Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain - Tuesday - July 31, 2013

This is our last day in Maine and I had one last thing I wanted to do...
view the sunrise from the top of Cadillac Mountain!!
I was only able to recruit Sherry and David to go with me.
Perhaps the fact that we were leaving at 4:30am had something to do with that;o))
Bill and I saw the sunset from Cadillac a couple weeks ago.
Little did I know that sunrise would draw a MOB!!

When we arrived the mountain was covered with people;o((

I believe these folks may have spent the night;o))

But we were all there for the same thing...
Enjoying a Beautiful Sunrise!!!

It was worth the early morning wake up and the crowds!!!
By 5:30am,
we were attempting to head back down the mountain. 
Eventually, the traffic got moving!! 
Later in the morning,
we watched as Dan and Tricia packed up and headed to Moosehead Lake.
It's never goodbye... just see ya down the road!!

Gin and Syl were packed up and ready to go also. 
But they hung around until after lunchtime waiting for the mail to arrived.
But it wasn't long before it looked very empty on our row;o((
In the distance we could see Sherry and David's motorhome.
They will be here for a couple more weeks!!
We would be leaving in the morning and moving toward the Fingerlake Region of New York.
We had the best time with all our friends in this beautiful place.
Yes, Acadia National Park is very high on our list of favorite places.
I took one last walk down to the water to snap a few more memories!!
The bridge from Trenton to Mt. Dessert Island
The mountains of Acadia National Park 
Mt. Dessert Narrows Campground nestled in front of Cadillac Mountain


  1. Boy your pictures of that sunrise are way better than mine. What a shock to find 500 of our new friends to share sunrise with. We definitely hated to see you all leave. What a great time it was. Thanks for this flashback.

  2. Did you wave goodbye across the bay? Beautiful sunrise pics...I never did that. Was waiting for the cool crisp air of October and the later sunrise...oh well. Acadia will have a special spot tucked away for us as well.

  3. I've seen many sunrises but that one was just a bit too early for me. Thanks for the pics. I miss Acadia.

  4. Oh my! 4:30??? I'm afraid we'll have to enjoy the sunrise from your beautiful pics. It's always hard to say goodbye to friends, but good to know that in this lifestyle it won't be long until we see them again.

  5. I sure have enjoyed your posts from Acadia. It made me feel as though I was there :) Next time, I will be :)