OOPS, A Little BIGGER Setback;o(( – Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Travel Map
00 - Stony Fork Travel Map
A - Myrtle Beach State Park, Myrtle Beach, SC Jun 18-25
B - Zooland Family Campground, Asheboro, NC Jun 25-26

C - Stony Fork Campground, Wytheville, VA Jun 26-Jul 2
This update is coming to you from Wytheville County Community Hospital in Virginia.  Yes, Bill has been admitted to the hospital and is doing OK.  So, here is what we know….
Yesterday, Bill seemed to be doing better and we were happy to think that the steroids did the trick.  All was well until he went to bed last evening.  Then he began having problems breathing.  Finally, about 4am this morning, we decided enough was enough and it was time to head to the Emergency Room!!
Thank goodness for internet and Google.  Found the closest hospital and got the directions in a jiffy.  You know Bill is not feeling well when I get to drive.  It took us about 20 minutes and we had no problem finding the emergency room.
When we arrived, there were no other patients and we got immediate attention.  The Doctor on call ordered blood work and a CT scan.  They did another strep test…negative.  He was having difficulty breathing because his uvula was severely swollen and blocking his airway. They started an IV and administered a stronger steroid/anti-inflammatory medicine to try to reduce the swelling.  It helped almost immediately to relieve his breathing!!! 
The results of his blood work showed that his white count was very elevated. The On-call Doctor told us the CT Scan showed a deep tissue infection on the right side of his neck.  He put a call in to Dr. Rogotske an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist and he would be in shortly.
Dr. Rogotske arrived and had already reviewed the CT scan.  He started a strong antibiotic to begin fighting the infection.  He also did a needle aspiration to relieve some pressure and hopefully that will help to reduce the swelling of the uvula as well.  He told us that Bill needed to be admitted until the swelling goes down.  He said that could take 24 to 48 hours. 
Just Admitted
00- Just admitted
Room with a View…  Walmart, Lowes and The Mountains!!!01 - View from Window - Walmart, Lowes, Mountains
Bill has been a trooper.  For those of you who don’t know, this is the first time Bill has had any type of medical treatment in his adult life.  It is his first stay in the hospital.  He is being a very good patient!!!
He is loving the meals…
VEGAN roast beef for lunch ;o))02 - Lunch - Vegan Roast Beef

As I type this post, Bill has finally fallen asleep:o))  It’s been a long 24 hours, but I believe we are in the right place and getting the right treatment!!  We just need to give the medicine time to do its job.  As we learn more, we will let you know how he is doing.

Biking The New River Trail – Friday, Jun 27, 2014

Summer Travel Map
00 - Stony Fork Travel Map

                              A - Myrtle Beach State Park, Myrtle Beach, SC          Jun 18-25
                              B - Zooland Family Campground, Asheboro, NC      Jun 25-26
                              C - Stony Fork Campground, Wytheville, VA             Jun 26-Jul 2

 One of the main reasons we came to Stony Fork Campground was to bike more of the New River Trail.  The New River Trail is a State Park.  It is 57 miles long and its average width is 80 FEET!!!  The State Park is really the railway right of way that was donated to Virginia to create this State Park.
Click HERE to learn more about New River Trail State Park.

00 - New River Trail SP Map

Click HERE to see a readable version of this map;o))

Click HERE to see the park brochure and more detailed maps.

Last summer, we biked a round trip from Foster Falls to Fries Junction and back.  After doing some more research, we learned that the trail from Fries to Fries Junction is suppose to be the most beautiful. 

So today, we set out to check it out!! 

The trip from Stony Fork Campground to Fries Trailhead was about an hour. 

Lots of mountain roads with lots of squiggles;o))
00b - Squiggles

There was plenty of parking at the Fries Trailhead and it cost $4 per car.

01 - Parking at Fries Park $4 01a - Parking Area at Fries Park

Getting Ready To Roll ;o)

02 - Ready to Roll

Our bike ride was a round trip from Fries to Gambetta and back. It was just about 15 miles. 

However, that 15 miles took us almost 2 hours as we stopped so often to enjoy the views!! 
The New River is unusual because it flows south to north. 

Click HERE to learn more about this unique river.

