Hiking Pemetic and Triad Mountain – Tuesday– July 30, 2013

Today, our plan was to park at Bubble Pond,
hike up the North Ridge to Pemetic Mountain Summit,
descend the South Ridge to a left on the Pond Trail,
which connected us with the trail to The Triad Summit,
then continue down from that summit to Post 17 on the carriage road
which we would follow to the Horse Stables
where we would get a bus back to the car!!
00 - Pemetic & Triad Mtn Hike - Map

01 - Pemetic & Triad Mtn Hike - Sign Post  02 - Pemetic Mtn Hike - Bubble Pond & Fog02b - Pemetic Mtn Hike - Bubble Pond and Hikers
our “Last” hike before we leave this wonderful place got off to a bit of a “Faulty” start;o((
Check out Sherry’s Post where she explains the details of our mishap;o))
I figured this hike should have been about 4.5 miles…
but we always seem to hike further than what the map suggests.
Today’s hike, with our faulty start, turned out to be about 6.5 miles:o)
My photos pick up the adventure once I get the troops headed up the correct trail.
Even when you head the wrong way, hiking in Acadia is WONDERFUL!!
Every hike has been amazing and much more challenging than we had anticipated.
The hike to Pemetic Summit was no exception!!
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02c - Pemetic Mtn Hike - Starting up the mountain
02d - Pemetic Mtn Hike - Climbing UP  02e - Pemetic Mtn Hike - Climbing UP
02f - Pemetic Mtn Hike - Little Cave
02g- Pemetic Mtn Hike - Time for First Break     02h- Pemetic Mtn Hike - Foggy View of Bubble Pond
02i- Pemetic Mtn Hike - David and the Pink Granite     02j- Pemetic Mtn Hike - On the trail of Big Foot
02j- Pemetic Mtn Hike - Still going UP02k- Pemetic Mtn Hike - Some BIG steps UP02l- Pemetic Mtn Hike - Sherry and David enjoying the climb02m- Pemetic Mtn Hike - Closing in on the Summit
02n1- Pemetic Mtn Hike - The Summit02n3 - Pemetic Mtn Hike - Tricia at Pemetic Summit 02n2 - Pemetic Mtn Hike -Bill and Nancy Pemetic Summit02n4 - Pemetic Mtn Hike - Everybody at Pemetic Summit
02p1 - Pemetic Mtn Hike - View from Summit - Jordan Pond02p2 - Pemetic Mtn Hike - View from Summit - South Bubble Mtn Summit02p3 - Pemetic Mtn Hike - View from Summit - Penobscot Mtn, Jordan Cliffs, Carriage Road
What goes UP… must come DOWN ;o))
02q - Pemetic Mtn Hike - Hiking down the south ridge  02q2 - Pemetic Mtn Hike - Hiking down the south ridge02q3 - Pemetic Mtn Hike - Hiking down the south ridge - Bill and Tricia Clearing the Trail  02q4 - Pemetic Mtn Hike - Hiking down the south ridge - Be very Careful02q5 - Pemetic Mtn Hike - Hiking down the south ridge - Be More Careful  02q6 - Pemetic Mtn Hike - Hiking down the south ridge - Walking the Boardwalk
03 - Triad Trail - Sign03a - Triad Trail - Bill and Tricia clearing the trail again03b - Triad Trail - Short Hike to the Summit03c - Triad Trail - View from the Summit03d - Triad Trail - View from the Summit03e - Triad Trail - Heading down, difficult rock face03f - Triad Trail - Heading down into the forest
03g- Triad Trail - down the mountain, head toward NE Harbor
04 - Carriage Road to the Stables - Bill and Tricia have overcome their fear of heights

All good things must come to THE END:-((
04b - Carriage Road to the Stables - approaching the stables and a bus ride back to the car
Until NEXT TIME :o))


  1. Fantastic pictures! Love the one of you two at the top and the one of Tricia up there says it all :) Beautiful.

  2. Really gorgeous pictures Nancy. I love the one of you and Bill at the summit and those two sillies holding up the tree. What a great time even if those steps up were a bit steep for those with short legs. I'm ready to do it again any time!

  3. Good job conquering one of nature's "stairmasters!"

  4. Sadly, I think you folks did more and had a better time in one month than we did in five! Wonderful series on your stay, and I'm praying we have a better 2014. I am determined to see you in Florida :-).