Heading Back To The SC Coast - Wed, May 28 to Wed, Jun 4, 2014

Our time with the kids ended too quickly and now it was time to head back to the SC Coast.
But first, a week at one of our favorite State Parks!!
On Wed, May 28th, we headed to Cheraw State Park for a week of R&R:o))
We have been here many times and have wonderful memories of some really fun times!!!!
We managed to snag Site 7 on the lake:o))
01 - Cheraw State Park - Site 701c - Cheraw State Park - Site 7
View of our site from across the lake.
01b - Cheraw State Park - Site 7
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After we got set up,
we took a stroll around Lake Juniper!
01d - Cheraw State Park - view of bridge over dam02 - Cheraw SP - Lake Juniper02b - Cheraw SP - Boardwalk along Lake Juniper02c - Cheraw SP - Boat Launch and Campground
Each night, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset!!!
01e - Cheraw State Park - Sunset
One evening after dinner,
we launched the kayak from our campsite and paddled down to the Cypress Swamp!!
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00 - Put In at Camp Site and paddled past the campsites01 - continued down the lake past swim beach02 - Continued past the Golf Course03 - Small bird chasing the Turkey Vulture04 - Approaching the Cypress Swamp Area07b - paddling into the cypress swamp05 - Past the Osprey Sign06 - First Osprey Nest - No Chicks07 - First Osprey Nest - paddled up close08 - Paddling amongst the Cypress Trees08a - Paddling amongst the Cypress Trees - second Osprey Nest08b - Paddling amongst the Cypress Trees - magical08c - Paddling amongst the Cypress Trees - deeper we go08d - Paddling amongst the Cypress Trees - time to turn around08e - Paddling amongst the Cypress Trees - reach out and touch09 - second osprey nest - mom returns to feed the chicks09b - second osprey nest - Mom and Chicks10 - heading back toward the campground11 - heading back toward the campground - dam at far end of lake12 - approaching our campsite

Perfect Ending To A Perfect Day !!
Most days, we did some hiking.
We hiked to the Group Camp Area at the Cypress Swamp end of Lake Juniper.01b - Hiking trail to Group Camp Area02e - Group Camp Cabin03b - Cypress Swamp from Group Camp Area
We hiked the Turkey Oak Trail.
01 - Turkey Oak Trailhead02 - Through the Long-Leaf Pines03 - Fern Covered Forrest Floor04 - Trail to Lake Juniper Scenic Outlook05 - view of Lake Juniper Cypress Swamp 
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We saw some interesting wildlife on our hikes !!
01 - Summer Tanager  03 - Robin  04 - Pine Warbler
07 - teeny tiny turtle   07b - teeny tiny turtle
11b - Moth   11 - Dragon Fly   11c - Moth
12 - Fox Squirrel   12b - Fox Squirrel - taking a flying leap
We think the Hawk below is a Juvenile Red Tail Hawk.
It allowed me to get right up close… no zoom lens needed !!!
It is a very large Hawk but I am not sure what type it is.
However, in the photo of it flying away, I believe you can see the start of the red tail;o))
Click on any photo to enlarge or hover your mouse on any photo for a description.
13a - Hawk  13b - Hawk  13c - Hawk  13d - Hawk
If you know what this hawk is, please confirm or correct my identification!!
Bill and I both went hunting for BIRDIES;o))
Cheraw SP has a beautiful and very inexpensive golf course:o))
Bill found his birdies on the greens!!
00a - Golf Hole along the Lake Juniper00 - Golf Clubhouse00b - Golf Hole - Bill giving it his best shot
My search for birdies took me all over the State Park!!
I was hunting for the endangered Red-cockaded Woodpecker.00 - Red-cockaded Woodpecker
I only managed to get 2, not so great, photos;o((
00a - Red-cockaded Woodpecker  00b - Red-cockaded Woodpecker
They stay high in the trees and dart about all the time!!
On our last day,
we took a trip to McLeod’s Farm Market to stock up on goodies!!!
06 - McLeods Farm Stand06a - McLeods Farm Stand - The Produce06b - McLeods Farm Stand - The Ice Cream
We bought lots of beautiful produce including the first fresh peaches of the season!!
Of course we will enjoy all that fresh food, BUT….
we decided it would be ICE CREAM for lunch;o))
After our 3 scoops each (no time for photos) of ice cream,
we headed over to the Antique Museum on the property!!
06c - McLeods Farm Stand - Antique Museum06d - McLeods Farm Stand - Antique Museum06f - McLeods Farm Stand - Antique Museum 
I think Bill has found our new Toad;o))
We may need to get a “Trike” for a little more adventure!!!06e - McLeods Farm Stand - Antique Museum
We certainly enjoyed our time at Cheraw State Park,
but now it’s time to
Head To The Beach!!!


  1. No photos of ice cream? What??? Well your other photos were very good. Love that hawk but can't help you with a positive id I'm afraid. Your kayak paddle looks fabulous. How in the world did you do that great map. I think I may dub you the Queen of Maps.

    1. It was 90 degrees and the ice cream was melting faster than I could consume it;o(( Reminds me next time we see you and I will show you how I create that map. To cumbersome to write about!!!

  2. I sure understand your need for some R&R after time with the grands. They get older and we sure don't get any younger...

    I like that new toad Bill picked out. Does that mean that you're going to give up hiking? ;c)

    1. Nope... it just means we can get to those more REMOTE hikes;o)))

  3. You guys always find the best things to do! Love the hawk picture :)

  4. I always like reading of your stays at Cheraw. I must plan that one day.

  5. If we ever make it back that far east (and we will), we want to stay there.

  6. Those pictures of Cheraw sure bring back memories of a fun time. Did you see any bears??? :)

    1. Nope, no bears!! I don't think there is anything for them to eat;o))

  7. We will have to add that area to our list of places to go when we get back over that way. No critter is safe with Nacy around with a camera LOL!! Just think what she could do with a drone!!

  8. Awwww...Cheraw. Definitely have to get back there one of these days. Such great memories. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!