L. L. Bean in Freeport – Friday – June 21, 2013

This morning, we headed north on Route 1 towards Freeport, Maine. 
Mission… to visit the L. L. Bean Flagship Store. 
We drove through Kennebunk.
  01 - Heading north on Rt 1 - Kennebunk
If you bear to the right, you can go to Kennebunkport.
We’ve been there before.  It’s cute and crowded so no need to do it again.
There’s lots of construction all along Route 1.
01b - Heading north on Rt 1 - C0nstruction
This is NOT the road for Big Rigs.  Stick with I-95!!
When you get to Portland, Route 1 and I-295 become the same road.
01c - Heading north on Rt 1 - Portland
Our trip to Freeport took about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Wells.
01d - Heading north on Rt 1 - Arriving in Freeport
Freeport if home to L. L. Bean.
I borrowed the following information from their website:
“L.L.Bean is a privately held, family-owned company. L.L.Bean, Inc. has been a trusted source for quality apparel, reliable outdoor equipment and expert advice for over 100 years. Founded in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean, the company began as one-man operation. With L. L.'s firm belief in keeping customers satisfied as a guiding principle, the company eventually grew to a global organization with annual sales of $1.52 billion. Our company headquarters are in Freeport, Maine, just down the road from our original store.”
We never knew what the L. L. stood for;o)
The Flagship store is huge!! 
Now that’s a BOOT;o))
02 - L.L. Bean - Flagship store
The Flagship Store carries mostly clothing and camping gear.
I tested some air mattress and must admit they were mighty comfortable:o)
 02a - L.L. Bean - Flagship store - camping equipment tester
We looked but didn’t find anything we needed, wanted or could afford!!
We were looking for a new screen room, but they started at $350;o((
We know all about their lifetime guarantee, but still thought the prices were high.
Along with the Flagship Store,
there are 3 other stores and an Outlet Store across the street.
There’s a Home Goods Store with Lobster door handles.
02b - L.L. Bean - Home store 02b - L.L. Bean - Home store handles
The Bike, Boat and Ski Store with Oars for door handles.02d - L.L. Bean - Bike, Boat and Ski Store 02d - L.L. Bean - Bike, Boat and Ski Store Handles
The Fishing and Hunting Store with Fly Rods for door handles.
02c - L.L. Bean - Hunting and Fishing Store 02c - L.L. Bean - Hunting and Fishing Store Handles
You feel like you are walking into a Hunting or Fishing Lodge!!
02c2 - L.L. Bean - Hunting and Fishing Store Entry
How about these trophies?!?!
02c2b - L.L. Bean - Hunting and Fishing Store Entry 02c2c - L.L. Bean - Hunting and Fishing Store Entry
Our last stop was across the street. 
There is an outlet complex called Freeport Village Station.
It is very much like other outlet complexes we have visited
except there is an L. L. Bean Outlet.
I did manage to find a nice pair of khakis for just $13.00:o))
We had a fun day and glad we got to see the stores!!


  1. David once bought a pair of hiking boots in their outlet store at a great price but that was back when LLBean was only for fishermen, hunters and serious outdoors folks. They hadn't gotten into being trendy. But it's a fun trip. Glad you had some. Fun that is!

  2. I was there years ago. Love the store, and the town is pretty cool too!

  3. We met(stalked) Pres. Bush senior while in Kennebunk...I have pics to prove...have a great time exploring Maine.

  4. I feel a shopping trip coming up real soon. That can be both good and bad.

  5. That store has grown since I was a child. I remember we visited there once when I was in my early teens. Had to buy something, so my brothers and I bought dog whistles. We lived with cats. Go figure.

  6. We used to get LL Bean catalog gifts from my parents every Christmas. I still have a pair of shoes from years ago. We visited for one day a few years ago. Had a Lobster Roll for lunch. Yum

  7. This is why I stay out of Maine. If I visited LL Bean, I'd be spending so much money that I wouldn't have any left for diesel fuel!

    Loved the door handles. Maybe you should have a custom made door handle for Baby of hiking shoes... :cD

  8. I think we are going to like Maine! Be there soon!

  9. Loved the door handles! I do buy from them online but I usually wait until what I want goes on sale :)

  10. We are in Maine now also. In fact we left site 21 in Lubec the day you arrived. If you get the chance, you might want to stay at Sunset Point in Harrington. Not a fancy campground, but the owner cooks fresh lobster and brings it to your motor home. Wonderful. I see a big rig in here. The park sits on the water but doesn't have the view like Lubec but there is a place to walk along the shore with benches along the way. Enjoy your trip.