Hiking at Taughannock Falls State Park – Tuesday – August 6, 2013

00a- Finger Lakes Map

I truly believe you could spend an entire summer in the Finger Lakes Region of New York and never run out of new things to do and wonderful places to visit!

Since our stay is only 8 nights, we decided to concentrate mainly on the wonderful hiking opportunities within a short drive.

Our campground, Sampson Lake SP (A), is located on the upper east side of Seneca Lake.  Yesterday, we went to Watkins Glen which in at the southern point of Seneca Lake.  Today we will be visiting Taughannock Falls SP (B), which is located on the lower west side of Cayuga Lake.

00 - travel map

If you plan on visiting more than one state park in the region, it is a real benefit to camp at a state park.  If you are staying at ANY New York State Park, you get free admission to any other NY state parks during the length of your stay!!

Taughannock Falls SP is a beautiful State Park!! Campsites and cabins overlook Cayuga Lake, with a marina, a boat launch, and a beach nearby. There is also a multi-use trail, for hiking or cross-country skiing.

00a- Taughannock Falls SP Map
Unfortunately, it is NOT big rig friendly;o((
Taughannock Falls State Park's namesake waterfall is one of the outstanding natural attractions of the Northeast. Taughannock Falls plunges 215 feet past rocky cliffs that tower nearly 400 feet above the gorge and is one of the highest east of the Rocky Mountains. The Gorge and Rim trails offer spectacular views from above and below the falls.
00b- Taughannock Falls SP Map

We decided to hike the Gorge Trail (marked in red) first, a 1 1/2 mile round trip.  That would give us a view of the gorge and Taughannock Falls from below. 

After that we would hike out the South Rim Trail (marked in white) to the Upper Falls and return via the North Rim Trail (marked in beige) to the parking area. The Upper and Lower Rim hike gave us a wonderful view from above the gorge and  totaled about 2 3/4 miles. 

Our total hike for the day was about 4 1/4 miles:o)
The photos of our hike are below, divided by trail.
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The GORGE Trail

01 - Gorge Trail  01a - Gorge Trail - lower falls at the beginning of the trail

01b - Gorge Trail - heading to the falls - views  01c - Gorge Trail - heading to the falls - it's a deep gorge

Be sure to hover your mouse over a photo for a description.

01d - Gorge Trail - Taughannock Falls

01e - Gorge Trail - Taughannock Falls and wildflowers01f1 - Gorge Trail - wildflowers along the trail01f4 - Gorge Trail - wildflowers along the trail01f2 - Gorge Trail - wildflowers along the trail01f5 - Gorge Trail - wildflowers along the trail

01m - Gorge Trail - returning the way we came


The  SOUTH  RIM  Trail

02 - South Rim Trail02b - South Rim Trail - Up Up Up02d - South Rim Trail - Looking down at the gorge02c - South Rim Trail - A peak at the falls02e - South Rim Trail - Looking down on Taughannock Falls viewing platform

02f - South Rim Trail - The Upper Falls
The  NORTH  RIM  Trail

03 - North Rim Trail - Sign
03b - North Rim Trail - Another View of the gorge03c - North Rim Trail - Looking down, down, down03d - North Rim Trail - View of Taughannock Falls from the North Rim03e - North Rim Trail - View of Gorge which runs to Cayuga Lake03f - North Rim Trail - The end of the North Rim Trail
Lunch Spot on Cayuga Lake!!


  1. Your pictures are wonderful. Those look like two fabulous hikes. Thanks for the info on the state parks giving you free admission if you are camped in one. Would you say it was so big rig unfriendly that you would not go again? Really appreciate your bringing back some warm days for me to at least look at. Still wearing my fleece here.

  2. I love that area of New York... the city, not so much.

  3. When I first met Rick, he used to refer to NY as God's country. I never really understood until he took me there. New York is so much more than NYC! You have captured some of the awesomeness :)

  4. People miss out on so much of NY State's incredible beauty. All they think about is the city. You certainly proved how nice the countryside of NY is with your lovely pictures. :c)

  5. One word.....wow! Beautiful, beautiful pictures.

  6. When we used to live in NY, everyone assumed we were from the city...NY is so much more than the city! Where we lived on Long Island is still one of the most beautiful places we've seen, and upstate NY is fabulous. The only thing I liked about the city was Broadway and museums. Went in, did our thing, and got back out :-)!!