Shore Path, Bar Island Hike and A Lobster Boil – Tuesday – July 16, 2013

Today – Bill, Pam, Syl, Tricia and Dan decided to do a couple short, level hikes in downtown Bar Harbor.  I decided I needed a chill day, so Bill was given the camera and did a nice job capturing the adventure!!
Their first hike was the Shore Path.  It begins at the Town Pier and meandered behind beautiful homes along the water to Wayman Lane.  There they walked to Main Street to complete the loop back to the Town Pier.
Next, they walked down West Street and made a right onto Bridge Street.  That took them to the access point for the sandbar to Bar Island.  This hike has to be time properly.  The sandbar is only accessible during low tide.  They timed it perfectly and managed to get to the Summit of Bar Island.  However, Bill said the views were very limited due to all the tall trees.
They were back at the campground by lunchtime and we just chilled the rest of the afternoon.  For dinner, we had a wonderful invite from Karen and Al, who are working camping at Mt. Dessert Narrows Campground, to come to a Lobster Boil.  This was a first for Bill and I.  We really enjoyed ourselves!!  Karen and Al had everything organized and it was fun to share this experience!! 
Thanks for a great evening:o))


01 - Hiking the Shore Path - Sign
01c - Hiking the Shore Path - views 01d - Hiking the Shore Path - views01b - Hiking the Shore Path - 4 Mast Schooner
01e - Hiking the Shore Path - beautiful homes and gardens 01g - Hiking the Shore Path - beautiful homes and gardens01f - Hiking the Shore Path - beautiful homes and gardens
02 - walking Main Street in Bar Harbor02b - walking Main Street in Bar Harbor - too early for ice cream02c - walking Main Street in Bar Harbor - taking a break02d - walking Main Street in Bar Harbor - early morning02e - walking Main Street in Bar Harbor - city park
03 - Bar Island Hike - Sign
03b - Bar Island Hike - heading across the sandbar  03c - Bar Island Hike - not that way Dan
03d - Bar Island Hike - Dan, Tricia, Syl, Pam
03d - Bar Island Hike - looking back toward Bar Harbor and Acadia NP
03e - Bar Island Hike - The summit  03f - Bar Island Hike - view from the summit
04 - Lobster Boil - The Lobsters
04b - Lobster Boil - Syl finds her dinner     04c - Lobster Boil - Big and Little
04d - Lobster Boil - Waiting for the water to boil     04e - Lobster Boil - shucking corn a team effort
04f - Lobster Boil - Al the Lobstah Guy     04g - Lobster Boil - Lobster's done
04h - Lobster Boil - Time to Feast     04i - Lobster Boil - Time to Feast


  1. The lobster boil looked like lots of fun. Does the color make a difference in the lobster? It looks like there are very dark and very light colored lobsters. Just wondering... :)

    1. I have no idea, but perhaps some reader might know the answer to that!!

  2. Boy did I enjoy that lobster boil but then I love anything lobster. Karen and Al did a great job organizing it and the cooks were terrific. Everyone had as much lobster as they wanted. Sign me up for the next one! Pictures of the ice cream shop Bill but no pictures of the ice cream?? :-))