Click on any photo to enlarge or hover your mouse on any photo for a description.

The Trail is packed gravel and well maintained.

03 - Trail is Packed Gravel and well maintained

On one side of the trail is the river and on the other side is the mountain!!

04a - The River  04b - The Mountain

There were little bridges and big bridges!!

05a - Little Bridge  05b - Big Bridge

There were places to rest and places to take care of business ;o)

06a - Place to takes a rest  06a - Place to takes care of business

There was a tunnel…     A VERY DARK TUNNEL :o((

07a - A Tunnel  07b - A  Very Dark Tunnel

There were Memorials and beautiful primitive campsites along the river :o)

08a - Memorial  08b - Beautiful Primative Campsites

There were Wildflowers…  Lots and Lots of Wildflowers!!!

9a - wildflowers9b - wildflowers9d - wildflowers9f - wildflowers9e - wildflowers9c - wildflowers

Click on any photo to enlarge or hover your mouse on any photo for a description

There was abundant  shade and the BEST lunch spot :o))

10a - Lots of Shade  10b - The Best Lunch Spot

But this ride is really about the RIVER VIEWS !!!

11a - River View    11b - River View

11c - River View    11d - River View

11e - River View    11f - River View


A Hidden Gem!! - Thursday, Jun 26 to Wednesday, July 2, 2014

We left Zooland Campground in Asheboro, NC this morning!!
We continue north on I-74 through Winston-Salem to I-77N to Wytheville, VA.
We traveled a total of 150 miles on today’s leg. (B to C)00 - Stony Fork Travel Map
                                       A – Myrtle Beach State Park, Myrtle Beach, SC
                                       B – Zooland Family Campground, Asheboro, NC
                                       C – Stony Fork Campground, Wytheville, VA
Our travels today were all Interstate.  Traffic was light, except through Winston-Salem, NC.  If you have ever travel North Carolina interstates in the Summer, you will be treated to some beautiful flowers in the median.   
Today, we were treated to gorgeous Daylilies!!!
02 - Daylilies02b - Daylilies
Click on any photo to enlarge or hover your mouse on any photo for a description.
Once we got through Winston-Salem traffic on Rt 52N, we approached Pilots Knob.  Some call it Pilots Mountain and there is a state park by the same name.  One of these days, we will have to go explore this interesting place!!
03a - I52 North carolina - Pilots Knob  03b - I52 North carolina - Pilots Knob
After we passed Pilots Knob,
I saw the other side (the backside) of the Knob and Baby in my side mirror;o))03c - I52 North carolina - Pilots Knob and Baby
Exactly 100 miles into our trip,
we enter Virginia and stopped at the Welcome Center to stretch our legs.04 - Virginia Welcome Center Rest Stop 100 miles
It was a BEAUTIFUL travel day through the mountains!!05 - I77 Approaching Exit 47 to Stony Fork Campground
Just about lunch time,
we reached exit 47 on I-77N and our turn to Stony Fork Campground.
05a - bottom of exit ramp left turn 4 miles to campground
Stony Fork Campground is located in The George Washington and Jefferson National Forest.
About 4 miles down the road, you will see the campground entrance on the left.
However, before that you will see a right turn to the dump and fresh water station.
07 - Campground Entrance left and Dump Entrance right
Click on any photo to enlarge or hover your mouse on any photo for a description.
Most of the sites have 30amp electric, but only a few have water hookups.
Our site, #7, does not have water so we need to fill up before we enter the campground.
08 - dump and fresh water stations08b - Baby taking on Fresh Water
Once you have filled up, just drive on around and you cross the road to the campground entrance.
09 - Leaving dump to cross the road to campground entrance
We drove across Stony Creek and up the hill.  Site 7 is the first one on the right.
09a - cross Stony Fork Creek  09b - up the hill Site 7 is first on the right
The entire campground is in the forest. 
Shade is everywhere and the temperatures are perfect!!
10a- Stony Fork Campground, Site 7 - 132 ft. pull-thru  10b- Stony Fork Campground, Site 7 - Our Spot in the Woods
It is so quiet, all you hear are the birds!!
Yep, I know we are going to enjoy our time at this Hidden Gem :o))