We Live A “Charmed” Life :o)) – Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again,
“We live a ‘Charmed’ Life!!”
Saturday, June 28th, we sought medical care for Bill. 
We thought he might have Strep Throat.
Fast Forward to 4am, Monday, June 30…
Bill was in a hospital bed having difficulty breathing:o((
His doctor, Dr. Kenneth Rogotzke was very concerned!!
Without going into too much detail, Bill was being treated for a Parapharyngeal Abscess.
You can look it up if you are interested, but bottom line it is NOT a good thing:o((
Three doses of a very powerful antibiotic….
Fast Forward to 7am this morning….
He is back to normal !!!
Yes, that is a good thing ;o)
He has been released with no restrictions except to continue the medicine for 9 days!!
01 - Bill is released and feeling fine
Thanks Dr. Rogotzke for being in the right place at the right time :o))
Thanks to the wonderful staff at Wytheville County Community Hospital !!!
Thanks to all for your thoughts and concerns… it so good to have great friends !!!
We will be leaving for Natural Bridge SP in Slade, Kentucky in the morning.
It’s time to get back to the things we love
Continue to live this “Charmed” Life !!!


  1. That is the very best news! Congratulations to you both. You do, indeed, lead a charmed life! Happy travels.

  2. Very happy to hear he is so much better. Abscesses are nothing to fool around with.

  3. Yes! Bill's back to his normal. That is a very good thing!

  4. Can't keep a good man down. In Bill's case, the antibiotics were just the right thing for him to bounce back..

    For a guy who never gets sick, he sure picked an odd illness to contract. But then I guess we should expect that for Bill, after falling trees and viscous road gators, he's being consistent! :cD

  5. SO GLAD to hear this news. I was trying to imagine Bill as a patient. Glad I don't have to. Safe travels and have fun fun fun!! Great to talk to you and hear all is so very well. Hugs to you both!

  6. Yay! So so glad Bill is better. Now go have some fun!

  7. Was Bill making up for lost time by getting something with such a LONG name? ;-)

    We're very glad his hospital stay was short-lived and he's back to normal! Time to get back to all the fun!!

  8. Yay! So happy to hear that Bill is out and on the mend.

  9. That's a mouthful to say. So happy you are on the mend and the move. Hugs.

  10. This is wonderful news. We are so happy that he has fully recovered. "No restrictions"! Wow that is great. Thanks for the updates. We were worried. Enjoy Kentucky.

  11. We are all sure lucky to be living in an age of decent medical care:) Glad he is recovered!

  12. So glad to hear it!! Enjoy those travels!