Magic Kingdom Here We Come–Thursday–January 24, 2013

This is a VERY photo intensive blog;o))
OK, you’ve been warned… here we go!!!
First thing FIRST…
Saturday is Bruce’s Birthday!!
01 - Magic Kingdom Day - Bruce and Laura
Bruce has his birthday button on and Laura has her celebrate button as well;o))
Happy Birthday, Bruce!!!
(click on any photo to enlarge) 
02 - Magic Kingdom Day - On the bikes 03 - Magic Kingdom Day - Bill, Gin, Bruce
We took our bikes and the boat to get to the Magic Kingdom!!
  04 - Magic Kingdom Day - Let the Memories Begin
Lots of SMILES!!
05 - Magic Kingdom Day - Gin, Syl, Tricia, Laura08 - Magic Kingdom Day - Gin, Syl07 - Magic Kingdom Day - Laura
First stop,
Buzz Lightyear’s Space Rangers in Tomorrowland….
10 - Magic Kingdom Day - Buzz Lightyears
10a - Magic Kingdom Day - Buzz Lightyears - Gin, Syl  10b - Magic Kingdom Day - Buzz Lightyears -Bruce, Laura
10c - Magic Kingdom Day - Buzz Lightyears - Dan, Tricia  10d - Magic Kingdom Day - Buzz Lightyears - Nancy, Bill 
Hate to admit it, but Nancy blew the rest of us away!!!
Unfortunately, Space Mountain was slammed;o((
However, we did get to drive the race cars past Space Mountain;o))
11a - Magic Kingdom Day - Speedway - All11b - Magic Kingdom Day - Speedway - Tricia
It was difficult keeping the gang together,
especially without a tour guide flag;o((
13b - the new fantasyland - Bill
Fantasyland was really crowded.
They just opened the new section and all we got was pictures;o((
13 - the new fantasyland - Syl13b - the new fantasyland - Syl
You couldn't get near any of the new attractions.
Crowds or not… somebody started dancing in the street!!
13a - the new fantasyland - Tricia and Syl
We made sure to see It’s A Small World so we would hear that SONG all day!!
13e - the new fantasyland - Small World13c - the new fantasyland - Small World13d - the new fantasyland - Small World
The Haunted House was a favorite!
14 - Haunted Mansion 14b - Haunted Mansion
We all agreed to ride Splash Mountain, but waited until after lunch so it was warmer. 
Rumor has it you may get wet;o))
Unfortunately, we’re going to have to wait until next time;o((
19 - Splash Mountain Closed 
Mickey Pretzels were needed to cheer up the troops!!
18 - Snack Time - Mickey Pretzels
Next we headed to Pirates of the Caribbean which was temporarily shut down.
Apparently one of the boats got beached… sheesh!!!
As tour guide, I needed to find a quick substitute.
Fortunately, the Tiki Birds were right around the corner;o))
20 - Tiki Birds
20d - Tiki Birds20c - Tiki Birds
Not quite, Splash Mountain or Pirates of the Caribbean,
but at least we’ll have ANOTHER song to remember all day:o))
It wasn’t long before the first parade of the day came along!!!
23b - Dream Come True Parade23c - Dream Come True Parade
23a - Dream Come True Parade
23d - Dream Come True Parade23e - Dream Come True Parade

After the parade, most of the gang headed back to the campground to take care of pets and just chill out for a while.  Nancy and I decided to chill out at the Magic Kingdom.  We wandered around checking things out.

The details make the Magic!!!

    22a - Magic Kingdom Flowers   Fabulous Flowers   22c - Magic Kingdom Flowers
22b - Magic Kingdom Flowers
Have you seen the Beautiful Mosaics inside the castle?!?!
24b - Cinderella Castle Mural 24c - Cinderella Castle Mural
24a - Cinderella Castle
24d - Cinderella Castle Mural 24e - Cinderella Castle Mural
Wonderful Bronze Statues in the Castle Courtyard.
My favorite is of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse!!!
25 - Castle Courtyard - Walt and Mickey
25b - Castle Courtyard - Characters 25c - Castle Courtyard - Characters 25d - Castle Courtyard - Characters 25e - Castle Courtyard - Characters
25g - Castle Courtyard - Characters 25h - Castle Courtyard - Characters 25i - Castle Courtyard - Characters
       25f - Castle Courtyard - Characters 
While we were right in front of the castle,
we watched the “Dreams Come True” musical.
Lots of talented young people:o))
26a - Dreams Com True Show 26b - Dreams Com True Show
26c - Dreams Come True Show 26d - Dreams Come True Show
After the show, we headed down Main Street
where we mailed a birthday card to Bill Jordan,
a good friend who loves Disney World!!
27a - Main Street  27b - Main Street
Next, we headed to the Disney Train Station and took a train ride around the park.
27c - Main Street  27c2 - Main Street
Just as we arrived back at the train station,
the Street Party Parade was heading down Main Street:o))
27d - Main Street Parade  27e - Main Street Parade
After the parade, we got a veggie burger for dinner.
We were to meet the rest of the gang in the castle courtyard to see the 7pm Electric Parade.
By the time we got to the courtyard, the curbs were filled and the people were 5 deep.
We did see the parade, but not very well;o((
However, we had a perfect view of the castle for the show and fireworks to follow:o))
28 - Night-time castle28b - Night-time castle28c - Night-time castle
EVERYTHING started to light up!!!!
28d - Night-time castle - everything lights up
Followed by the most magnificent fireworks!!!
29 - Fireworks 29a - Fireworks 29b - Fireworks
29c - Fireworks 29d - Fireworks 29e - Fireworks
29f - Fireworks 29g - Fireworks 29h - Fireworks
The MAGIC is in the DETAILS!!!
One last item to be done…
we were going to get a GOOD view of the 9pm ELECTRIC PARADE!!!
Must be in the FRONT ROW!!!!
30 - Electrical Parade - Front Road
30b - Electrial Parade30c - Electrial Parade

30d - Electrial Parade
It was a MAGICAL day!!!!


  1. Hey, where were the kids??!! LOL Looks like you "kids" had a great time!

    By the way, we went to Shark Valley today -- GREAT day! Watch for the blog post tomorrow!

  2. Happy Birthday! It is always great when kids of any age can go to Disney!

  3. All I have to say is your pictures are fantastic. I think I will just toss mine and put a link in my journal to yours. Simply amazing Nancy. Yours look so much more like what we actually saw than mine do. So bright and clear. I am in awe.

  4. Fantastic day. I love the Tiki birds- Catherine - not so much. Great pictures of the parade.

  5. What fun! It's obvious that a good time was had by all :) I agree, the pictures are amazing. It makes me feel like I was there...almost :) Looks like you'll have to go back again to do the things you missed...Oh darn! :)

  6. Yes, we'll have to go back to check out the things we missed...and do some things again! :-)

  7. What a wonderful, wonderful time! :-) Such grand and magical memories!

  8. Fun Magical day with great friends! Couldn't have been any better!

    1. Thanks for posting! It was great to see parents at play!
      - Christina

  9. Love the pictures, you guys are having a blast!

  10. How can you not have fun at Disney World? So much to see, do (and eat). Great picture of all you "kids" lined up along the street.

    The more I see of the fun you're having is making me regret we won't be doing WDW this year, for the first time since 2006. :c( Maybe we might have to rethink that decision.

  11. I believe you are giving me a run for my money on who can take the most photos in a day. Really enjoyed seeing you all having so much fun. I miss Huntington Beach sunrises and Brookgreen Garderns. Thanks for getting us there.