A Long Trip for ICE CREAM!!!–Friday–January 25, 2013

Every time Nancy and I come to Disney World,
we go to Beaches and Cream for Ice Cream!!
It didn’t take much to convince everyone to join us;o))
We usually head to Beaches and Cream when we visit Epcot. You can walk there from the Epcot exit located between England and France. Since we were only spending one day at Epcot this trip, we decided not to take a couple ‘Epcot’ hours to go get ice cream.  We would go today and stop at Downtown Disney on the way!! A nice easy day;o))
After lunch, we got the bus at the Outpost for Downtown Disney.
We visited the largest Disney Store!!07 - Downtown Disney - Disney Store
We played around a little!!
(click on any photo to enlarge)


The guys enjoyed the Legos and Tinker toys!!
06 - Downtown Disney - Boys will be Boys 04 - Downtown Disney - Never too old for Tinker TOys 06b - Downtown Disney - Legos 
Who doesn’t enjoy a Princess Parade?!?!
Notice the special Princess waves and the bubbles;o))
05 - Downtown Disney - Princess Parade

After exploring Downtown Disney, we headed to the bus stop.
Just needed to take the bus to the Beach Club!!
Sounds easy…doesn’t it;o))
First, we wait at least 30 minutes for the bus
and then, we stopped at
Typhoon Lagoon,
The Boardwalk,
The Dolphin,
The Swan,
The Yacht Club
we finally arrived at The Beach Club;o((
11 - Beach Club - Ice Cream
An hour and a half later, we were headed down the walkway to Beaches and Cream!!
We promptly ordered Sundays or Banana Splits.
Bruce got his ice cream first...
along with a Song and a Birthday Balloon:o))
11b - Beach Club - Bruce Birthday Balloon
11c - Beach Club - Ice Cream
Of course, the Pelicans had to have Fries with their Ice Cream?!?!?11d - Beach Club - Ice Cream and French Fries
Everybody cleaned their plates!!!!
Remember that Birthday Balloon????
Bruce asked Gin to hold his SPECIAL balloon while he visit the rest room.
WELLLLLL…she watched it, but didn’t see the ceiling fan!!
11e - Beach Club - Busted Balloon
You see how disappointed Bruce was;o))
But she couldn’t let the Birthday Boy walk around Balloonless…SOOOOOOO!!

Now he had three balloons ;o))
11f - Beach Club - New Balloons and Body Guard
We headed back to the bus area and decided to take a direct bus to the Magic Kingdom instead of the long and tedious route that got us here;o(  Once we got to the Magic Kingdom, we could catch the boat directly to the campground.
Notice anything different about Bruce’s Balloons?!?!
11g - Beach Club - New Balloons and Body Guard
Yep, another busted balloon!!!
Bruce decided it was time to “Pay It Forward.”
He shared his balloons with the next Birthday Button person he saw;o))
11h - Beach Club - Pass the balloon
We got to the Magic Kingdom without a hitch. 
However, getting on the boat was a different story.
The boats were packed like sardines and we chose not to be one of them.
Instead we took the monorail to the Contemporary Resort!!
11i - Beach Club - Monorail to Contemporary
We walked down to the Resort boat launch and passed Mickey on the way:o))
11j - Beach Club - Dan and Tricia and Mickey
Finally, we got on a boat back to the campground!!!!
11j - Beach Club - Moonlight Cruise
Not sure you can tell, but the sun has just about set on this adventure.
11j1 - Beach Club - Sunset Cruise 11j2 - Beach Club - Moonlight Cruise
We started just after lunch and about 6 hours later we found our way home.
What an adventure for ICE CREAM!!
However, the day was not over.
We decided that since we were at the beach,
we might as well stay to see the 8pm Magic Kingdom fireworks :o))
12c - Fireworks  12b - Fireworks
12d - Fireworks

However, we weren’t finished yet…there is a 10pm Boat Parade!!
Everybody pull up a chair;o))
13a - Beach Chairs for Boat Parade13b - Beach Chairs for Boat Parade
13c - Beach Chairs for Boat Parade
13d - Beach Chairs for Boat Parade13e - Beach Chairs for Boat Parade
Break out the SNACKS!!!
14a - Break out the snacks14b - Break out the snacks
Yes, there was one box of SPICED WAFERS left from the Carolina Clan gathering;o)))
During the long wait until the boat parade arrived,
we were entertained by our own GROOVY dancers!!
15a- Pre-parade show   15b- Pre-parade show - Do the Locomotion
Come On Everybody and Do The LO-CO-MO-TION!!!!

Not sure which was better,
our GROOVY dancers or the Boat Parade?!?!
16b - Boat Parade 16c - Boat Parade
16d - Boat Parade 16e - Boat Parade
See what can happen when you just decide to get some ICE CREAM:o)))


  1. As much as I loved the boat parade, how can you not think the groovy dancers were great?!! Such fun, fun times with friends! And the ice cream was worth the long trip!

  2. I can't believe it! There is a place at Disney, we have never been too. Guess we need to get back there :)

  3. What a fun (and long) day you had! We love Disney and the RV resort there. Your post makes me want to go back just for ice cream!

  4. Good thing all that transportation is free!! You saw a lot of sights, and had a ton of fun along the way, though, from the looks of it . . . so I'd say it was definitely worth it! The ice cream looked wonderful, too! You guys have way too much fun . . . I think you all need to go back to work!! LOL

    1. Uh Oh - Back to WORK... Thems fight'n words!!! What you don't realize is that what we do is hard work!! It required years of training;o))

  5. Glad we could entertain you while waiting for the boat parade... Wow... What another long, fun, day with great friends!

    Next time at B&C The Kitchen Sink!


  6. See what happens when kids eat too much sugar? With all those wild antics I'd be surprised if Disney ever lets you come back... ;c)

    Disney World sure brings the kid out in you!

    1. Actually Paul, those Groovy Locomotion Dancers were offered a WorkCamping Gig in "A Dreams Come True" musical at Cinderellas Castle;o)))

  7. All that ice cream, and spiced wafers too! You kids! :)

  8. Nice! Any day with ice cream is always special:)

  9. That sounds like a great day. You all look very happy in the photos!

  10. Leftover Spice Wafers too??? NO!!! LOL!
    I'm sure the boat parade was awesome but those groovy dancers look awesomer to me :)

    What great memories you guys made!

  11. What a great recap of a absolutely hilarious day!

  12. What a full day and a fun time that looks like.

  13. Another day for the memory book. What fun you all had!