Carriage Road Bike Ride 6-9-8-7-E-7-17-16-25-23-15-14-10-8-9-6 – Tuesday – July 9, 2013

Today, Dan & Tricia and Bill & I did a challenging bike ride. 
It was about 16.2 miles and seemed to be much more uphill than downhill;o(( 
We started and ended at Eagle Lake parking and followed our map
from post to post as described in the title. 
Between Post 8 and 7, we took a short break to hike .2 miles to the top of Conner’s Nubble.  This spot became a place we returned to several times during our stay near Acadia. 
We had found the Blueberry Stash;o))
The big capital E is an error…we went 2 miles in the wrong direction;o(
Then we had to come back 2 miles to post 7 to get back on track!! 
Also, if you ever decide to do this ride,
I would highly recommend at post 16 go directly to post 15. 
The roads are very steep if you head to 25 & 23. 
It is beautiful and would make a nice walk, but it is very difficult biking. 
Also arriving early at Eagle Lake Parking (before 8 am) is critical. 
Otherwise you will be parking on the road and may not find parking at all. 
While it was a challenging ride...
It was a very pretty ride as well:o))
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00 - map
01 - early arrival at Eagle Lake Parking  02 - Carriage Road Sign

03 - Post 6 - made a left04 - Post 9 - went straight05 - Heading to Post 8 along eagle Lake06 - Post 8 - need a map to find post 7

07 - Conners Nubble - .2 miles07b - Conners Nubble - .2 miles up up up07c - Conners Nubble - .2 miles up up up07d - Conners Nubble - .2 miles our first summit07d1 - Conners Nubble - eagle Lake and blueberry bushes07e - Conners Nubble - .2 miles back down
11 - Heading the right way toward post 17
12 - bubble pond13 - Carriage Road Bridge Sign 13b - Bubble Pond Bridge our first bridge14 - Narrower path along bubble pond14b - Rock slide across bubble pond14c - little waterfall along bubble pond trail
15 - Post 17 - Near stables and Day Mountain Carriage Bridge15b - Post 17 - Carriage road bridge that connects to Day Mountain15c - Post 37 across bridge to Day Mountain

16 - Continuing to Jordan Pond House Post 16  16b - Continuing to Jordan Pond House Granite cliffs with trees16c - Continuing to Jordan Pond House horse stop16d - Continuing to Jordan Pond House horse stop16e - Continuing to Jordan Pond House horse stop hitching a ride
17 - Jordan Pond House Gate17b - Jordan Pond House Gate - Sherry & David17c - Jordan Pond House Gate - Carriage passes17e - Jordan Pond gate house

18 - Map 16-25-23-15 19- Post 23 now uphill  16-25-23 down hill19c- tough biking but very pretty 19d- looking downstream19e- too steep - time to walk
19f- too steep - time for lunch19g-  lunch - beautiful horses and carriage19h-  lunch - beautiful horses and carriage19i-  continuing up the road to post 1519j-  getting close to  post 1519k-  post 15

20 - Jordan Pond House 20b - Jordan Pond House Path to Carriage Road and Pond20 - Jordan Pond and North and South Bubble Mountains

21 - map from post 14 to post 1021b - post 14 to post 10 Jordan Cliff Rock Slide
21c - post 14 to post 10 view of South Bubble Mtn Summit and Climb21d - post 14 to post 10  It is still uphill
21e - post 14 to post 10  past a Giant Tree Squirrel21g - post 14 to post 10  stopped for rest at preety waterfall
21hg - post 14 to post 10  still more uphill22 - post 8 to 6 - view of Eagle Lake
22b - post 8 to 6 - heading toward Post 6 and parking lot22c - post 8 to 6 - back to the car and busy parking lot


  1. Great dripping rocks photo. I don't think I ever saw those. This is great that I get to go back to Acadia with you. What a fantastic place. Thanks!

  2. Such gorgeous views with the added benefit of some good cardio!

  3. "I would highly recommend at post 16 go directly to post 15.
    The roads are very steep if you head to 25 & 23."
    Are you keeping all these "tips" in a small little notebook for future reference on the fly???

  4. I love Gail's comment! Why is it that the miles fly when you hike/bike with friends! Great times for sure!