Hanging Out At Huntington Beach SP – Sun, Oct 5 to Thur, Oct 23, 2014

We had a great weekend in Columbia with all the family.  On Sunday, we headed back to Huntington Beach State Park and would be here for 18 days.  Huntington Beach is just a few miles from my mothers apartment.  The location makes it easier to visit mom and help her out with some tasks and appointments.  However, we still have plenty of time to enjoy Huntington Beach:o))
Bill and I gave the new fishing cart and bucket a good test drive.
Fishing - at sunrise   Fishing - New fishing bucket
Bill even caught the bait that eventually caught our first ever FLOUNDER!!Fishing - Bill getting bait   Fishing - Bill caught a flounder
The morning of the eclipse and Blood Moon, we were at the beach before sunrise!!
Unfortunately, I did not get a good photo of the Blood Moon:o((
Blood Moon
However, we did see the Blood Moon and an unusual sunrise:o))
Blood Moon - Sunrise
Everyday, I spend some time walking the beach, causeway and boardwalk.
When we were here in the Spring, the birds hadn’t arrived yet…
Well…  THEY’RE  BACK!!!
I must have taken 1000 bird photos in the last couple weeks.
Below are my favorites:o))
Click on any photo to enlarge or hover your mouse on any photo for a description
Birds - Bald Eagle with nest material  Birds - Bald Eagle and nest
Birds - Clapper Rail  Birds - Juvenile Black Crown Night Heron
Birds - Contorted Anhinga  Birds - Great Egret - which way is up
Birds - Adult and Juvenile Ibis  Birds - Fluffy Tri-color Heron
Birds - Kingfisher flying  Birds - Kingfisher
Birds - Osprey eating dinner  Birds - Pelicans
Birds - Spoonbill in the mud  Birds - Spoonbill flying
This is a wonderful place to call “Home Base” :o))
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  1. Your bird photographs are really lovely. I'm very envious of your being able to walk the beach every single day. It is definitely a wonderful place to call home base.

  2. That first picture of the eagle is amazing! They're all great! It looks nice at the beach . . . we're ready to move south, but have a few more weeks before we can!

  3. That eagle picture is wonderful! Wonder if he stole that branch from another :)

  4. You can't pick a much better home base than HBSP. Lots of birds to photograph to keep you busy and out of trouble. ;c)

    Haven't seen a flounder since my Coast Guard days doing fisheries patrols off New England. I must have measured a few thousand to keep the commercial fishermen honest.

  5. Terrific bird pictures! Looks like you're having a good time :)

  6. It always looks like such a nice place. We will have to stop one day if we can tear ourselves away from the west :-).

  7. Our birds are all back too! They got out of here when it was so hot. Next year we are going to do the same!

  8. Love Huntington Beach! Great bird pics. Enjoy your time at Buck Hall!

  9. Yep. Beautiful park and love, love, love your pictures! The causeway has always been a favorite place to spot birds and gators.