Arriving at Disney World–Wednesday–January 23, 2013

Today, we left Lake Louisa State Park and drove 20 miles to meet friends at
Disney World’s Fort Wilderness Campground!!01 Fort Wilderness Campground Entrance
Bill and Nancy                                                               Dan and Tricia 02 Fort Wilderness Campground site 160905 - Dan and Tricia Site 
  We managed to get all the campsites on the same loop:o))
03 - Bruce and Laura Site  04 - Gin and Syl Site
Bruce and Laura                                                                   Gin and Syl 
Once everyone arrived and got set up,
we decided to spend the afternoon exploring!!
Yep… Bikes, Boats and Monorails!!!
We jumped on our bikes and headed to Bay Lake.06 - riding to the boat launch
From there, we caught the boat to the Magic Kingdom.
Bill, Nancy, Gin, Syl, Dan, Tricia, Bruce, Laura
07 - waiting for the boat to the Monorail 
 08 - Riding Boat to Magic Kindom Monorail
When we arrived at the Magic Kingdom…04 - Magic Kingdom Day - Let the Memories Begin
we boarded the Monorail to explore the resorts!!
09 - Riding the Monorail  10 - Riding the Monorail
First stop… The Polynesian!!
11 - Visiting the Polynesian Resort
  12 - Visiting the Polynesian Resort
Next stop, the Grand Floridian!!
13 - Visiting the Grand Floridian14 - Visiting the Grand Floridian
Tea Party Anyone?!?!?
15 - Visiting the Grand Floridian
Our last stop on the monorail was the Contemporary Resort
16 - Visiting the Contemporary getting boat
where we caught the boat to The Wilderness Lodge.
17 - Visiting the Wilderness Lodge
  18 - Visiting the Wilderness Lodge
From there, we took a boat back to Fort Wilderness.
It was a fun way to try the transportation system to see some of the premier Disney Resorts.
There are 29 resort, including Fort Wilderness Campground.
While they are all very nice, we really like returning to our "homes" in the campground:o))


  1. Looks like fun! Sounds like you're all going to have a great time there!

    OK, do you create your blog posts in livewriter or blogger? How do you get your pictures rotated and arranged the was you want them?

    1. I create the blog in livewriter. I upload, frame, space and tilt the photos in livewriter. Then I upload as a draft to blogger. I tweak the line spacing and text in Blogger and then post from blogger. I find that the spacing is always off in Livewriter or I would post from Livewriter;o))) It should be so much easier, but have not found a better way for me to get the results I want!!

  2. I've been waiting for your Disney post :) Looks like your first day was a blast!

  3. Woohoo! Glad there is a crowd of happy campers to be with :)

  4. Oh man, I'm missing out! This could be the first year in six years we don't make it to WDW. I'll have to enjoy the fun via your blog.

    Now make sure to behave and not tarnish the good name of the Carolina Clan...