Enjoying Our Stay At Cumberland Mountain SP - Fri to Wed, Aug 1-6, 2014

By the time we got back from exploring the park yesterday afternoon, 

Saturday, August 2, 2014 – Errands and Chill Time

Originally we thought we would do a hike today, but the Weekend Warriors have taken over the State Park.  It is actually good to see people out enjoying the parks, so we will share and wait until Sunday when they have to go back to the real world!!
We decided to head into Crossville for groceries and fresh produce.

This is ‘Old’ Crossville… like time has stood still :o)      
  01 - Old Town Crossville, TN01b - Old Theater with Air condition through wall

Since it was Saturday, I was able to locate a Farmers Market in town!!
02 - Farmers Market - Crossville, TN

We loaded up on beautiful fresh produce:o))


Since we've arrived in Tennessee,

everywhere we have been we have seen election posters in great numbers?!?!?

Today, as we drove toward the new section of Crossville,

we saw the political activists out drumming up votes along the highway.03 - Local Elections on Thursday

Apparently, there is an important election this coming Thursday.


We needed a few things from Wal-Mart…

Forgot it was Saturday and everyone that wasn’t at the state park was there;o((


Finally, on our way home we stopped to get gas in the Tahoe.

                          Cheapest Gas This Summer!!!                        
 04 - Local Quick Market for Gas04b - Cheapest Gas this summer


Back at the motorhome, we got things put away
spent most of the afternoon, just chilling and enjoying our bird feeders.


We had a very determined Squirrel who would climb the Shepherds Hook.

He would get into all the feeders including the hummingbird feeder.


Bill decided to spray the pole with Silicon!!!

That was really funny…

the squirrel would jump to mid-pole and slide down;o))
05 - Bird feeders, Shepards Hook and Squirrel   05b - Silicon Slide

He did this over and over and finally just walked away :o)

Our day ended with what we call our Farmer’s Market Supper!!

06 - Farmers market Dinner

Yep, it doesn’t get much better than this :o))

Sunday, August 3, 2014 – Hiking the Pioneer Loop and Byrd Lake Trails
What a difference a day makes…

Everyone was packing up to head home and we had the trails to ourselves!!!

00a - Cumberland Mountain SP Trail Map

Today, we were going to walk over to the Boat House where we would pick up the Pioneer Trail.  We would hike down along Byrd Lake and Creek to the Old Mail Road Bridge.  Cross the bridge and hike back the other side of the Creek and Lake.  Pioneer Trail use to be a loop trail back to the Boat House.  But the bridge across the lake is no longer there.  So we had to continue another .75 to Byrd Creek Dam and Bridge.  By the time we walked back to the motorhome, we had walked 8 miles :o))
00b - Our hike of Pioneer Loop and Byrd Lake Trail

The Pioneer Trail and Pioneer Short Loop Trail run together until you get to the Suspension Bridge.
00b - Trail Signs

Click on any photo to enlarge or hover your mouse on any photo for a description. 
01 - And We're Off 02 - Trail along the lake03 - Lake narrows to a creek 04 - Trail narrows also

At the Suspension Bridge, the two trails split.05 - Two trails split


We were not crossing the bridge, but we did want to at least check it out;o))06 - Suspension Bridge across Byrd Creek07 - Bill Checking Out the Suspension Bridge

If you ever get the chance to hike these trails, be sure to continue along the Pioneer Trail.

The trail is much more interesting once you pass the Suspension Bridge!!!

Click on any photo to enlarge or hover your mouse on any photo for a description.

8a - Pioneer Trail much more interesting

8b - Pioneer Trail much more interesting      8c - Pioneer Trail much more interesting

09 - Pioneer Trail approaching the Old Mail Rd

The trail crosses the Byrd Creek on the Old Mail Road Bridge.

09b - Pioneer Trail bridge across Byrd Creek      10 - Trail Heading back - watch your step

Cool hike THROUGH the rocks!!

10b- Trail Heading back - through the rocks

10c- Trail Heading back - through the rocks      10d- Trail Heading back - through the rocks

The trail runs right beside the State Park Golf Course.

Believe that will be on Bill’s TODO list for tomorrow ;o))

11a - Along the Golf Course

12 - Trail Heading Back - crossing a bridge      13 - Trail Heading Back - passing the Suspension Bridge

15 - Trail Heading Back - Approaching the Boat House

Once you get to the spot across from the boat house, the Pioneer Trail ends.

The construction barrel marks the spot where a bridge use to cross the lake to the boat house.

Instead, you must continue on Byrd Lake Trail, past the restaurant to the BIG bridge.

16 - Trail Heading Back - Marks the Spot where bridge was knocked out      17 - Byrd Lake Trail back to Byrd Lake Bridge

17b - Byrd Lake Trail - View of Restaurant      17c - Byrd Lake Trail - Approaching the Bridge

Oh What A Beautiful Day On The Trails !!!

Monday, August 4, 2014 – Bill Hits The Links
Today, Bill decided to play golf at the State Park course.
01 - Bear Trace Sign

Bear Trace is a Jack Nicholas designed course which was in perfect condition!!

He didn’t take the camera, but he did have a great time.

He shot a 77,  which also makes it a great day:o))
During the week, cart and green fees for seniors is just $32.00!!!

Click HERE to learn more and see some photos of this great course.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014 – Our Last Day At Cumberland Mountain SP

Occasionally, we need to stop having fun and do stuff ;o(((

You know… 

 clean the bathroom, dust the motorhome, do the laundry, etc.

So today, we took care of stuff and then treated ourselves to dinner out!!!

We have heard great things about the State Park Restaurant.

Tuesday through Saturday night they serve a different buffet menu.

Tonight was fish and pasta night for $13.95 minus our senior discount of $1.50 :o))

We walked over and were greeted by these unusual Chinese Geese.
01 - We walked to the restaurant  02 - Chinese Geese greeted us at the door

The building is lovely both outside and inside.

03 - Beautiful Stone Work  04 - Nice Interior and Not Crowded

It wasn’t crowded and the food was very fresh and well prepared :o))
Salad Bar First…

05a - Salad Bar First05b - Salad Bar First


Dinner Buffet Second…

Spaghetti    Tilapia   Crab-cakes    Roasted Potatoes    Cole Slaw    Yeast Rolls

06a - Main Course - Pasta, Potatoes and Fish Oh My  06b - Main Course - Pasta, Crabcake and Cole Slaw  Yum

There were many other items at the buffet, but we already had more than we could handle !!

Dessert Buffet Last…

We should have “Eaten Dessert First” ;o))

I forgot to take photos, but there are many to choose from:

Banana Pudding, Cobbler, Fudge Pudding, Chocolate or Vanilla Cake and Soft Serve Ice Cream

Bill managed a small bowl of soft-serve vanilla ice cream and tried the banana pudding.

Just be sure to arrive hungry… it was all delicious!!


  1. I was once guilty of being a weekend warrior. That's where "R Sanity" moniker came from, we used the weekends to regain our sanity after a week of high pressure jobs. ;c)

    Gas prices like that make me cringe! Why did I buy a diesel motor home???!!! :cD

  2. Great hike, I remember that park as really a beautiful place:)

  3. That farmerd market dinner is my very favorite meal. Envy envy over that gas price. Silicon story is too funny. Would have loved to watch that. Great trail. only 8 miles equals 8 hours for us. LOL. Great post!!

  4. I'm still chuckling over the silicone :)
    Glad you enjoyed the restaurant. We thought it was a great perk for a state park!