Moving Day to Silver River SP–Sunday–January 6, 2013

We took the day off from our early morning walk.  We leisurely packed up, had breakfast, wished our Salt Springs neighbors goodbye and headed to Silver River State Park. It was exactly 10am when we pulled out for the 25 miles trip.  Yes—we move a whole 25 miles;o))
The weather was overcast and warm—perfect for driving. 
We pulled into Silver River at 10:35am.
01 - Silver River SP Sign

Unfortunately, the folks in our site had not left yet.  They did not have to check out until 1pm. So we parked at the guard gate until about 12:15 when our site was available.  During our wait, we got to visit with Gin and Syl, who will be our neighbors while we are here;o))
We got Baby backed into site 42, a really large site!! 
02 - Silver River State Park Our Site 42
We set up camp, got the bikes out of the Tahoe and pumped up the Sea Eagle.03 - Silver River State Park Our Site 42 

Yep, we’re getting ready for lots of fun this week.  It is suppose to rain later today and tonight so we spent the afternoon doing wash and cleaning the inside of the motorhome.  Want to have all the chores done so we can play when the sun comes out tomorrow;o))

It is amazing how dusty the inside of the motorhome gets in such a short time.  I noticed the green pollen on the Tahoe after we got here.  The Pine Pollen is in full swing.  That surprised me since it is only the 6th of January….WOW!!
We chatted and laughed with Gin and Syl this afternoon.  All of us picked up firewood in anticipation of campfires this week. Not tonight though…early to bed and early to rise tomorrow.  The weatherman is promising good weather once this front moves through tonight.  Prediction – 80 degrees and sunny the next 4 to 5 days!!  

We’re ready…let’s go kayaking:o))


  1. Oh a great party and I'm missing it and at Silver River one of my favorite places. Glad I'll get to read about it at least. Hugs to G&S from us.

  2. You tracked down the elusive Gin and Syl! I forsee lots of fun ahead. :c)

  3. Another lovely place! Nice to always run into Gin & Syl :)

  4. Looks like you'll have a fun week!

    The battle of the dust in a motorhome is double during pollen season. Jan 6 does seem to be early but with 80 degree days...

  5. Better watch Gin and Syl when you play Sequence ;-) I swear that's one of the best games ever! Have fun with P1&P3 and see you soon!

  6. Have fun this week! Wish we were there!

  7. Ooooo -- fun ahead with Gin and Syl. Jealous!

  8. Monkeying around in the kayaks. Great paddle. Lovin' it!