VC-1-3-5-4-2-1-VC, Our First Bike Ride ;o) – Sunday – July 7, 2013

Early this morning, we loaded 7 bikes &  7 people into two cars
then headed to Acadia NP Visitor Center.
Gin, Syl, Pam (Gin’s cousin), Dan and Tricia rode in G&S’s Suki.
They carried 2 bikes on the back of the car.
Bill and I rode in our Tahoe with 3 bikes inside and 2 bikes on the back!!
Unloading and preparing all the bikes to get ready to roll :o))01 - Parked at Visitor Center - Getting ready
First, let me explain what “VC-1-3-5-4-2-1-VC” means?!?
There are 51 miles of carriage roads and these road intersect at 38 different places.
Each intersection is marked by a post with a number on it.
On the map, these numbered posts are represented by a triangle with a number inside.00 - Carriage Road Map visitor center loops
That means you can plan an amazing number of rides of varying length!!
Our 5.2 mile ride will start at VC (Visitor Center),
then .5 miles to Post-1, .9 miles to Post-3, 1 mile to Post-5,
1 mile to Post-4, 1.1 miles to Post-2, .2 to Post-1,
then .5 miles back to the VC :o))
What it doesn’t show is the elevation but we will learn about that real quick:o((
This is the start of the connector trail which will get us to Post 1. 02 - Trail to Carriage Road 
The connector trail is a narrow version of the carriage roads.
Description of the Carriage Roads03 - Carriage Road Description
Leaving the Visitor Center and heading out the connector trail…
04 - Heading down the connector trail
In less than 1/4 mile, we went around a bend
the connector trail went UP… UP… UP:o((
It was so steep that most of us had to walk!!05 - Steep uphill
Eventually…. we all made it to the REAL carriage roads at Post-1 :o)06 - All present and accounted for - Post #1
We still had some good hills to manage, but nothing like the first one!!!
We hung a left toward Post-3.
Enjoying the lovely morning and the wonderful views.
07 - Heading toward Post #3 - Roosevelt Teeth  08 - Enjoying the view
The granite rocks (Rockefeller Teeth) that line the carriage roads
make a great place to take a rest!!
09 - Resting on Roosevelt Teeths
At Post-3, we stayed to the left toward Post-5.10 - Arriving at Post #3
Our first view of Witch Hole Pond11 - Teeth and View of Witch Hole Pond,  heading to Post #5
From the pond, we had a pretty steady climb to Post-5 and our first Carriage Road Bridge!!12 - Arriving at Post #5 12a - Arriving at Post #5 - 1929 Carriage Road
This is a triple arch bridge built in 1929 and reminds me of a castle:o)12b - Arriving at Post #5 - Triple Arch Bridge 12c - Arriving at Post #5 - Dan and Tricia
You can see the Prince and his Princess;o))
The construction is amazing including the steps down to the stream below!!12e - Arriving at Post #5 - Bridge stairs and details 12d - Arriving at Post #5 - Water below the bridge 
As we left Post-5 toward Post-4, we did have a good down-hill stretch.
Pam was enjoying the ride;o))
13 - Heading to Post #4 - A down hill WEEEEEE
At Post-4 we stayed to the right toward Witch Hole Pond and Post-2.
14 - Post # 4
We passed a couple small ponds before reaching Witch Hole Pond.
One pond was covered with Water Lillies.
15 - Post #4 to #2 - Pond with Water Lillies 15a - Post #4 to #2 -  Water Lilly
We got a photo of everyone in front of the second pond.15b - Post #4 to #2 - Pond with Dead Trees
Another uphill stretch on the way to Witch Hole Pond.15c - Post #4 to #2 - Uphill to Witch Hole Pond
It is amazing how these roads were constructed!!
They really do blend in with the nature around them:o))
15d - Post #4 to #2 -  Witch Hole Pond 15e - Post #4 to #2 - Bill riding along Witch Hole Pond
After our final view of Witch Hole Pond,
we reached Post-2.
16 - Post #2 - Uphill to Post #1
It was .2 miles UPHILL to Post-1 and the connector trail back to the visitor center:o((
So why are these crazy folks smiling?!?!?
They were about to embark on that really tough uphill connector trail.
However, this time it would be ALL downhill and very fast :o))17 - Arrived at Post #1 - About to go down the BIG hill to the parking lot
Everyone arrived SAFELY back to the cars!!!
Now it was time to find a great spot for lunch!!
From the visitor center,
we traveled the red Park Loop Road to a parking area just past Sand Beach.20 - Park Loop Road Map
Riding the Loop Road is always a beautiful ride!!
20a - Park Loop Road 20b - Park Loop Road
We walked from our parking area to the Ocean Trail.
20c - Parking area along Ocean Trail 20d - Looking for lunch spot along Ocean Trail
Now this was the perfect lunch spot!!!20e - Perfect spot amongst the pink granite
Gin and Tricia wore their Vietnamese Boat People hat for some sun protection.
I believe these are the Minnie Pearl version… see the tag hanging from Tricia’s ;o)20f - Gin and Tricia in their VBP hats and the view
The views and the pink granite were amazing!!
20g - Dan exploring the rocks 20h - Nancy looking for Dan
After we finished lunch, we drove down to the Thunder Hole parking area.
(click on any photo to enlarge)
21b - Thunder Hole - Ranger Station Sign 
The Ranger Station has been converted to a gift shop.21 - Thunder Hole - Ranger Station Sign 
Across the road is Thunder Hole.
21c - Thunder Hole Poster 21d - Thunder Hole21e - Thunder Hole closeup
We continued along the the loop road on our way back to the campground.
Approaching South Bubble Mountain
22 - Loop Road - South Bubble Mountain 
As we passed, we could see “Bubble Rock!”
22b - Loop Road - The Bubble Rock
We hope to get a lot closer during a future hike;-))

For now,

we will just savor this great day with good friends:o))


  1. Amazing you got all 7 of you in one place at the same time. Wish we'd been there. Great photo diary of your bike ride. Love those carriage roads! LOL at the Minnie Pearl version of the Boat People hat. Too funny!!

  2. Ok, besides the obvious awesomeness of the ride, I can hardly wait to see the Minnie Pearl Collection of the Vietnamese Boat People hats!!! Too funny!

  3. Fun Fun Fun- We miss you guys hope you will be through Florida this winter.

  4. That hill is a doozy from the Visitor's Center...thought briefly we were back in Colorado the first time we went up it :-). great bike ride, we're thinking when the crowds leave we'll rent bikes one day and go for a ride. Keep the routes coming!

  5. I see you kept your helmets on for that group photo. I guess you wanted to be safe in case somebody "Photo Bombed" you, eh? :cD

  6. Love the Vietnamese hats! Love the group picture of everyone smiling, says it all!

  7. Looks like great fun! We have to get back to Maine for a longer trip . . . so much that we didn't do when the boys were small!

  8. It was indeed a great day! We really must go back. I love Acadia!

  9. What a wonderful day we had! Yep - we will be returning to Acadia!!