Carriage Road Bike Ride 16-15-10-8-nubbles-7-17-37-36-Day Mtn Summit-38-37-17-16 – Friday – July 12, 2013

Early this morning, 5 of us (Dan, Tricia, Syl, Bill and I) loaded up the bikes and ride some more Carriage Roads. We headed to the Jordan Pond House Parking area.  Again you need to go early as the Jordan Pond House is crazy busy later.  Getting there before 8am, we had no problem. In fact, there was no one anywhere at Jordan Pond House…that was really strange, but so cool;o))

Our ride today would be about 11 miles.  We would start at Jordan Pond House (Post 16) and do a long loop around Jordan Pond and the Bubble Mountains until we reached Post 17.  Along the way, we had to stop between Post 8 and Post 7 again to climb Conner’s Nubble and pick blueberries;o))

At Post 17, we crossed the Carriage Road Bridge to Post 37 on Day Mountain.  We hung a left and peddled about to Post 36 which is where the road to Day Mountain Summit begins.  Dan and Bill road the road to the summit while the girls enjoyed a little hike and a little rest.  On the way to the summit, Bill got a flat tire just before they reached the top.  We began to worry as they seemed to be gone along time.  A nice cyclist that came down, reported the problem to us and took the spare and bike tool that were on Nancy’s bike back up to the guys.  You just meet the nicest people.  They managed to make the repairs and returned without further problem, but not before they saw a deer!! 

I will say that the next time we come here, I will spend more time bike riding on hills before we arrive.  Since we are Flatlanders, with no experience pedaling on hills, it does take some getting use to;o(  There are no level carriage roads!!!

Regardless… It was a spectacular weather day and a great ride with good friends!!!
00 - Map 16-15-15-10-8-nubbles-7-17-37-36-Day Mtn Summit-38-37-17-16
01 - Jordan Pond House Park - getting ready to ride, first to arrive  02 - Path to Jordan Pond House and Post 16
                      03 - Jordan Pond House - Front - no one there                     03c - Jordan Pond House - Back - view of South Bubble Mtn 03b - Jordan Pond House - Back - no one there 
03d - Jordan Pond House - Dogwood full of blooms
04 - start of ride - Jordan Pond and Bridge near Post 16 
04b - start of ride - Jordan Cliff and rock slide04c - start of ride - Jordan Cliff - Syl trying to get just the right angle  04d - start of ride - Uphill along Jordan Pond heading to Post 10
05 - Post 10 - hang a right to Post 8
06 - Post 8 to 7 - Conners Nubble View of Eagle Lake06b - Post 8 to 7 - Conners Nubble - Nancy picking blueberries06c - Post 8 to 7 - Conners Nubble - blueberries
07 - Post 7 to 17 - little waterfalls
08 - Post 17 at Carriage road bridge to Day Mountain Post 37
08b - Carriage road bridge to Day Mountain Post 37
08c - Day Mountain Post 37 where we went left around the mountain
09 - Post 37 to Day Mtn Summit Road - Taking a break09b - Post 37 to Day Mtn Summit Road - Pretty View
09c - Post 37 to Day Mtn Summit Road - Riding Buddies - Dan, Syl, Tricia, Nancy, Bill
11 - Continue to Post 36 at Day Mtn Summit Road  10 - Map of Day Mountain Ride
12 - Bill and Dan ride to summit and see A DEER12b - Bill and Dan ride to summit and see A DEER12c - Bill and Dan at Day Mtn summit12d- Beautiful View at Day Mtn summit
13 - Heading back to Jordan Pond House Post 17 to Post 16 - Passing Carriage
14 - Jordan Pond Gate House - Almost Back  15 - The End


  1. I love those carriage roads. The leaves are starting to turn now :-).

  2. I think you did pretty well riding all those carriage roads, even without hill practice! I wouldn't have been able to keep up with you at all :)

  3. Y'all are sure getting some good cardio! What a picture perfect day!

  4. Y'all are sure getting some good cardio! What a picture perfect day!

  5. Great ride. Wish we'd been there. The group photo is fabulous!

  6. Another wonderful day with wonderful friends! Life doesn't get much better than that!

  7. So beautiful and such good exercise too. Thanks for all the photos and tips.