Back to Nature and More Friends :o)) – Mon, July 28 to Fri, Aug 1, 2014

A - Myrtle Beach State Park, Myrtle Beach, SC - June 18-25
B - Zooland Family Campground, Asheboro, NC - June 25-26
C - Stony Fork Campground, Wytheville, VA - June 26-July 2
D - Natural Bridge State Park, Slade, KY - July 2-13
E - Kentucky Horse Park Campground, Lexington, KY - July 13-17
F - Canal COE Campground, Grand Rivers, Ky - July 17-24
G - Texas T Campground, Cornersville, TN - July 24-28

H - Floating Mill COE Campground, Silver Point, TN - July 28-Aug 1

Monday, July 28, 2014 – Travel Day to Floating Mill COE CG, Silver Point, TN

We waited until about 9am to head north on I-65 toward Nashville.  Most of rush hour traffic was over and we had a beautiful trip.  We took an outer loop around Nashville to I-40 east.  It was a beautiful and relaxing 2 hour trip.
This photo is the the type of view we had most of our trip:o)) 00b - Tennessee Hills and GREEN
I know they talk about the Tennessee Hills,
but I had no idea how very GREEN this state is... BEAUTIFUL!!!

We arrived at Floating Mill COE Campground before noon. 
The host at the gate, actually came out and directed us to our site. 
There are a couple tricky turns and she wanted to be sure we made it:o))

We are on site 71 which sits at the top of the terraces above Center Hill Lake.01a - Terraced Campground  01 - Baby Site 71 - High Above The Lake


There are no campsites between us and the lake so our view is wonderful!!01b - View from Our Site 71 01b2 - View from Our Site 71

Even the view from inside is pretty special :o))01c - View from my office


Once we got setup and had some lunch, we took a walk and explored the campground. 

It is hilly and there are not many sites that a big rig would fit into. 

However, site 71 and 92 are two of the best with the greatest views!!


This campground is beautiful and all the sites are along the lake.

01e - Center Hill Lake  01f - Center Hill Lake

If you were a tent camper, you would have many, many wonderful sites to choose from.01g- Center Hill Lake


Since it is a Monday, the campground is very empty.

As we walked, Bill scoped out firewood that had been left by the weekenders. 

He took the car back to pick up his find.

He is back to feeling great and spent the afternoon splitting his load!!

02 - Bill's feeling better


I spent the afternoon, cheering him on and doing a little bird watching…

03 - The Early Bird Catches the Worm03b - No Worm

We have an adorable Bluebird Family at our site:o))

04b - Momma Bluebird

04c - Bluebird Chick 1      04d - Bluebird Chick 2

Yep… We’re Gonna Like It Here !!!


  1. NICE! Any day parked by the water is a great day. . .enjoy!

  2. OH my goodness what a terrific site and you picked this site unseen. Fabulous views and a bluebird family. If I send you my campground lists will you tell me which sites to pick. :-) That is a total beauty!!

  3. Tell Bill there is a high tech device called an ax, to split wood with... ;c)

    Enjoy that beautiful area, you sure know how to find 'em!

  4. You hit the jackpot with that park and that site! Now I have to find it on my map so I can work it into our next Tenn trip :)

  5. Love COE campgrounds. Looks like you found a good one!
    Say hey to David and Sharon for us. (I think I got the names right, Butterfly Hollow)