Their Maiden Voyage – Thursday – October 2, 2014

It has been a while since we have kayaked along The Waccamaw River, part of The Intercoastal Waterway.  We love to kayak there in the Spring when the Osprey are on their nests and the young chicks are arriving.  Well, we missed the Spring, but today we got to join friends, Ron and Karen, on their maiden Sea Eagle voyage!!
Ron and Karen live on a large lake in New Hampshire and have hard kayaks.  However, they wanted something more compact for traveling with their motorhome.  We got talking and next thing you know, they had a Sea Eagle 370 just like ours;o))  They have been waiting for the right time to get it out of the box and into the water.  Today is the day!!
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We headed to Enterprise Landing and got the kayaks ready.
00 - getting ready  00b - getting ready
Bill was sporting his new hat:o))
01 - Bills new hat
Time to shove off …                                                                    All Aboard!!02 - Ron and Karen launching the Kayak  02b - All Aboard
I call these two photos “The Waver”  and “The Smiler” ;o)03 - The Waver and The Paddler03b - The Smiler and The Paddler
Karen is working much too hard:o((
I need to teach her the Linda Payne Paddling Technique which I have mastered!!!
Today, the tides dictated that we head south toward Bucksport Marina.
We paddled south along the Waccamaw River
then returned north along a more narrow creek.Map of Kayak Trip from Enterprise to Bucksport and back
Our trip south was slow and easy with the tide.
When we reached Bucksport Marina, we timed it perfectly and met the changing tide.
Our return trip was also with the tide, up a narrower creek:o))
This “Fixer-Upper” caught Ron and Karen’s eye!!
05 - They Love this Riverboat House  05b - Just a Little Fixer Upper with LOTS of potential
Along the smaller, quieter creek we got to see a little nature.
05f - Just a Little Gator05g - How did the turtle get up there05h - Ibis Overhead05i - Lonely Osprey Nest
It was a beautiful day on the River

05d - Beautiful Day Along the Waccamaw River  05c - Beautiful Day Along the Waccamaw River

A Wonderful Maiden Voyage!!
06 - Captain My Captain

Thanks for letting us share the experience!!


  1. I always enjoy kayaking with you, and I'm sure they did too! Love Bill's hat....keep in touch and let me know if you'll be near the Homosassa area this winter :-).

  2. Well now I'm seriously jealous. I'm SO ready to be back on the water and this looks like it was my kind of paddle....with the tide all the way. Lovin' you in a cowboy hat Bill. Time to go west young man. Great map Nancy how did you do that?? Sure looks like a fun day. Great pictures.

  3. We so enjoy paddling in our Sea Eagle, too. There are so many great spots to go near HBSP. Nice of you "Old Salts" to show the Sea Eagle "newbies" the right way to paddle.

    Bill is really styling in that new hat. He might just starting a new boating trend! :c)

    1. OK, The HATS out of the bag!! Bill has a new line of Nautical Western Ware in developmen t:o))

  4. That looks like my kind of exertion necessary :)

    Nice hat Bill!

  5. It's been WAY too long since we've been in the water. Love Bill's hat, it's perfect on him :)

  6. Thanks for sharing- love Bill's hat too. Although maybe you guys have been spending too much time in the wild?

  7. Love the new hat that Bill has. I think I remember that houseboat. That may have been the one that had the snake on it! Eww! Keep having fun!

  8. We gotta weigh in on Bill's hat too -- very cool! :-)