Hiking to Bar Harbor – Sunday – July 21, 2013

We are getting close to our last week visiting Mt. Dessert Island.  We still have several things we want to do.  One is visit Bar Harbor and another is get some GOOD ice cream;o))  Well, we decided to combine these two activities!!

Bar Harbor is very congested and parking is a nightmare.  However, I do want to see some of the town.  So I decided we could hike there from Sievr De Monts Spring.  It would be about 7.5 miles round trips, but it is all flat.  Since we will be expending a good bit of energy, we won’t feel the least bit bad about getting ICE CREAM FOR LUNCH!!! 
We recruited Sherry and David to go with us.  Sherry is the Ice Cream Queen and Bill is the Ice Cream King:o))  David and I would much rather have pie, but we will manage to eat our share of ice cream;o)) We drove separately to Sievr De Monts Spring since Sherry and David would be staying in Bar Harbor for a special program in the afternoon. 
00 - map - Jesup Path, Great Meadow Loop, Bar Harbor
Our hike from Sievr De Mont Spring took us along the Jesup Path which runs next to Great Meadow.  Where Jesup Path meets the Park Loop Road, we picked up the east side of Great Meadow Loop.  That took us to Bar Harbor and we made our way along the sides roads to downtown.
You could spend a great deal of time in Bar Harbor, but we were just here to see the highlights and of course, get Ice Cream!!  I especially enjoyed the beautiful flowers and the harbor area which is near the Village Green.  It is a wonderful town for walking and exploring.  Shopping is not one of our interests, except for when it comes to finding some good Ice Cream.  We did just that at Ben and Bill’s, a sweet treats paradise:o))
After our ICE CREAM lunch, we parted company with Sherry and David as they were staying in town and we were heading back.  We couldn’t have had a better day weather wise and the hike was a great way to get to Bar Harbor and enjoy the town without a lot of hassle. 
Thanks Sherry and David for sharing the fun with us!!

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01a - Jesup Path - Trail Sign  01b - Jesup Path - boardwalk

01e - Jesup Path - Chipmunk

01c - Jesup Path - Beautiful Grasses  01d - Jesup Path - Bridge and Ferns




02 - Great Meadow Trail - crossing the Loop Rd. I guess this is the way!!02a - view of Great Meadow from Dorr Mountain02b - Great Meadow Trail - Trail Sign02c - Great Meadow Trail - View of Kebo Golf Club02d - Great Meadow Trail - Darn kids playing in the street




03 - Bar Harbor - heading toward the Village

03b - Bar Harbor - past the cemetary  03c - Bar Harbor - walking through the streets

03d - Bar Harbor - Beautiful Flowers03d1 - Bar Harbor - Beautiful Flowers03d3 - Bar Harbor - Beautiful Flowers03d4 - Bar Harbor - Beautiful Flowers03d2 - Bar Harbor - Beautiful Flowers

03e - Bar Harbor - Historical Society

03f - Bar Harbor - Library not open on Sunday  03f2 - Bar Harbor - Library a peak through the windows

03g - Bar Harbor - Abbr Museum

03h - Bar Harbor - Fun Bumper Sticker  04a - Downtown Bar Harbor - BAA HAA BAA

03i - Bar Harbor - Village Green04b - Downtown Bar Harbor - Enjoying the grassy hill04e - Downtown Bar Harbor - Carriage

04c - Downtown Bar Harbor - The Harbor04d - Downtown Bar Harbor - The Harbor


04f - Downtown Bar Harbor - Ice Cream for Lunch04g - Downtown Bar Harbor - Ice Cream for Lunch



05 - Heading back to Car - Great Meadow Loop Trail

05b - Heading back to Car - Great Meadow - Bridge05c - Heading back to Car - Great Meadow - Beaver Activity05d - Heading back to Car - Great Meadow - Watch your step

06 - Jesup Path - The End


  1. Ice cream for lunch...can't get much better than that :) !

  2. What happy memories these bring back. Your pictures are fantastic and really tell the whole story of our wonderful day. Thanks for inviting us to go along!!

  3. Sherry and ice cream. No good can come from that... :cD

  4. Love your flower collage with all those pretty colors. Just beautiful!

  5. What gorgeous flowers! Ice cream is ALWAYS good!