Back to Nature!! – Thursday, July 31, 2014

It has been wonderful getting “Back to Nature!!” 

Our site #71 is the perfect site to enjoy the views of Center Hill Lake.

Looking up at our site from the lake :o))

00 - Site 71

Every morning we walked the campground.

Most mornings there is a slight fog over the lake.

05a - Center Hill Lake early in the morning
We usually see David at the lakeside trying to catch his breakfast pan fish ;o)

05a2 - Center Hill Lake early in the morning - David fishing for breakfast pan fish

Never get tired of the views of Center Hill Lake and the Tennessee Hills.

 05b - Center Hill Lake and Tennessee Hills
Most mornings these two beauties greeted us :o)

05c - Center Hill Lake morning greeters
Perfect Start To A Perfect Day!!!
05d - Center Hill Lake perfect way to start the day

During the day, we enjoyed all the birds that visited our feeders :o)
01 - birds - feeder

Click on any photo to enlarge or hover your mouse on any photo for a description. 

01a - birds - male goldfinch 01b - birds - female goldfinch01c - birds - chickadee 01c3 - birds - hummingbird 01c2 - birds - nuthatch01d3 - birds - Cardinals, Dad and chick 01f - birds - bluebird01d - birds - chirping sparrow 01d2 - birds - house finch 01e - birds - killdeer
Chip and Dale were really funny!!

They would arrive with empty cheeks and just stuff them full of birdseed ;o))04 - Chipmunk with empty cheeks04b - Chipmunk with cheeks stuffed with birdseed

Every evening we were treated to the changing colors of the setting sun!!!06a - Setting Sun - Changing color of cliffs06b - Setting Sun - Sun across the lake06c - Setting Sun - Perfect

Being surrounded by all this nature has been so wonderful!!!

Today, we had a special treat…
We got to visit Butterfly Hollow with David and Sharon :o)

They have Butterfly Hollow up for sale.

Click HERE to see the beautiful Sales Brochure Website created by David.
During the transition they are renting it out as a vacation home. Today, one set of guests was leaving and they needed to ready the hollow for the next set of quests. We got to tag along and see this amazing place in person!!!

Click on any photo to enlarge or hover your mouse on any photo for a description. 

01 - My first view of Butteryfly Hollow      02 - Front of House
02a - Flower and Vegetable Gardens
02c - View of Solar Panel Field above the Barn     02d - View of House from the Hill
03a - Butterflies 03b - Butterflies03d - Butterflies 03e - Butterflies

Unfortunately, my camera battery died before I took any inside pictures;o((

Click HERE to see and learn all about…
08 - Butterfly Hollow Sign

A Beautiful Oasis In Nature !!!


  1. Well your site is fantastic and I want to know what you are hanging those feeders on and where they travel. I love them and haven't had any because we so seldom have any where to hang them and one of those metal poles is too long for any of our compartments. AND what a beautiful place Butterfly Hollow is. I look at those pictures and because I've lived that life in a more humble abode, I think of all the work to maintain the grounds and gardens. LOL is that a grape arbor with the table at the end?? Great post! Thanks SO much!!

  2. Beautiful park your site is great! Butterfly Hollow is beautiful! Hope it sells for them quickly.

  3. Butterfly Hollow is beautiful...and I, too, think of all the work involved! :) Wishing them a fast sale and a wonderful new life.

  4. From your post title, I was a little worried I'd be seeing pictures of Bill au natural... :cD

  5. Looks like a peaceful week...we all need those!

  6. Love the site! We too love birds at our feeders. It's so peaceful to watch them feed.