A Day To Celebrate!! – Sunday, June 1, 2014

I interrupt our  "consistently-not-up-to-date"  blog to recognized
VERY  Special Day!!
We all have days that mark special times in our lives. 
Our birthday,
the first day of school,
graduation day,
wedding day,
the day our children were born,
the day we were old enough to received Social Security,
the day we got our National Park (Old Geezer) Pass,
the day we started full-timing...
  just to name a few. 
However, for me, today is the REAL Winner!!
Sunday, June 1, 2014 and I am officially OLD :o))
01 - Hiking into the Medicare Years!!
While I won’t be 65 until later this month,
today is the day I am covered by Medicare Health Insurance !!!!
This is a club I have wanted to join since I left work.  Insurance has been a substantial junk of our monthly budget.  If you follow along our journey, you know I have used my share of it.  Last years truck purchase was put on hold to pay for my broken wrist:o((  So today those worries are over!!
I can now do all the things I want to do without worrying about a $10,000 deductible;o))
Let The Games Begin!!!


  1. Great picture! CONGRATULATIONS!! Who says we hate socialized medicine?? Not anyone on Medicare that's for sure. So we are both celebrating today. You guys just got a raise and I'm getting a son in law!! Don't spend yours all in one place. :-)

  2. OK "old" lady! Wreckless abandon awaits!
    Happy Birthday early, lest I forget.

  3. Congratulations! That truly is something to celebrate :) Just don't get too crazy :) So, are you buying a new vehicle for your birthday?? :) :)

  4. Congratulations on this milestone! Although with all your vim and vigor, you will NEVER be old!!

  5. Just because you now have insurance doesn't mean you should run out and start bungee jumping or hang gliding! ;c)

    Congrats on this milestone, it's just a number and we know you are young in both heart and body! :c)

  6. You old? Phooey! ;-) Keep on living the good life! Miss you both.

  7. No way will you EVER be old! Roger and I are looking forward to passing that milestone next year.

  8. Enjoy your medicare, but don't break anything else!

  9. We think it's more like 65 years "young". Happy Birthday Nancy!

  10. Wow that's great news! Everything helps that budget for sure. You are keeping in such good shape that you may never need to use insurance :-) Happy birthday soon!

  11. I understand completely, although we still have many many years to go :-). At this point we are just grateful that we are now able to get health insurance and can afford it as well! Now don't go using it too soon!

  12. Well let us wish you a early Happy Birthday!!!

  13. You are definitely not old, but congrats on the benefit!!

  14. I should have defined what I meant by "OLD" ;o)) Old to me means FREEDOM!! Freedom to enjoy everything you like and to live without regrets!! Freedom to do what you want and not be constrained by fears or worries. Receiving Medicare just takes away some worry and gives me a little more FREEDOM. Being OLD is a really good thing!!!