A Few Fun-Filled Days at Silver River–Sunday to Friday–January 6-11, 2013

We have not blogged in a few days.  Our excuse – we’ve been busy having fun!!  We arrived at Silver River State Park last Sunday and spent the afternoon getting the chores done: laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping.  Now we were ready to have fun.

On Monday, we watched our next door neighbors, Gin and Syl, modify their kayak cart.  It is over a mile walk from the campsite to the canoe launch.  That’s even a long way to pull your kayak with wheels.  So Gin decided to modify their cart so they could attach it to their electric bikes!!!
06 - Bike trailer for kayak  06b - Bike trailer for kayak 
Very MacGyverish!!
I’m sure Dan, aka MacGyver, would be impressed with the modifications;o))
After dinner, we gathered around a campfire…my favorite thing!!!
On Tuesday, we spent several hours kayaking the Silver River. 09 - River Views - Gin and Syl
We enjoyed our lunch as we floated around the spring head.  
 10 - Silver Springs - Gin and Syl enjoying lunch
As expected, we saw a lot of wildlife. 
Nancy has done a separate blog of the wildlife photos,
but my personal favorite are the Rhesus Monkeys!!
08 - Animals - Monkey 1  08 - Animals - Monkey 3
 (Click here to access the blog of the wildlife photos.)
The river was so peaceful and quiet…..just beautiful:o))
  09 - River Views - 3
On this same day last year, we kayaked the river with Sherry and David.  Today is David’s Birthday and we celebrated with a kayak trip followed by ice cream at Bruster’s.  In honor of David’s Birthday, we decided we would continue the tradition and headed to Bruster’s for ice cream.  We order Jamacamecrazy (JMC), David’s favorite, but they were out.  So we wound up with Coconut Crunch to which they added chocolate sauce.  It was a close second;o))
Happy Birthday David!!!  
  02 - Happy Birthday David
We ended this wonderful day around a campfire… it doesn’t get much better!!
On Wednesday, we kayaked again.  This time we were joined by another RV-Dreams couple, Al and Karen.  They live about an hour and a half away.  They have been to the park, but never paddled the river so they wanted to join us.  It was another great trip!!
Silver River State Park Kayak Launch
07 - Kayak Launch
Karen, Gin and Syl heading up the river.09 - River Views - Karen, Gin and Syl
Al and Karen
09 - River Views - Al  09 - River Views - Karen
There were more boats on the river today.  A pontoon boat used to take school classes on field trips. The other boat is the Glass Bottom Boat that takes tourists on a ride around the spring and river.
09 - River Views -School Pontoon Boat Tour  10 - Silver Springs - Glass Bottom Boat
It was a great day on the river!! 
09 - River Views - Al and Karen
Thanks Al and Karen for coming over to paddle with us:o))
After dinner, Gin and Syl taught us a “new” card game called Pay Me.
All I can say is... it wasn’t my favorite game;o((
Thursday was a chill day.  We will be leaving tomorrow for Hillsborough and we needed to do a few things before then.  I did some maintenance items while Nancy went to Wal-Mart.  When she got back, she brought out the sewing machine and went to work on our badly mangled screen room.
11b - Nancy sewing the Screen Room together  11 - Nancy sewing the Screen Room together
She worked her magic!!  The screen room is usable again :o))
We ended our day playing Sequence and getting clobbered by Gin and Syl!!
Oh, there will be a NEXT time;o))


  1. Love your Happy Birthday group shot for David!

    Kudos to Nancy for working her magic on your screen room! Glad it's back in business.

  2. Paybacks are rough, hope you can beat Gin and Syl next time. Looks like they took you to the cleaners.

    Once again, Nancy shows she is a lady of many talents. Glad your screen room is fixed, I sure would not want to see you having withdrawal symptoms (or mosquito bites).

    Cool that Karen and Al were able to visit and paddle with you. Just proves that boats are a big part of retired life and friends make it so much more special. :c)

  3. WOW Nancy I am in awe that you could fix all that damage. Showed David your birthday message. Thanks for thinking of him. Great picture of the 4 of you.

  4. Oh great - now MacGyver will be modifying our tote. ;-) Hahaha - too funny. Glad you had a great time on Silver River - we love that place. I think I warned you about Sequence with Gin and Syl. :-)

  5. Quite impressed with Gin's innovation. MacGyver has some competition! Looks like Tricia is correct about Gin and Syl's skillset for Sequence. We are forewarned! Glad Al and Karen were able to join you. Looked like you had a great day!

  6. Kinda quiet here now with you two at Hillsborough. We plan to go the other way on Silver River tomorrow. Get your motor running...
    The boat hauler was all Gin's work. I like it when the launch is that far away.