Hiking The Bubbles and Jordan Pond – Sunday – July 14, 2013

Today, we headed to The Bubbles parking lot on the Park Loop Road early in the morning.  Our goal was to hike to the summit of North Bubble Mountain. After that, we would hike back down the way we came and then hike up to the Summit of South Bubble Mountain which overlooks Jordan Pond. 
When we reached the Summit, we would find our way to “Bubble Rock”, arguably the most well-known rock in the entire state of Maine and one of the most visited spots in Acadia National Park. Perched precariously on the eastern edge of the summit of South Bubble, the giant boulder looks as if it could fall off at any moment. Bill and Tricia double dared each other to get their photos taken with Bubble Rock. That was a big accomplishment for our fear of heights hiking duo;o))
From there, our plan was to hike down from South Bubble Mountain Summit on the trail that connects directly to the Jordan Pond Trail.  Well, those plans got changed when Bill and Tricia saw the steepness of that trail.  They made a hasty about face back to the summit and we descended the way we came up;o)) Dan did go down the steepest decent and we met up with him where the Bubbles Divide Trail meets the Jordan Pond Trail.

The Jordan Pond Trail is rated Easy.  However, you do have to watch your step.  It is basically level, but the trail surface is very varied: rock, gravel, boulders, wood beams, etc.  It's a great loop trail with so many interesting segments, but the best part of the loop is the views!! 

We did almost the entire Jordon Pond Loop.  When we reached the Carry Trail, we took that half mile section back to the parking area. When we combined all the short trails with the longer Jordan Pond Trail we managed to hike a total of 7.2 miles:o))

We sure did have a great day and so much fun with all the different trails!!!
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00 - Map - Hiking the Bubbles and Jordan Pond
01 - The Bubbles parking area  02 - gearing up and getting ready to go
03 - Trail Marker - Bubbles Divide or The Cleavage04 - Bubbles Divide - nice easy start
04b - Bubbles Divide - heading up hill05 - North Bubble - Hike to the Summit04c - Bubbles Divide - group photo along the trail05b - North Bubble - summit post05c - North Bubble - view of Jordan Pond05d - North Bubble - hike back down

06 - Trail Sign - heading toward South Bubble and Bubble Rock07 - South Bubble - Trail view of Penobscot Mtn and Jordan Cliffs07b - South Bubble - summit group
08 - Bubble Rock - You go, I'll go08a - Bubble Rock -08e - Bubble Rock - Bill and Tricia Teamwork08b - Bubble Rock - Dan08c - Bubble Rock - Syl08d - Bubble Rock - Syl
09 - South Bubble - View of Penobscot, Jordan Pond and Cliffs, Carriage Road09b - South Bubble - View of Jordan Pond House, Loop Road09c - South Bubble - View of Jordan Pond House, Harbors and Cranberry Isles
10a - Starting down South Bubble on the steep trail10b - Syl and Tricia = Starting down South Bubble - Oh that looks steep10c - South Bubble - Syl and Tricia - I'll catch ya - Promise;o))10d - South Bubble - Bill and Tricia - We're out of here

11 - Bubbles Divide to Jordan Pond Trail - rocky11b - Bubbles Divide to Jordan Pond Trail - rock scrambling
12 - Jordan Pond Trail - hung a right and met Dan12b - Jordan Pond Trail - neat bridge12c - Jordan Pond Trail - tadpoles in clear water12c2 - Jordan Pond Trail - frog in clear water
12d - Jordan Pond Trail - beautiful but rocky12e - Jordan Pond Trail - need to watch your step
12f - Jordan Pond Trail - View back at South Bubble - Dan's route down
12g - Jordan Pond Trail - neat boardwalk12h - Jordan Pond Trail - Loon
12i - Jordan Pond Trail - approaching Jordan Pond House12j - Jordan Pond Trail - view of North and South Bubble
12k - Jordan Pond Trail - bridge
12l1 - Jordan Pond Trail - beavers have been busy12l2 - Jordan Pond Trail - beavers have been busy
12m - Jordan Pond Trail - almost finished loop12n - Jordan Pond Trail - last bridge before The Carry Trail

12p - Jordan Pond Trail - The Carry Trail Marker13 - The Carry Trail - .5 miles to parking lot13b - The Carry Trail - deer - perfect ending to the hike


  1. That looks more like a rock climb than a hike! :)
    Beautiful photos...Jordan Pond couldn't get much bluer, could it? Great photos of the group too!

  2. We finally made it to Bubble Rock. It's part of the Acadia EarthCache Challenge. Now that Chelsea is on thyroid medication, she's a bit perkier and even she made it to the rock :-).

  3. Great photos of some spectacular scenery! We will have to add this to our list of places to see for the next time we are out east.

  4. How did I miss this one and all the heroic efforts to push that rock over? Great post and beautiful pictures of this wonderful hike. Congrats to the duo!