Hiking Cadillac Mountain – Wednesday – July 10, 2013

When I was doing research about the hiking at Acadia National Park, the hike on Cadillac Mountain was one I really hoped to do.  Cadillac Mountain is the highest mountain in the park. There are several trails to the summit. We decided that we would take the longer, less steep trails: up the North Ridge Trail and down the South Ridge Trail.
Dan, Tricia, Bill and I drove to a small parking area on the Loop Road at the North Ridge Trailhead. We arrived before 8am and were the first to hit the trail.  Our plan was to hike the North Ridge Trail to Cadillac Summit and then hike down on the South Ridge Trail to Blackwoods Campground.  At the campground we would use the bus transportation to get back to our car on the loop road.
It all work out great, except for one thing…the weather;o((  We hiked almost 8 miles and never saw the sun.  The weather was cool which was a good thing, but the fog got very thick, we got a bit wet and we really missed all the views.  The fog was so thick at the summit we had trouble finding the Ranger Station;o(( However, what we did see was wonderful, but I do hope I get to do this hike again on a clear day!!
(click on any photo to enlarge)
00 - North-South ridge trails to Cadillac Mtn Map
00b - Northridge trail to Cadillac Mtn Map01 - Parking at North Trailhead on Loop Road, cool and foggy02 - Trailhead marker with cairn and poles03 - Rocky start to trail
04 - foggy, damp and cool climb
05 - colorful lichen on pink granite 06 - wonderful pine scent was everywhere
07 - Watch your step08 - follow the blue dots08b - follow the cairns09 - up the steps09b - down the steps
10 - Foggy views12 - view of Bubble Pond11 - Climb the granite13 - onward and upward
14 - beautiful wildflowers
15 - The final climbs16 - come on...we're almost there18 - Summit trailhead sign17 - Cadillac Summit Road with fog closing in19 - fogged in at the summit - no views;o(20 - looking for the ranger station and south ridge trailhead21a - flowers at ranger station21b - flowers at ranger station very damp and foggy
22a - heading down the mountain - Junction with West Face Trail to Bubble Pond MAP      22b - South Ridge Trailheadl sign
23d2 - heading down the mountain - Junction with West Face Trail to Bubble Pond
23 - heading down the mountain      23b - heading down the mountain
23e - South Ridge Trail MAP Cannon Brook to Blackwoods CP 23e1 - heading down the mountain - junction with Cedar Brook Trail
23e2 - heading down the mountain - very damp and foggy - a couple soggy hikers
23e3 - heading down the mountain - very damp and foggy - can this be DOWN     23f - heading down the mountain - Pretty Little Pond
23k - heading down the mountain - South end Ridge trail marker


  1. What a wonderful day! (I'm having a better 3G picture viewing day) Hope the next time you do this, I can join you for part of the trip. I'm not sure I'd make it the entire way but would love to try part of it! :)

  2. Great pictures! Next time hopefully we'll be there too! :)

  3. Wow, you're not kidding about the fog!

  4. Great pictures!! The one of Dan and Tricia is fabulous!

  5. Remember that shirt....."Because I Can!!" What a wonderful day....even with the fog. Still can't forget the smell of bacon on the trail. Gives me a chuckle!