OOPS, A Little BIGGER Setback;o(( – Monday, June 30, 2014

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This update is coming to you from Wytheville County Community Hospital in Virginia.  Yes, Bill has been admitted to the hospital and is doing OK.  So, here is what we know….
Yesterday, Bill seemed to be doing better and we were happy to think that the steroids did the trick.  All was well until he went to bed last evening.  Then he began having problems breathing.  Finally, about 4am this morning, we decided enough was enough and it was time to head to the Emergency Room!!
Thank goodness for internet and Google.  Found the closest hospital and got the directions in a jiffy.  You know Bill is not feeling well when I get to drive.  It took us about 20 minutes and we had no problem finding the emergency room.
When we arrived, there were no other patients and we got immediate attention.  The Doctor on call ordered blood work and a CT scan.  They did another strep test…negative.  He was having difficulty breathing because his uvula was severely swollen and blocking his airway. They started an IV and administered a stronger steroid/anti-inflammatory medicine to try to reduce the swelling.  It helped almost immediately to relieve his breathing!!! 
The results of his blood work showed that his white count was very elevated. The On-call Doctor told us the CT Scan showed a deep tissue infection on the right side of his neck.  He put a call in to Dr. Rogotske an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist and he would be in shortly.
Dr. Rogotske arrived and had already reviewed the CT scan.  He started a strong antibiotic to begin fighting the infection.  He also did a needle aspiration to relieve some pressure and hopefully that will help to reduce the swelling of the uvula as well.  He told us that Bill needed to be admitted until the swelling goes down.  He said that could take 24 to 48 hours. 
Just Admitted
00- Just admitted
Room with a View…  Walmart, Lowes and The Mountains!!!01 - View from Window - Walmart, Lowes, Mountains
Bill has been a trooper.  For those of you who don’t know, this is the first time Bill has had any type of medical treatment in his adult life.  It is his first stay in the hospital.  He is being a very good patient!!!
He is loving the meals…
VEGAN roast beef for lunch ;o))02 - Lunch - Vegan Roast Beef

As I type this post, Bill has finally fallen asleep:o))  It’s been a long 24 hours, but I believe we are in the right place and getting the right treatment!!  We just need to give the medicine time to do its job.  As we learn more, we will let you know how he is doing.


  1. Sorry to hear about the problems you are having. Hope Bill is doing better and a speedy recovery is around the corner. Take care & I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Oh noooooo......so sorry to hear the news but know that Bill will be on his feet soon. I think I would have to pass on the vegan roast beef! ;-). Get well soon!

  3. Yikes- sounds like you made the right decision to go to the emergency room. We will keep our fingers crossed that the infection clears up quickly.

  4. Wow, it's good you went to the hospital. Sounds like you found the right care. A deep tissue infection? Who could have predicted that outcome? Glad Bill is doing better and I hope you're holding up okay.

    Tell Bill, "Get well quick!"

  5. Wow! Never expected to hear that Bill is in the hospital! Keeping him in our prayers.

  6. Sure hope you get better quickly Bill, and Nancy, you take care of yourself too. I know you two always have a positive , upbeat attitude. That's gonna help.
    Syl and Gin

  7. Whoa! I wasn't expecting that! I imagine Bill was feeling very poorly to agree to this :) Sure hope they heal him quickly so he's back out doing what he loves to do...but not before they give him a complete going over! I think it's probably 45+ years overdue ;) In the meantime, Nancy, get some rest. Once he gets out of there, you guys will be off and running again!

  8. Wow, just goes to show the RV life is still life and things happen. Glad Bill realized he needed medical help and you were able to drive him. Hope that vegan Roast Beef speeds up his recovery.

    We'll keep you BOTH in our thoughts and prayers.

  9. Wow! Hope he feels better soon. How does one get a deep tissue infection in that area? Did he get poked by something? Go antibiotics-- do your thing!

  10. We're sorry to hear Bill is in the hospital, but it seems he's in the best place and with good care. You made the right call to get him to the hospital. I hope he gets better quickly and you can get back to having fun. Love the vegan roast beef. We had some vegan chicken today. :)

  11. So glad he got to the hospital and is getting treatment . . . heal quickly, Bill!!

  12. Oh boy!!! So glad you decided to go to the ER and get help. Breathing problems are scary!!! Get well soon Bill, and we'll keep you both in our thoughts and prayers.

  13. Wow didn't see that coming. Give him a hug and tell him we are AMAZED that this is his first ever medical issue. An awesome testament to healthy living :-).

  14. Oh my goodness Nancy! I am glad to hear he's being well taken care of. I worried that swollen glands have to have a cause. Amazing that this is his first time in the hospital. Hope it's his last.BIG hugs to you both.

  15. We are so glad that the two of you were wise enough to head for an ER. It sounds like you landed in the right hospital. I had never heard of a deep tissue infection before. Glad that the docs figured out what it was. Take care.

  16. Give him a pat on the back and let him know we are thinking of you both.