Crossing Massachusetts to Glenville, NY – Friday – August 2, 2013

We decided to wait until after rush hour to leave Black Bear Campground in Salisbury, MA to head to Arrowhead Marina and RV Park outside of Schenectady, NY.  The one good thing about Black Bear CG is it was only 1/2 mile from I-495 which we took us around Boston. 
We had very little traffic on I-495, but once we hit I-90W, the traffic came to a stand still;o(( We never did figure out what caused the major delay.  It took us 2 hours to go 5 miles!!!  But once we reached Exit 6, traffic started to roll and the rest of our travels went without a hitch.

The ride across Western Massachusetts, through the mountains, was beautiful.  It was a beautiful puffy cloud day and while we usually do not enjoy interstate travel, todays wasn’t too bad:o)) 

We reached New York and continued on I-90 past Albany to our campground, Arrowhead marina and RV Park in Glenville, NY just off I-90.  If we were to travel this way again, we would use interstate I-90 again.  The tolls were not too expensive and except when you get near Boston, the traffic was not a problem.

Arrowhead Marina and RV Park was a very pleasant surprise.  It is located right along the Mohawk River and nestled in a beautiful wooded area.  We stayed here two nights and paid $32 per night for a water and 50amp electric site with a patio!!  That’s a good rate in this part of the country!! 

We decided to stay here 2 nights on our way to the Finger Lake Region of New York because there is a nice Rails To Trails bike trail we want to ride tomorrow. 

Summer Trip so far: “I” to “J” - Salisbury, MA to Schenectady, NY00 - Map continuing to Arrowhead Marina CG, Schenectedy, NY
Today’s Trip: “A” to “B” - Salisbury, MA to Schenectady, NY 00b - Map Salisbury MA to Schenectedy, NY
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01 - I-495 around Boston after rush hour to I-90W
02b - I-90W Traffic Jam started at Exit 11 took 2 hours to go 5 miles02b- I-90W Traffic Jam, back up as far as you can see02c- I-90W Traffic finally begins to roll at exit 6
03 - I-90W beautiful ride through Western Massachusetts  04 - I-90W beautiful puffy cloud day05 - I-90W Passing by Albany NY
06 - Arrowhead Marina and RV Park in Glenville, just outside Schenectady, NY07 - Entering Arrowhead RV park - lots of trees8 - Site 25 Arrowhead Marina and RV Park, Glenville, NY8b - Site 25 Arrowhead Marina and RV Park, Glenville, NY
09 - Dock on Mohawk River Arrowhead Marina and RV Park, Glenville, NY  09b - Dock on Mohawk River Arrowhead Marina and RV Park, Glenville, NY


  1. Traffic jams sure can put a damper on a travel day. At least the day ended well with the discovery of that nice campground.

  2. Not sure why this didn't show up in my blog roll but I just found it today. I'm glad to know that in spite of the 5 miles in 2 hours, you'd take I 90 again. Looks like a very nice campground you found. Rather state parky looking. Well done.

  3. That park looks fantastic and the sites even look big rig friendly :) The nice thing about traffic jams in a motorhome is that you can get up and fix yourself a snack or get something to drink while waiting...if you're in the motorhome that is :)