EPCOT Day–Saturday–January 26, 2013

Just in case you did not know what EPCOT stands for, here it is!!
Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow
But REALLY,  it’s just a FUN place;o))
We spent the entire day here, from opening to closing fireworks!!
So here we go . . .
We arrived at EPCOT by monorail and took a spin around Space Station Earth.01 - Monorail to epcot - golf ball
As we entered the park, a nice man there was teaching us how to SMAWN.
02 - Bill and Tricia learning to Smawn
A SMAWN is a combination Smile and Yawn;o))
We attempted to get a photo of the girls holding up the Space Station.
03 - Gin, Syl, Tricia, Laura holding up Epcot Ball
I believe we need a little work on technique;o))
First stop…a ride through Space Station Earth!!
04 - EPOCT ball - so big 05 - Space Station Earth
Next, I was sent to get fast passes for Soaring and the gang headed over to The Sea.
06 - Waiting for Bill
07 - The Sea outside 07b - The Sea outside 07c - The Sea outside
WOOOO HOOOO… got the fast passes!!!
07d - The Sea outside-bill will fast passes
We spent the next couple of hours exploring The Sea.  First, we visited the manatee exhibit.  Next, we did Turtle Talk With Crush, an adorable audience participation show about Sea Turtles.  The rest of time, we enjoyed the HUGE aquarium!!!
From The Sea, we head to The Land.
08 - The Land Pavillion
First stop, the environmental movie with the characters from The Lion King. 
After that, we had a little time until our fast passes could be used on Soaring,
so we had our lunch in the cafeteria down stairs.
08c - The Land Pavillion - Hot Air Balloons 
Then it was on to Soaring:o))
 08b - The Land Pavillion - Soaring
Everybody really enjoyed that ride!!!!


We decided to try to cut over to The Universe of Energy.

Unfortunately, it was shut down for repair;o((

Oh well, we’ll just head out to The World Showcase!!


Yep… Space Station Earth is always within view:o)

09 - World Showcase - Photo with Space Station Earth


First stop Canada and it’s beautiful gardens and movie!!

10 - Canada - 

10a - Canada - Victoria Garden Sign10a2 - Canada - Victoria Garden Sign10a3 - Canada - Victoria Garden Sign


On to jolly old England,

 11 - England - Rose and Crown Pub11a - England - downtown11c - England - garden and Mary Poppins


Next…. street performers in France!

12 - France - Street Performer


The Ceremonial Drummers performed at Japan.

13 - Japan - Pagoda 13b - Japan - Drummers


Space Station Earth can be seen from EVERYWHERE!!!

13c - Japan - View of Space Station Earth


The Ultimate Disney Pin Collector!!

His entire vest, front and back, is covered with pins.14 - A real pin collectorThe pins average about $10 – that’s one expensive vest;o))


We timed it just right at the American Pavilion to see the Fife and Drum Corp

before we went inside to hear the singers perform and watch the movie.

15a - The America Pavillion  15b - The America Pavillion


It was getting close to dinner time when we came out.  Bruce and Laura headed back to the campground to take care of their dog, Clem and get some dinner.  The rest of us got our dinner in the park while they were gone.  Nancy and Tricia headed to China and the rest of us enjoyed good old American Fare:o))


We all met up again at China where we watched the powerful movie
enjoyed the Chinese Acrobats.

16 - China  16b - China - Acrobats 


After China, we continued on towards Norway and Spain.

18 - Donald Duck in Spain

They were both very crowded.


Rather than fight the crowds, we headed to the Mars Explorer ride we missed earlier.

When we came out, the sun was setting behind the Eiffel Tower!!

17 - Sun setting on Eiffle Tower


Time to make our way back to the countries

to find the perfect viewing spot for the fireworks.

19 - Waiting for the Fireworks


Nancy’s not sure what happened to the fireworks pictures?!?!

You’ll just have to trust us that they were...



  1. What a wonderful, wonderful day we had. Such good times! :-)

  2. Looks like a great time was had by all! I never realized that was what Epocot was all about...we already planned to visit next year when we stay at the Thousand Trails by Orlando. Now I am even more excited! Thanks for sharing! Have fun...see you all down the road...sometime!

  3. It truly was a fun fun day. Great memories we made!

  4. Sorry, but that pin vest was a very small collection LOL! I'm fairly embarrassed to admit, that in my heyday, I had close to 3000 Disney pins! OH MY! I did sell quite a few of them before leaving New York, but still have WAY too many! EPCOT is our favorite park as well. We have already booked the same two weeks there for next winter.

  5. What a great day! I did not know that's what EPCOT stood for. See, you're contributing to my continuing education :) Loved the picture of Butchard Gardens in Canada. That's one place we've been to and it's extraordinary!

  6. Still jealous of your wonderful time at Disney. We will get there eventually!

  7. You certainly had a great day at EPCOT, it's always much more fun with a bunch of friends, too! Now we're thinking we need to go back soon, we're having withdrawal symptoms!

  8. Super pictures. Looks like the gang had a great time.

  9. Wonderful wonderful day! It's nice to get a taste of so many different countries all within a couple miles of each other. A great time was had by all!

  10. Never heard of a SMAWN before. Interesting. ;-)