Family Fun at Falls Lake – Fri & Sat, June 14 & 15, 2013

Friday, June 14
Fortunately, last night’s storms were NOT an issue for us:o)) 
We woke to a beautiful cool, clear morning and NO storm damage!!
00 - Rolling View, Falls Lake, Site 17 & 16
After breakfast,
the girls got busy "swapping" bugs while the boys played chess!!

The girls changed into their ‘sparkly’ clothes!
Samantha, our ‘Fashionista’                                     Emily, our ‘Glitter Hippy’4 - Our Fashionista in her Butterfly Dress  5 - Our Glitter Hippy
It was a little too cool and windy for swimming this morning,
so the girls and I headed to the fishing dock.
03b - Checking out the Fishing Pier 
No, we weren’t going fishing…
they had a very important job to do…
remove all the cobwebs!!! 
6 - Removing the Spiderwebs
They make a great team;o)
Emily worked the high rails and Samantha worked the lower!!
Before long, the rest of the family joined us for a little fishing.
Since we didn’t catch anything,
I guess it is really called Fish Feeding;-)
8 - Feeding the Fish  9 - Can't start too young
The girls decided they were tired of “Feeding the Fish,”
so we went in search of the playground.
10 - Playground  10b - Playground
Ahhh..... Life Is Just A Tire Swing!!!
11 - Life is just a Tire Swing11b - Life is just a Tire Swing
Finally, the weather warmed after lunch.
We headed to THE ROCK for an afternoon of swimming!!!
12 - Hi Ho Off to the Rock13 - Everybody in the Lake13b - Everybody in the Lake14 - The Big Splash
It just doesn’t get any better than this;o))
39 - As good as it gets
After working up quite an appetite swimming all afternoon,
we enjoyed a delicious spaghetti dinner!!16 - Spaghetti Dinner
What would camping be without a campfire and SMORES!!!
18 - Fire is about ready  19 - Yep, Emily has Smoreface
Daniel asked me over and over if we could make Smore Pies. 
To make Smore Pies,
you spread 2 pieces of white bread with peanut butter,
then add a chocolate bar and marshmallow.
Put the sandwich in a pie iron and place on the fire.
20 - Burnt Smore Pie
Oops…the first one got a little over done, but Grandpop loves the burnt ones;o))
Finally, Daniel got the pie he had been waiting for!!!
22 - hmm, hmm good
Once it got dark, the kids had a ball catching Fireflies:o))
23 - hunting for lightening bugs
Can’t wait to do it all over again tomorrow!!!
Saturday, June 15
Second Verse Same As The First!!
Today, we just repeated the activities of yesterday with one major change…
Julie bought live minnows to use as fish bait!!!1 - Minnows
We all went down to see if we could land some fish?!?! 2 - Fishing with Minnows
As fast as they could bait the hook, they were catching fish:o))
What FUN!!!
3 - Andrew was catching5 - Emily was catching4 - Julie was catching6 - Samantha was trying
Another beautiful afternoon swimming at The ROCK!!
7 - Swimming at the Rock8 - Swimming at the Rock
Just before dinnertime, Andrew and Julie went fishing one more time.
Andrew landed the catch of the day… a LARGE bass!!9 - Andrews Big Catch
Way to go Andrew:o))
Somehow, I didn’t get any photos of our wonderful dinner
the yummy, gooey Birthday, Anniversary, Father’s Day cake we enjoyed!!
But rest assured… it was all delicious:o)
We spent the rest of the evening playing a crazy game called Apples to Apples!!
It has been a wonderful few days with the family… it’s just never long enough!!
40 - The End

The END !!


  1. What a wonderful time you've had with your grandkids and their parents! How can you even begin to put a price tag on these precious days!

    Just wondering what kind of fish you could catch if you used a smores pie for bait?

    Glad to see you parked under strong trees! ;c)

  2. It looks like you've almost got the entire place to yourselves! Lots of fun -- great memories!!

  3. GREAT the end picture. What fun your family has when it gets together. Sorry to hear you were driving up US29 on Father's Day rather than playing some more in the water at the rock. I want to do that too and smores.

  4. S'mores pie...delicious!! Great family times. :-)

  5. What a wonderful time you are having with family. Those s'more pies..hmm, may just have to try them!

  6. Family times are the best! Looks like a "grand" time was had by all.

  7. Looks like you turned Falls Lake into Mills Lake! Love it when there are few other people:)
    Gonna have to pass on the S'more sandwiches...too sweet for me:)

  8. Looks like a great time. Glad you had no issue with the storms.