GRRRRRR…. Blogger Ate My Post :o( - Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I am totally frustrated with Blogger and/or Live Writer!!  I just finished a post about our day.  Uploaded it from Live Writer to Blogger.  Did a bit of adjustment to the post in Blogger and then hit the publish button.  Wa La… my post disappeared:o(((
I think it was the flush button since it did not publish the post and the post is no where to be found. 
I thought, no problem... I’ll just go back and get the saved copy from Live Writer and publish it again.  Not so fast… while it appears to be saved in Live Writer, when I try to open the saved version, Nada… Nothing!!! 
It’s times like this that makes blogging just more than I want to do.
So, here is the quick version and photos 0f a very nice day with David and Sharon at Floating Mill COE Campground in Tennessee.
David and Sharon had to work today.  Sharon had to GO to work and David can work from the trailer.  That meant David could take a little break and join us to hike the 2 mile Lost Spring Trail which is right here at the campground.

Click on any photo to enlarge or hover your mouse on any photo for a description.

01 - Lost Springs Trailhead - David and Bill

01b - Lost Springs Trail - Bridge over Lost Springs  01c - Lost Springs Trail - Lost Springs

01d - Lost Springs Trail - Trail begins to climb


01f - Lost Springs Trail - What goes up must come down


01g - Lost Springs Trail - Amphitheater  01h - Lost Springs Trail - What they are looking at

I invited them to come for a simple supper.

David and Sharon arrived with the perfect gift… FRESH TOMATOES :o)))02 - Soup Supper - David and Sharon arrive for supper

We enjoyed a simple meal of Potato Chowder, Cucumber Salad and Homemade Bread.02b - Soup Supper - Potato Chowder
It really is the

Simple Things and Good Friends

that make this lifestyle special !!!


  1. Oh Nancy how terrible. This looks like a wonderful day and a great hike. I am so sorry to have missed your first post about it but glad you didn't get so frustrated you didn't publish anything. I have set my "drafts" of my posts in Live Writer to be saved on my hard drive for just this reason. But I have to put them on my back up drive every so often since they begin to take up too much room. Also, when I want to change something, I post it with Live Writer and then have Live Writer bring it back and repost it. The only way I've ever lost anything was when I used blogger to post or to correct. Friends bearing fresh tomatoes are THE best kind. I guess that dry hole means the springs really are lost.

  2. So sorry for your blogger problems! Sometimes it's those little things that "speak" to us :)

    Your supper looked yummy and fresh tomatoes had to have made it even better!

  3. Yes, it's happened to me, too. Blogger has eaten a few of my posts. Now I just publish directly from LW. I do feel your pain. Hope those fresh tomatoes eased the pain. ;c)

  4. Yum! Fresh tomatoes! Summer time for sure!

  5. Which is why I never use LW. :-) Nice hike and nice dinner!

  6. Ugh! I would hate to lose a post like that! It's so much work! Like Sherry mentioned, if I find I need to edit something after I post a blog, I use LW to open it back up and then re-publish it. (Primarily because with my light colored text, I can't see it in blogger's editor!) I've never backed up my blog, though . . . I'm probably on borrowed time there! At least you had an enjoyable day!!