A Great Finish To A Good Year–Monday–December 31, 2012

Nancy here:  This blog probably should have been the last post of 2012, but we were too busy having fun!!  What does that mean???  Well, that means the blog will get done when we aren’t  having quite so much fun;o))  So the blog ending last year…just moved to the blog starting this year…a Great Start!!

We got up this morning to another freezing morning here at Manatee Springs State Park.  We did not power walk this morning as we were going to Fanning Springs State Park and would walk the nature trail there. 

Fanning Springs is much smaller than Manatee Springs.
 1a - Fanning Springs  1b - Fanning Springs
We were the only ones there…that was nice!
But it really has too much concrete and floating docks for our taste;-(
The hike along the nature trail was a little disappointing also.  Not because it wasn’t a nice path in the woods or that we didn’t see much wildlife. When you can hear the highway traffic and sirens, it takes away from the natural setting;o( 
Perhaps we went the wrong way!?!?!
02 - Directions
We are glad we saw fanning springs,
but there isn’t enough there to bring us back.
After a quick stop at Wal-Mart and a local fruit stand,
03 Citrus
we drove to Cedar Key RV Resort to meet up with some SPECIAL friends;o))
Gin & Syl and Dan & Tricia are staying there. 
Dan and Tricia own a lot there and have done a beautiful job landscaping it. 
04 - Dan and Tricia Site
They have been in North Carolina for the holidays and arrived just shortly before we did
so our timing was perfect. 
Gin and Syl have been here for several days enjoying a relaxing Christmas. 
06 - Tawanda
We call the four of them ‘Our Pelicans!’05 - The Pelicans
It is always good to spend time with them!!!

We got a tour of the resort: community room, patio, pool and all the amenities. 
Every site has full hookups on level concrete pads with a concrete patio—NICE!!
07e - Resort - Bill and Dan

As always, our visit is too short.  Since it was New Year’s Eve, we wanted to get back before dark and the New Year’s Eve Crazies take over the roads.   While we hated to leave, we know we will see them again this winter:o))
05c - The Pelicans
It’s just the beginning of a Very Happy Year!!!


  1. We felt the same way about Fanning Springs. Great pictures of that 4 some. I knew Gin and Syl must be alive somewhere. Is that a shadow on Dan's face?? :-))

  2. It's gonna be a good year! You have already captured the elusive D-goatee bird. It has already flown away for this winter.

  3. We had the same impression of Fanning Springs last year. IF you have time and want to head that way again, there are much nicer trails at Otter Springs to have a nice walk on.

  4. We always make it a point to stay off the roads on New Year's Eve too. Good pics of the "pelicans." :-)

  5. Don't get too upset over that sign, our GPS does that to us all the time. Nice that you got to see that Gin, Syl, Dan and Trica are still in the land of the living. ;c)

  6. Nice that you ran into the foursome :) Getting to be a habit :)

  7. Cedar Key park really does look nice and the pelicans look like they're having a grand time! :)

  8. Great afternoon but much too short! Can't wait for our next excursion! :-)