June 29, 2018 - Photos - GRSM NP - Andrews Bald Hike

Today's Travel Map
Today's Hiking Map
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Sunrise along park road near Sugarland Visitor Center

Newfound Gap Road toward Clingman Dome Road

Right turn to Clingmans Dome...7 miles long

Views heading up Clingmans Dome Road

 The paved trail goes to the Clingman Dome Tower.

Forney Ridge Trail to Andrews Bald 
goes to the left of the orange cone.

The trail goes down....
before leveling off .

It's a narrow, but very pretty walk.
With less than a mile to Andrews Bald,
several trails cross. 
We continued straight ahead...
Then begins a rocky and slight uphill hike to the bald.

Arriving at Andrews Bald

We wanted to see the Flame Azaleas.
At the right time, the bald is covered in blooms.
We were about a week late...
But we did manage to find a few remaining blooms!!!

Time to head back......

What came down... must go up ;o((
A bit of a workout, but a wonderful hike!!!

June 26, 2018 - Photos - GRSM NP - Foothills Parkway Drive

Today's Travel Map
Round trip was a total of 60 miles.

We had just left the campground and the views started!!

We drove through Townsend, Tennessee.

The Foothills Parkway is part of  Great Smoky Mountain NP
and runs from Rt. 321 to Rt. 129.
Later this summer, the new extension to Wears Valley will open!!

There are pull-offs all along the parkway.

By the time we reach the Look Rock pull-off,
the clouds had lifted:o))

Today, we wanted to hike to the Look Rock Tower!!

We crossed the road and begin a lovely walk to the tower.

The view over Maryville, Tennessee!!

Looking towards the Smoky Mountains!!
What goes up... must come down;-)

Back on the Parkway, we saw bikes of all types.

When we reached Rt 129, 
we made a right and park along Lake Chilhowee.
If we had made a left, 
we could have driven "The Tail of The Dragon!!"

Instead, we took a break and enjoyed our view of  the lake.

Then it was time to head back the way we came.

Driving this direction we could see Look Rock Tower!!

Perfect Day...Beautiful Views!!

We found a shady spot for lunch;o))

Before heading home, we stopped at
The Dollar General with a VIEW!!!

By the time we got home, the storm clouds were brewing!!

Just after we got inside...the skies opened up!!!
Just another Smoky Mountain Day;o))