Happy 50th Birthday Gin!! – Friday – July 26, 2013

Today it is official…
Gin, our “Special Pelican”, turns fifty!!!
We did celebrate her birthday about a week ago
when we went on a Whale Watching Cruise!!
07i4 - Whales - tail
Still we needed to mark this milestone with a birthday party!!
There were ballons…
 00 - Gin's Birthday Party - birthday ballons
There were party hats…
04 - Gin's Birthday Party - Happy Birthday
There was food…
Tricia’s famous bowtie lasagna, salads, garlic bread and cheese cake!!!
01 - Gin's Birthday Party - Tricia's Special Lasagna03 - Gin's Birthday Party - Dinner is served
Of course…
there were noise makers ;o))
02 - Gin's Birthday Party - Party Hats and Noisemakers
Happy 50th Birthday!!!


  1. What a fun party she had! Nice review. Happy Birthday again Gin!

  2. We're the noisemakers those blowy thingies or Gin and I?! So glad we were there to celebrate with Gin! I think that was the best cheesecake I ever had!!

  3. Happy Birthday again, Gin but now I think it's time to celebrate another birthday! :)

  4. That was one if not the best birthday I have ever had....great friends, great food, and great time!!! That is one birthday I will always remember! Thanks to all of u's for a great time! :-))