Sunset From The Top Of Cadillac Mountain – Saturday – July 13, 2013

Cadillac Mountain, at 1,530 feet, is the tallest mountain on Mount Desert Island and the highest point along the North Atlantic seaboard. I had 3 things I wanted to do that involved Cadillac Mountain during our time near Acadia National Park.

1. Hike to Cadillac Mountain Summit and back down – Done July 10, 2013 :o)

2. See the sunset from the Top of Cadillac Mountain – Completed today :o)

3.  See the sunrise from the Top of Cadillac Mountain – Not Completed yet.

After dinner today, Bill and I decided to drive to the summit of Cadillac Mountain and view the sunrise.  It was a beautiful evening so the views should be wonderful.

The drive to the summit is on a well maintained road with lots of twists and turns.  You need to take your time as you never know what might be around the next corner.  Also the views all the way to the top are spectacular.  Yea, we need to hike this mountain again on a clear day…we missed some wonderful views!!

It was pretty crowded at the summit and the parking was limited.  We did find a spot, got out and walked around.  The views from the summit are very impressive!!

We arrived well before sunset and it became clear to us that the best views would be along the road at some of the pull-offs facing west.  So we decided to drive back down the mountain at bit and find a better west view for the sunset. 

Great idea…we were not disappointed:o))
(click on any photo to enlarge)
01 - Route 3 to Acadia NP
02 - Hulls Cove Entrance to Acadia NP  03 - made left onto park loop road
03b - park loop road, lovely ride, but take your time  03c - park loop road, never know what's around the next curve
03d - park loop road, left onto Cadillac Summit Road 

04b - Cadillac Summit Road, beautiful and curvy, Olie's Trolley  04c - Cadillac Summit Road, beautiful and curvy, Cyclist coming down
04d - Cadillac Summit Road, beautiful and curvy, Pink Granite
04e - Cadillac Summit Road, beautiful and curvy, Roosevelt's Teeth
05 - Cadillac Summit Views - Bar Harbor  05a - Cadillac Summit Views - Bar Harbor Closer
05b - Cadillac Summit Views - Sun reflection on pink granite  05c - Cadillac Summit Views - Schoodic Penninsula and Winter Harbor across Frenchman's Bay 
05d - Cadillac Summit Views - Otter Cove  05e - Cadillac Summit Views - The Bowl & Otter Cove
06 - Sunset - driving down to viewpoint  06b - Sunset - driving down to viewpoint
06c - Sunset - driving down to viewpoint - the moon 
06e - Sunset - from pulloff -  06d - Sunset - from pulloff - closeup
06f - Sunset - from pulloff -  06g - Sunset - from pulloff -
06h - Sunset - from pulloff -  06i - Sunset - from pulloff -
06j - Sunset - from pulloff -

  06k - Sunset - from pulloff - going


  1. A gorgeous sunset like that is one of life's great joys. Excellent pictures!

  2. Beautiful sunset but I just couldn't get the courage to do it with thousands of my closest friends! Yep - we're ready to go back too!