Bike Ride at Sampson State Park – Thursday – August 8, 2013

Today, Bill and I decided to stay put and check out Sampson State Park.  The best way to do that would be by taking our bikes out for a nice ride.  Sampson State Park is quite large and has many roads.  These roads remain from the days when this park was a basic training facility for the Navy and the Air Force.

00b - Sampson State Park Map00c - Sampson State Park description
The park served as both a U.S. Naval Training Station during World War II and Air Force Training Base during the Korean War. Veterans from both eras have created a museum in the former brig/stockade. We visited the museum and will post about that on another day. 
Today, we will just take a ride around the park!!
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We started our ride at our camp site…
05a - Site 18 Sampson SP, Fingerlakes, NY
01 - riding towards the museum     01b - Lots of Roads to Ride
02 - Beautiful place to ride     02b - lots of small side roads
Had to stop and pick a few apples;o))
08 - Stop to Pick Apples     08b - The Apple Haul
02c - past the military cemetary
02d - lots of unused roads     02e - oops end of this road
04 - approaching the lake     04 - Cabins on the way to the lake05 - passing the marina
06 - view across Seneca Lake
06a - riding past the swim area     06b - riding through the dry camping sites
07 - Riding past the campground office
After a 10 mile ride, we were almost back at the camp site…
05b - Site 18 Sampson SP, Fingerlakes, NY
After our ride, it was time to make some applesauce!!
20 - Making Applesauce20b - Making Applesauce - Steam apples in Pasta Boat20c - Making Applesauce - into the Vitamix and we have applesauce


  1. Wow 10 miles around your park? That's great. I don't know if I've ever been at a park that I could ride 10 miles through. Every time we find a wild apple tree and pick apples they turn out to be so tart our lips pucker. I think you'd better 'splain that apple sauce making contraption. We all may 'need' one, who knows!

  2. Looks like a great, great place to ride bikes! :-)

  3. Being a decommissioned military base with all those old paved roads still good for biking kinda reminds me of Jonathan Dickinson SP in Florida. Hope the apples weren't too tart.

  4. Yum, homemade applesauce! I haven't done that in years. I used to make it all the time when we had apple trees :) Bet it tasted as good as it looks :)

  5. It's amazing all the training facilities that were set up in WWII. It's hard to imagine all those recruits running around that now peaceful place. I wonder how many recruits supplemented their rations with apples from those trees?