Travel Day to the N. Georgia Mountains–Wed, Aug 13 to Wed, Aug 27, 2014

01 - Travel Map - Huntsville, AL to Blairsville, GA
A - Myrtle Beach State Park, Myrtle Beach, SC - June 18-25
B - Zooland Family Campground, Asheboro, NC - June 25-26
C - Stony Fork Campground, Wytheville, VA - June 26-July 2
D - Natural Bridge State Park, Slade, KY - July 2-13
E - Kentucky Horse Park Campground, Lexington, KY - July 13-17
F - Canal COE Campground, Grand Rivers, Ky - July 17-24
G - Texas T Campground, Cornersville, TN - July 24-28
H - Floating Mill COE Campground, Silver Point, TN - July 28-Aug 1
I -  Cumberland Mountain SP, Crossville, TN – August 1-6

J - Monte Sano State Park, Huntsville, AL - August 6-13
K - Rivers Edge RV Park, Blairsville, GA - August 13-27

Today, we headed to Rivers Edge RV Park in Blairsville, Georgia. 

Blairsville is in the heart of the Georgia range of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Our goal is to get in some hiking and enjoy some cooler mountain weather:o))

We headed east (actually north) on Rt. 72 to I-24 East.02 - 72 east (north) to I-24 East to Chattanogga

Rt. 72 is a wonderful highway that took us back into Tennessee. 03 - 72 east (north) back in Tennessee

We stopped for gas at Exit 155 on I-24 for Gas and Diesel… great prices!!04 - I-24, exit 155 easy Diesel & Gas BP - Cheapest so far

We picked up I-75 South in Chattanooga, TN and traveled about 30 miles south.05 - Back in Georgia and Eastern Time Zone, I-75

WOO HOO… we’re finally back in Eastern Standard Time!!

Shortly after crossing the Georgia border,

we picked up Rt 76 and followed it all the way to Blairsville.


It was a beautiful ride into the mountains!06 - Rt 515-Rt76 into Blairsville, Georgia Mountains


We are renting a site which is owned by blogger friends, Karen and Al.

The site is a gorgeous, FHU site with trees, grass, and beautiful landscaping:o)) 07 - Rivers Edge RV Park, Site 53 07b - Rivers Edge RV Park, Site 53

This is the street where we are staying.07c - Rivers Edge RV Park, our street, Allison Loop

Our site is Karen and Al’s second site which they rent out.

Click HERE to learn more if you are interested… It’s a BEAUTY!!!


Karen and Al also own their personal site about 4 doors down from us.

07d - Rivers Edge RV Park, Karen and Al's Site 4907d2 - Rivers Edge RV Park, Karen and Al's - Hot Tub and Deck07d3 - Rivers Edge RV Park, Karen and Al's - Hot Tub Area

Now THIS is camping :o))


This is the view from the clubhouse of the lakefront sites.

07d3 - Rivers Edge RV Park, View of Lake from Clubhouse Deck


There are also sites along the Nottely River which runs through the campground.
07s - Rivers Edge RV Park, Sites along the Nottely River

I took these photos just walking about the campground…
07m - Rivers Edge RV Park - Blue Ridge Mountains in Background07n - Brass Town Bald- Blue Ridge Mountains , GA07t - Rivers Edge RV Park, Pretty Flowers Everywhere
Yep… There's lots to explore in these mountains !!!


  1. You aren't kidding, that is camping! :c)

  2. I think their lot is just beautiful!

  3. Beautiful! I've actually had their site bookmarked ever since they bought it :) I figured we'd get to that area eventually and we'd need a nice place to stay! Looks like the perfect place to "camp" out for awhile :)

  4. WOW what a gas price!! Don't come west it's in the $3.80's. I'm looking forward to being back on Eastern time too. Can't call anyone, it's too late. Those are really beautiful sites. Seriously up scale camping. Sounds like a great investment they made. Anxious to hear all about your hiking there.

  5. Looks very, very beautiful. Hope the temps are cool!

  6. Looks beautiful! I've had my eye on their rental site for when we get to that area someday! Now we'll get to read your account of all the fun stuff to do in the area, and we'll really want to get there!

  7. That looks like a great site! We may be heading that direction next year. hmmm?

  8. Thanks for the nice plug for our rental site. I may have to borrow your pictures of your site. It looks so pretty with your motor home sitting there!

    We're enjoying getting to know you guys. I hope we get to go kayaking soon!

  9. Beautiful site and campground. Definitely will keep it in mind.