Picking Blueberries at Conners Nubble–Saturday–July 20,2013

Early this morning, Dan, Tricia, Syl, Bill and I decided to go Blueberry Picking!! We invited Sherry and David, but they had previous plans.  However, David promised to make us a Blueberry Pie if we picked him 6 cups.  Well…that’s a great deal!!!

We decided to head back to Conner’s Nubble.  We have been here several times during our Carriage Road bike rides.  Today, we decided to hike from the Eagle Lake parking area along the carriage roads to South Shore Trail.  There we would connect with the lakeside hiking trail to Conner’s Nubble Summit.  Our total round trip today would be about 4 miles.

00 - map
It was a spectacular morning and the views from the summit were wonderful.  Picking wild blueberries takes some time.  They are very small and it takes a lot of picking to fill those plastic bags.  But the five of us moved to different areas and got the job done. 
We picked enough for David to make a blueberry pie and then some.  Each of us had enough to put some in our freezers as well!!  David’s pie was absolutely amazing… definitely a plate licking good pie;o)) 
I think picking blueberries in Acadia was one of my favorite activities while we were here!!!
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01 - Carriage Road Bridge at Post 6  02 - Under the bridge and down the trail to South Shore Trail
03 - Beautiful views along Eagle Lake
04 - South Shore Trail Sign  04b - South Shore Trail Short Hike to Nubbles Trail
05 - Conners Nubble Trail .4 miles to the summit  05b - Conners Nubble Trail - rock scrambling
06 - Conners Nubble Summit  06b - Conners Nubble Summit - View
07 - Time to pick blueberries
07a - Time to pick blueberries - The view from our blueberry patch
07c - Time to pick blueberries - Dan07e - Time to pick blueberries - Tricia
07d - Time to pick blueberries - Syl
07f - Time to pick blueberries - Tricia07b - Time to pick blueberries - Nancy
08 - Our Blueberry Stash
9a - Pie and the Baker  9b -The Blueberry Pie
10 - blueberry pie - Plate Licking Good!!!


  1. WOW you guys really did pick some blueberries. I had no idea you picked that many bags. I do know that you picked often and long. Great photos, great hike, great blueberries, great pie. Wow what a summer!

  2. Lucky you didn't have any bears to compete with while picking blueberries. THAT would have been interesting... ;c)

  3. Yum! That pie looked delicious! And, apparently it was if Dan is any indication :)

  4. The pie looks great! Another great day.....

  5. Oooooo a blueberry pie by David -- our mouths are watering!