - Beach Club - New Balloons and Body Guard
We headed back to the bus area and decided to take a direct bus to the Magic Kingdom instead of the long and tedious route that got us here;o(  Once we got to the Magic Kingdom, we could catch the boat directly to the campground.
Notice anything different about Bruce’s Balloons?!?!
11g - Beach Club - New Balloons and Body Guard
Yep, another busted balloon!!!
Bruce decided it was time to “Pay It Forward.”
He shared his balloons with the next Birthday Button person he saw;o))
11h - Beach Club - Pass the balloon
We got to the Magic Kingdom without a hitch. 
However, getting on the boat was a different story.
The boats were packed like sardines and we chose not to be one of them.
Instead we took the monorail to the Contemporary Resort!!
11i - Beach Club - Monorail to Contemporary
We walked down to the Resort boat launch and passed Mickey on the way:o))
11j - Beach Club - Dan and Tricia and Mickey
Finally, we got on a boat back to the campground!!!!
11j - Beach Club - Moonlight Cruise
Not sure you can tell, but the sun has just about set on this adventure.
11j1 - Beach Club - Sunset Cruise 11j2 - Beach Club - Moonlight Cruise
We started just after lunch and about 6 hours later we found our way home.
What an adventure for ICE CREAM!!
However, the day was not over.
We decided that since we were at the beach,
we might as well stay to see the 8pm Magic Kingdom fireworks :o))
12c - Fireworks  12b - Fireworks
12d - Fireworks

However, we weren’t finished yet…there is a 10pm Boat Parade!!
Everybody pull up a chair;o))
13a - Beach Chairs for Boat Parade13b - Beach Chairs for Boat Parade
13c - Beach Chairs for Boat Parade
13d - Beach Chairs for Boat Parade13e - Beach Chairs for Boat Parade
Break out the SNACKS!!!
14a - Break out the snacks14b - Break out the snacks
Yes, there was one box of SPICED WAFERS left from the Carolina Clan gathering;o)))
During the long wait until the boat parade arrived,
we were entertained by our own GROOVY dancers!!
15a- Pre-parade show   15b- Pre-parade show - Do the Locomotion
Come On Everybody and Do The LO-CO-MO-TION!!!!

Not sure which was better,
our GROOVY dancers or the Boat Parade?!?!
16b - Boat Parade 16c - Boat Parade
16d - Boat Parade 16e - Boat Parade
See what can happen when you just decide to get some ICE CREAM:o)))