Happy New Year!!! - Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bill and I were hoping to move south to celebrate the New Year.

Well, we got that wish....

however, we only got to move 300 yards south;o((

Yes, we move to site 77, just south of site 25 at Huntington Beach!!

Our original plans were to be at Silver Springs and paddle the river on New Years Day.

Those plans had to be cancelled and new plans made when we bought our truck.

We are waiting to get the Cap installed so our garage is ready to roll.

We got notice that our Truck Cap will be in and installed on Monday, January 12th.

If you have ever tried to make last minute reservations in Florida from January through March, you will realize how very lucky Bill and I are!!!

We are heading south to Florida on Tuesday, January 13th.  

Looking for a spot near Tampa from January 14-20 
so we can attend the RV Supershow did not look promising.

We got 3 days at one park 1 1/2 hours north and 3 days at another 1 1/2 hours south.

However, yesterday, I happened upon a cancellation at Oscar Scherer that will allow us to be there for all  6 days and only have an hour drive to the RV Show:o)) 

Yep, this is starting out as a Very Happy Year for us!!

We want to wish all our Family and Friends the best for 2015!!!

Christmas With The Family – Tuesday, Dec 23 to Thursday, Dec 25, 2014

On Tuesday, December 23rd, we picked up my mother and headed to Raleigh, NC.

The boys stayed busy playing cards!!
1a - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - Spades & fix computer

The girls stayed busy preparing for our Christmas Feast:o))
1c - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - pies and cookies1b - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - cutting up fresh fruit1d - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - pumpkin pies

Samantha and Emily decorated the tree and the stockings were hung!!!
1f - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - stockings are hung 1g - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - stockings are hung

Julie prepared a wonderful Spaghetti Dinner :o)
1e - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - sphaghetti dinner

Our day ended with the traditional neighborhood Christmas Light walk!!

Emily and Samantha in front of their house:o)
1h - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - Christmas Light Walk

1ha - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - Christmas Light Walk  1hb - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - Christmas Light Walk

1hc - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - Christmas Light Walk  1hd - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - Christmas Light Walk

On Wednesday, December 24th, Brian and Chris arrived to join in the fun!!

We were going to have our Christmas Feast today, but first some pictures;o)))

Julie wanted some photos of the children for next years Christmas Card
1ja - Kids Christmas Photos1jd - Kids Christmas Photos1jf - Kids Christmas Photos1jg - Kids Christmas Photos

Next, the annual Christmas Family Portrait.
1kb - Family Christmas Photos

Of course, we had to take the “Weirdo” Family Photo!!1kc - Family Christmas Photos

We had to photo all of Santa’s Helpers!!1lb - Santa Family Photos

Finally, we have the Santa Siblings:o))
1ma - Santa Siblings1mb - Santa Siblings1mc - Santa Siblings1md - Santa Siblings

Once all the photos were finished,

it was time for the Christmas Feast!!!
3a - Christmas Eve dinner3b - Christmas Eve dinner3c - Christmas Eve dinner

After a wonderful dinner,

More cards….
4 - Guys Playing Cards

Another Christmas light walk….  there can’t be too many lights;o))
1he - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - Christmas Light Walk

We laughed ourselves silly watching…

“Christmas Vacation!!!”
5h - Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning, December 25, 2014

5b - Christmas Morning

Andrew, Julie’s first child, is getting a bit to big to sit on her lap;o))5a - Christmas Morning

Our traditional Christmas Breakfast!!!
5c- Christmas Morning5d - Christmas Morning

UM, UM Good:o))
5e - Christmas Morning  5e2 - Christmas Morning

Brian and Chris are certainly ready for Christmas!!5f - Christmas Morning

The Master Christmas List….
5g - Christmas Morning

In order to keep the kids from figuring out which gifts were theirs,
Julie put numbers on each gift… no names. 

Only she knew where the code was kept!!!

Once the code was discovered, the fun began:o))
06 - Christmas Blurrr06b - Christmas Blurrr - deciphering the code06c - Christmas Blurrr -06d - Christmas Blurrr - Santa Leaves a Reminder06e - Christmas Blurrr
06f - Christmas Blurrr - Grandpop and the girls

Great Grandmom enjoying the fun!06l - Christmas Blurrr - Great Grandmom enjoying the morning

Looks like Santa wore himself out ;o))
06m - Christmas Blurrr - And to All a Good Night

Merry Christmas to All  &  To All A Goodnight!!

Santa Came Early!! – Saturday – December 20, 2014

Recently, our Tahoe, which has 260000 miles on it, has been costing us some money.  Little things, that were adding up to a few bucks too much. So we decided it was time to get a new vehicle. 

Since it was so close to Christmas,

we just asked Santa to bring us a

Silver Ford F150 4x4 with an extended cab and a 6.5ft truck bed. 

Guess what???     

He delivered it before Christmas!!!

We Love It :o))

02 - Truck

Thank You, Santa!!

Baby, likes it also….

01 - Truck and Motorhome

Most of you know that our Tahoe carried all our toys. 

We actually called it “Our Garage!”

Our new truck will need a cab over the bed to do the job.

We have ordered this cab for the truck.

08 - Truck - Cap

Unfortunately, it will take 3 weeks to get the cab.

Soooooooooooo, we have to delay our winter trip ;o(

Hopefully, we will be able to get headed to Florida by mid-January. 

While we wait,
we are enjoying Christmas with all the family in Raleigh, NC.

We hope everyone is enjoying themselves this Christmas


We want to wish all our Family and Friends….

Merry Christmas

A Christmas Warm-up – Sunday – December 14, 2014

Sunday morning, we picked up my Mom and headed to Raleigh, North Carolina.
Our Grand-daughters are performing in their first Christmas Program.
We arrived at our daughter’s house early afternoon.
Shortly after our arrival, we were treated to the Jingle Bell Dance:o))
01 - The Jingle Bell Dance  02 - The Jingle Bell Dance
Yep, Emily and Samantha are flying high for Christmas!!
03 - Emily Jumping for Joy  04 - Samantha Jumping for Joy
Daniel treated us to a piano concert!!
05 - Daniel Playing the Piano
Andrew and Grandpop were practicing magic tricks!
06 - The Magicians
Emily and Samantha did a great job decorating the Christmas Tree!!!
07 - Pretty Tree
Before heading to church for the Christmas program,
we celebrated Steve’s December Birthday!!!
08 - Happy Birthday Steve 09 - Birthday Love
Happy Birthday Steve !!!!
Daniel’s Birthday is next month and we won’t be here;o((
We wanted to be sure he could have his favorite Coconut Cake. 
So we gave him all the necessary ingredients to make the cake for his birthday.
10 - You Gave Me WHAT for my birthday
I think he really wanted the cake NOW:o))
The Grand Finale of our trip was a WONDERFUL Christmas Program at their church!!
11 - Church Decorations
All the children did a great job and really got us into the Christmas Spirit!!
12 - Christmas Program Cast  12b - Christmas Program Cast
Our Emily was a Shepherdess and delivered her lines perfectly!!
13 - Emily the Shepardess  13b - Emily delivering her lines
Our Samantha did a fabulous job as one of the Singing Angels!!
14 - Samantha the Angel  15 - Angel Choir
The girls were all smiles and Great-Grandmom was so proud!!!
18 - Good Job19 - Great Grandmom and the girls

We are really in The Christmas Spirit :o))